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The Massive Reach, Business and Branding of Neil Patel




Neil Patel… the man, the myth, the marketing legend.

Search for anything relating to online marketing or branding online, and you will likely come across one of his sites or articles at the top of the search results. This is no coincidence. Neil Patel started out as a blogging and internet marketer while a teenager, and he is now one of the most sought-after online marketing experts in the world.

With all of this in mind, it’s easy to look at Neil Patel today and think it all came quick and easy. However, just like most success stories, that’s simply not the case. Over time, Neil has perfected his art of online marketing, continued to make the right connections, and also speak at different conferences and connect with other leading marketing experts.

Through thousands of hours of hard work, business and networking, you see the end result today — which is the massive name and brand associated with Neil Patel.

Setting aside for now what Neil has gone through to position himself as an online entrepreneur and marketing thought leader over the years, let’s take a look at his current digital footprint – the key presences that he maintains, what it is exactly makes them loom so large, and what we, as aspiring bloggers, can learn from him. – Neil’s Personal Marketing Blog

When it comes to starting a blog, it’s a pretty simple process. Most people can do this without a problem. It’s the traffic, lead generation and revenue which is the hard part.

The content found on is referenced, cited, and linked back to hundreds of thousands of times across the internet. Not only does this help with his site rankings and traffic, it also helps to grow the “Neil Patel” brand as well. The more mentions and references his site gets, the larger his businesses continue to grow.

However, Neil doesn’t make money with his blog like most other site owners and brands. You won’t find Google AdSense, product offers or many (if any) affiliate links on the site. Instead, it’s all a content-to-lead generation funnel for his brand and internal business and marketing strategies offered.

Much of what goes into Neil’s blog can be replicated by bloggers like you and me, while much can’t. The majority of his articles loaded with more than 2,000 words of content, resources, graphs and case studies, but they are also loaded with killer backlinks from high authority sites, a massive volume of social activity and likely millions of dollars from Neil himself.

A perfect example of this can be seen in his free SEO backlink checker and keyword research tools. While other solutions like SEMRush and Ahrefs charge upwards of $99 a month to have access to similar tools, Neil invests his own money to create similar (if not better) tools, and them gives them to his audience for free.

You can read more about the software, solutions, and marketing strategies through various Neil Patel review articles online. Whether it’s just readers of his blog, or clients that might be paying thousands of dollars for his expertise, the success here comes down to actively growing your brand and reach online – which Neil has done an amazing job with.

As for monetization and how Neil actually makes money with his business, it’s often through his online courses and high-end consulting via the Neil Patel Digital agency – though you will find nearly all of the content on his site is free for anyone who is willing to take his advice and implement his winning methods for their brands.

Neil Patel’s Massive Following on Social Media

No matter who you are looking to follow on the internet, social media is the best way to accomplish it. Not only is Neil an expert at helping other businesses and brands with their own social media marketing efforts, he is also great with building his own following as well — upwards of a few million across all social platforms.

Looking at the most popular social platforms that most of us are actively using, Neil has the following subscriber and follower counts:

  • 326,000 followers on Twitter
  • 958,000 fans on Facebook
  • 30,000 followers on Instagram

Not only is Neil great to follow on social media for his insights and expertise, but also to discover the latest trends, software and tools for growing your own business. This can also be seen on his blog, which often features new rotations of calls-to-action, popups, lead generation tools and much more.

Things are always changing for Neil and business practices across all of his sites, so be sure to keep an eye on what changes he might be making, as they might be a great fit for your business as well.

Where to Listen and Watch to Neil’s Best Content Online

As great as written content and blogging is, it takes a lot of time to read articles, and many of us simply don’t have the attention span for all that much of it.

That’s why video and audio are growing at such a massive pace right now. YouTube videos and podcasts are a huge attraction for audiences around the world, and it’s also a huge benefit for personal brands and businesses to better engage and gain the loyalty of their followers.

Outside of Neil’s blog content, you can also follow his YouTube Channel, which currently has over 30,000 subscribers. He releases new videos all the time, and you will likely see many of his best videos trending on social media, especially if you are already following him on Facebook or Twitter.

Neil also has a podcast at Marketing School, which is co-hosted with Eric Siu. Amazingly enough, the podcast already has over 1,000 episodes and is high enough in quality for anyone to learn something new, while also being short enough to not lose your interest in the process.

In addition to his YouTube Channel and podcast, you will also likely come across Neil at some of the world’s most popular internet marketing and business conferences. Unlike many of the world’s top entrepreneurs, Neil is very approachable and will take the time to meet with anyone who is willing to share a few words.

How Neil Patel Will Continue to Grow His Brand

In the world of business and internet marketing, there really is no such thing as an “overnight success.” Neil Patel’s story might be new to people his discover his blog and content daily, but it’s all been more than a decade in the making.

No matter where the internet is headed in the coming years, or what the new form of content or social media is, you can make a solid bet that Neil Patel will be there to continue to share his expertise while also growing his brand and business in the process.

Srish Agrawal is an entrepreneur, branding consultant, and angel investor. He is also the Founder & CEO of A1 Future Technologies, which includes sites like Logo Design Team and Infographic Design Team, and has helped over 25,000 clients improve how they look online.

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What Bloggers Can Learn from Advanced Dish Washing Machines



Blogging can be compared to a lot of different things, such as writers, authors, newspapers, and even media outlets. However, have you ever considered blogging quite similar to that of a dishwashing machine?

If not, you aren’t alone.

Just like a dishwashing machine, there are many different components to having a sucessful website, blog, and content on your site. All of which are also influenced by how well your writing is, and the type of audience you are attracting. But there are also many little tools, components, features, and levels of expertise factored in along the way.

With all of these little elements in mind and working all together, blogging can also be quite similar to the way advanced appliances and dish washing machines work and improve our lives on a daily basis.

How Blogging is a Lot Like a Dishwasher

Sure, it might seem funny at first to compare something like a home appliance that does cleaning, to the extremely vast and complex world of blogging — however, when it comes to creating content and coming up with new ideas on how to get more creative with content than ever before… this is just a perfect example!

To bring this concept and mentallity altogether, let’s take a look at the Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher, which is quickly making headlines and gaining attention for it’s ease of use and advanced technhology.

Below you will find a listing of each of it’s features, and then how one could apply such a feature or setting into that of a blog as well.

A little fresh air equals a lot more dry.

The Bosch 500 Series Dishwasher claims AutoAir™ automatically opens the door at the end of the drying cycle to let moisture escape and fresh air circulate for better drying results.* (*Compared to Bosch Dishwashers with PureDry.)

— A fresh breath of air can do a lot for a dish washing machine when it comes to cleanliness and drying. However, the same definitely applies to that of a website, blog, or content creation as well. It’s never easy to come up with new content all the time for your sites, so every once in a while, be sure to take a fresh breath of air and see what type of new content or topics you might want to start writing about.

24” width
There’s room for up to 16 place settings. Plus, 5 wash cycles including five-level wash, 5 options like Extra Dry, and a concealed heating element.

— Much like a website or blog, there is always room for additional content, plugins, settings and theme. Just like a dishwasher, you don’t want to load it up so it’s jam packed and hard to clean everything thats inside. So with this in mind, think about how you can better organize the content on your site and the tools that allow it to run at it’s best performance, while also eliminating the junk.

Flexible 3rd rack
Accommodate the odd one out. Adding the 3rd rack with its adjustable tines can create the right fit for deep, tall, or uniquely-shaped items.

EasyGlide™ rack
Load and unload smoothly. It’s easy to adjust and move the racks, even while they’re full of dishes.

Fit it all, every time. With 3 different height levels and up to 9 possible rack positions, you can customize each load for your needs.

— Just like how a dishwashing machine has additional rack for better storage and management, the web hosting associated with your site likely can do the same. However, it’s not always about getting as much space as possible, but instead knowing how to best optimize the space and resources you are working with. After all, you don’t want to throw all of your utensil (site articles) on the top rack and have them fall out of place. You would instead use the utensil rack to make sure they are all in one place and maximizing the performance of cleaning throughout your washing. In blogging terms, this can also be associated as having one powerful web hosting solution that is optimized for WordPress, so it’s running at peak peformance at all times.

24/7 Aquastop®
Protect your floors. This 4-part leak prevention system uses sensors to detect and stop leaks, and can even turn on by itself.

— One of the worst things that can happen with a dishwasher, is to have it leak water all over your kitchen. With an Aquastop in place, this can help stop leaks before they start. The best way to compare such a feature to a blog, would be to have an anti-virus and hack security solution in place. This can often be done by adding a security WordPress plugin, or going with a higher end hosting solution that offers 24/7 backup and advanced security of their own.

44-dBA noise level rating
Wash dishes in peace. Bosch dishwashers are so quiet, you have to check the exterior Infolight® to know they’re on.

— Dishwashing machines come in all different shapes and sizes. No matter how big it is, you are going to want to make sure it’s night and quiet. When a dishwasher is made by Bosch, they are made by a name and brand that is known for excellence and superior products. The same type of mindset needs to be applied when choosing a web hosting or monetization platform for your blog as well. Go with a hosting solution that is reliable and has a well-branded name. And when it comes to choosing a propert monetization method for your site, go with one that has a proven track record and success as well.


How Bloggers and Like Top of the Line Dishwashing Machines

Yes, the idea that bloggers are like dishwashing machines might have seemed a little silly at the beginning, but after reading through the article, you might have a bit more of a clear picture on why it’s true.

Bloggers and dish washing machines will each continue to develop over time, while also learning how to adapt to the changing enviornments around them and impriving over time.

So the next time you see your dishwashing machine… you might just think about blogging as well!

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Is Creating or Connecting More Important in Blogging?




Creating and connecting are equally important elements in becoming a successful blogger. Creating content without building friendships means nobody knows about your content. Imagine publishing posts in a cyber cave. No one finds you and no one finds and reads your content. Connecting without creating content means nobody trusts you because you did not prove you know your stuff through creating helpful, valuable content. Imagine a high volume of traffic finds your blog through your friend network. What do people see? Nothing. Or, thin content, weakly created. You can be friends with 10,000 bloggers but if you share little valuable content you cannot gain trust or earn credibility.

This is why you need to create helpful content and build strong connections with leaders in your blogging niche.


Create helpful content solving reader content through blog posts, guest post, videos and podcasts. Give readers value to become valuable in their eyes. I publish 7  to 10 or more pieces of helpful content daily to display I know what I talk about, blogging-wise. People come across my content – through my friend network – and trust my advice because I’ve been helping people through free content for years.

People dig the free-mium and buy the premium. Make money blogging by creating oodles of helpful, free content to improve your skills and to gain credibility.

If you do not create content people will not trust you. Try succeeding online with zero credibility; not gonna happen. Prove you know your stuff. Create helpful free content to prove you know your niche and to inspire readers to trust you.


Connect with top bloggers in your niche. Help them. Ask for nothing. Expect nothing. Bonds form. Friendships develop. Top bloggers promote you, endorse you, hire you and buy your stuff, amplifying your reach and multiplying your success.

Comment genuinely on top blogs from your niche. Promote top bloggers on your blog and through social media. Be generous. Ask for nothing in return. Prove you are interested in the blogger, NOT solely in what the blogger can do for you. Bonds form. Sweet blogging success flows your way.

Watch me explain how to grow your blogging network here:

Imagine trying to blog without connecting, as thousands of bloggers do. Write a post. Publish the post. Share to Facebook. Retweet on Twitter. Sit there. See what happens. Wait. No traffic. No profits. Why? Literally, you publish content for your eyes only until you network generously and make friends. Nobody knows you or trusts you because you blog solo, all day long. Nobody trusts someone who is a lone wolf, who is not a team player, because you do not listen to other people and generously serve people and help people and do all the things successful bloggers do, to prove they listen, they process and they help.

Connect. Expand your reach by growing your friend network. Make blogging easier. Have fun making friends. Prosper.

Both Important

Begin creating and connecting from day 1 as a blogger. Begin creating helpful content solving reader needs and connect by commenting genuinely on blogs and by promoting fellow bloggers. Success will be yours if you follow these 2 basic blogging fundamentals.

Be patient. Good things require both generous service and time.


Are you having a difficult time making money with your blog?

You have an energy problem.

Buy my eBook:

Law of Attraction Series: How to Make Money

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Why Are You So Quick to Quit Blogging?



Why are you so quick to quit blogging? Ask yourself that question. Wait for an honest answer. Most bloggers quit because they do not see instant results. This is delusion. This is a silly way to filter blogging. Blogging takes time, effort, generosity and trust. Develop the states of mind and you will never quit until you become a full-time blogger. But if you do not develop the states of mind you will quit quite quickly.

Be straight with yourself. Being honest about your blogging intent gives you a truthful perspective on your blogging journey. I was impatient as a new blogger and ran into all types of problems with my blog. I wanted to get rich quick. I wanted fast, easy traffic. I wanted to get something for nothing. I experienced a massive reality check because numbers did not increase for me as a new blogger. Everything actually seemed to fall apart. I went in the opposite direction of success. I seem to move directly toward failure.

After experiencing some rough moments I quit for short periods of time. Plus even when I blogged, I quit on sound, proven strategies. I was stupid. I was greedy. I was desperate. I quit blogging because I felt at the time blogging quit on me. But I made the choice to quit on blogging and to quit on following a proven, sound blogging system so this was all my fault. 100% of the time, if you struggle with your blog it is your fault. Take ownership of your struggles and take ownership of your quitting. Move in a more freeing, fun direction that allows you to see increasing success.

You can succeed and will succeed. Watch me share how I lived my dreams through blogging:

Do not quit on blogging so quickly. Good things take time. Good things take generous service. But if you are filled with fear you cannot possibly see the journey through because you will quit the split second you feel frustrated or annoyed or hopeless with the blogging process. Bloggers who quit quickly simply fill their minds with fear and poverty and scarcity and lack. See scarcity, be scarcity, and you will quit really quickly because you see no possibility or opportunity or growth with your blog.

Shift your mind from scarcity to abundance by facing your fears. Feel your blogging fears. Clear these energies. See abundance around you. See your growth. Observe opportunities unfolding before your very eyes all of the time. What does it take for you to publish a genuine comment below after reading this post? Literally, about 30 seconds. But those 30 seconds can boost your blog traffic and position you to befriend top bloggers. Quitters blind themselves to these opportunities because they are so mired in fear and scarcity. Winners sees opportunities because they vibe love and abundance.

Stop being so quick to quit blogging. Feel your fears. Purge your fears. Move into abundant, generous actions that yield stunning blogging success over the long haul. Nobody succeeds overnight by quitting fast but successful bloggers who see the journey through ride out frustrating periods and free themselves through this amazing online medium. Do not quit blogging. Do not be quick to quit this inspired medium for fun, freedom and service. You have so much blogging potential. Seize it. Use it. Be present with your mental blocks. Allow your fears to move along. Do not quit blogging so darn quickly like the masses of aspiring bloggers. Ride out those tough moments. Be with your fears. See the blogging journey through to become a stunningly successful, full-time blogger.


Do you feel like your blogging profits are a bit lacking?

Buy my ebook:

How to Maximize Your Blogging Profits in 5 Simple Steps

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