As I complete more interview requests I am reminded of an important concept behind offering blogging income claims.

Recently, I have been asked many income claim related questions in regards to my blog.

Whether asking for monthly or annual income, I understand how most of these questions sprout from a place of fear and lack, versus from a place of clarity and fun and love.

I never make income claims.


Mainly because I am enough whether I make zero smackers or 50 billion smackers.

Meaning, I have built a thriving, successful blogging business, all while living a dream life of circling the globe as a digital nomad, island hopping blogger for the past 6 years, living in places like Fiji and Bali and Thailand and Costa Rica, all without ever making an income claim.

Here’s why you need to think twice before making income claims on your blog.

The Analogy

Imagine walking into a doctor’s office.

Do you ask to see the doctor’s tax returns before letting them treat you?

Do you look in their driveway to see if they have the latest, most expensive Ferrari on earth, before letting them diagnose your health issue?

Of course not.

You went to that doctor because a trusted friend or trusted doctor referred you to that doctor.

Everybody who visits Blogging From Paradise cyber walked into our blogging community because a trusted friend, or fellow blogger, or Google, or some other trusted source referred them to Blogging From Paradise.

No person ever followed my blog or bought one of my 126 eBooks or bought one of my blogging courses or hired me or commented on my blog or joined my list based on an income claim because I have never made an income claim on Blogging From Paradise.

People bought in based on referrals, offered by trusted sources.


Think of the energy behind making income claims.

In almost all cases, you are making claims to prove that you are good enough, you are worthy, you can be trusted and that people can accept you, once you claim to make a certain amount of money.

99% of the time, bloggers make income claims from an energy of fear and lack, versus from a place of love and abundance.

Who You Will Attract by Making Income Calims

Unless you are fully clear on making income claims, you will attract paper chasers.

Seriously; the prime person interested in income claims focuses obsessively on making money through their blog.

As you may imagine, this person is not the optimal reader. Most paper chasers are lazy, desperate, angry, manipulative and flat out poor folks to attract to your blog and brand.

Aim instead for authentic, genuine people who blog mainly for fun, who want to learn blogging, who want to patiently practice their blogging skills and who want to generously serve others.

These are fabulous brand advocates. These folks will help you live your wildest dreams through blogging.

An Alternative

Focus all of your energies on:

  • blogging mainly for fun
  • choosing the right web hosting
  • picking the best blogging mentor for you
  • learning blogging
  • honing your blogging skills
  • learning how to create helpful content
  • promoting other bloggers to build meaningful, lasting friendships

Doing each of these things will align you with your perfect readers. Said readers will endorse you, hire you, buy your eBooks and become brand advocates, not caring about what you got, but what you are freely giving to help them.

No need to make income claims to prove your worth, to convince readers to trust you or to build a successful blogging business.

Your Turn

Do you make blogging income claims?


Why not?


I filmed this video in lovely NYC to help you understand this concept: