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Best News Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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Keeping up with the news is crucial, but traditional news media is often tedious and impersonal for many.

That’s why news podcasts have become increasingly popular as they feel a personal connection with the podcaster and trust their insight on the topics they cover.

If you’re interested in finding a podcast, here’s more information about news podcasts.

What Is a News Podcast?

News podcasts focus on current events that the world wants to hear.

A news podcast is a podcast where a host discusses various trending topics.

Sometimes, news podcasts discuss niche topics.

For example, students may tune into a news podcast that strictly discusses political issues that affect students.

What Does a News Podcaster Talk About

Most people listen to podcasts because they want to hear what the host has to say about topics on their minds.

News podcasters typically discuss various hot topics, bringing experts and people involved in the news to expand on the story.

What Is Included In a News Podcast?

Depending on the podcast, you can expect podcasters to fill in as many news topics as possible during each episode.

Topics range from political events, current affairs, breaking news, natural disasters, world sporting events, and cultural stories.

Other Things You Can Find on a News Podcast

Here are a few more things you can expect to see on a news podcast.

  • Personal Insight into Multiple Topics: News podcasts typically cover multiple topics during news podcasts. What sets them apart is how the podcast host interprets and discusses the subjects.
  • Advertisements and Sponsors:Expect to hear advertisements during news podcasts. While these aren’t typically intrusive, they take up some time slots during the podcast.
  • Guests: Different guests will come on air during most news podcasts. Guests are often experts in their fields who can add a different perspective on the news.
  • Opinions: Something important to remember is that during podcasts, the hosts usually express their opinion on certain topics. It’s crucial to separate these opinions from objective facts.

Types of News Podcasts

Each type of news podcast focuses its attention on a specific demographic.

You’ll want to choose the kind of podcast relevant to you and your interests.

  • News Podcasts for Students: These podcasts cover relevant topics for students of all ages and disciplines. The most common podcasts for students cover popular political issues that may affect student education and school faculty members.
  • News Podcast for College Students: Podcasts for college students are extremely popular because of current discussions on student loans. College students will typically listen to podcasts that provide insight into career paths and how political events will impact their university experience.
  • News Podcasts for Adults: These podcasts will usually include information on current events and economic trends. Most adults want to hear what’s happening in their local community and be informed of breaking news from around the world.

Best News Podcasts: 15 Examples

There are plenty of news podcasts to choose from on various platforms.

The steps for listening to a podcast depend on your device, but you’ll probably want to use the Spotify application to listen on Android.

Once you pick where you want to listen to your podcasts, take a look at these top news podcasts.

How Many News Podcasts Are There?

There are over 2 million podcasts available.

Although the number is difficult to quantify due to the popularity of podcasts in the news niche, it’s safe to say that there are thousands of news-based podcasts.

Manu of these podcasts are sometimes free. Whether free or paid, news podcasts cover political topics, cultural problems, and current events.

News Podcasts for Students

Here are some popular news podcasts for students of most ages.

These news podcasts will help provide a foundation to better yourself and keep up to date with news that is revenant to academic students.

Music Student 101

screenshot of the music student 101 homepage

You should consider Music Student 101 with podcast host Jeremy Burns for students interested in music.

Music Student 101 is a resource for composers, teachers, students, and sound engineers who emphasize the importance of music.

The path of a musician is rough, and this podcast provides relevant insight and news relating to the industry.

The Student Manager

screenshot of the student manager homepage

The Student Manager podcast serves high school students and helps them develop leadership abilities.

You’ll find up-to-date news about university admissions, costs, and recruitment.

Additionally, this podcast provides insight into extracurricular activities and how students successfully juggle work, study, and personal life.

Student Entrepreneur 101

screenshot of the Student Entrepreneur 101

This podcast, hosted by Rose Aguilar, helps students start early as entrepreneurs.

Student Entrepreneur 101 is an informative and entertaining podcast that provides students with knowledge, first-hand accounts, and insight into current business-related topics.

The Student Leadership Podcast

screenshot of the Student Leadership Podcast homepage

Focusing on helping students become better leaders, The Student Leadership Podcast is a great news podcast for our future generation.

This podcast gives students insight into current events that relate to them as future leaders.

The podcast leans into the importance of mentorship and other religious influences, but most students may find useful takeaways.

Braintree High Student Press Podcast

screenshot of the Braintree High Student Press Podcast homepage

The Braintree High Student Press Podcast is a fascinating podcast hosted by the Braintree High News club members.

The podcast covers current affairs, and the students interview several school members for their insight on current events.

The podcast is informative and helps students share their thoughts on important topics.

News Podcasts for College Students

While there are high school and other student-related podcasts, they differ from those for college students.

The following are some of the best and most informative podcasts for college students.

These podcasts will provide crucial information to college students on finances, current events, and time management.

Student Loan Planner

screenshot of the Student Loan Planner homepage

This podcast is for those wondering how they will pay for their college education.

Student Loan Planner, hosted by Travis Hornsby, helps students navigate the complex and absurd world of student financing.

Every week, he provides updates and news on student loan rates, plans, and loan forgiveness, so you stay updated on all student loan affairs.

Getting In: A College Coach Conversation

The requirements to get into top colleges change from time to time.

In Getting In, Elizabeth Heaton focuses on updating college students on what’s important for their college education.

Elizabeth is a former admissions officer for the University of Pennsylvania, so her take on current news revolving around college admissions will prove vital to current and future applicants.

The College Success Habits

screenshot of the College Success Habits homepage

The College Success Habits is probably your best overall podcast for all things college related.

You’ll receive news on current affairs, trends, and advice that pertain to your college career.

This podcast provides crucial information about the following:

  • Scholarships
  • Goal setting
  • Time management
  • College standards

For current college students, this is one of the best podcasts out there.

Skip and Shannon: Undisputed Podcast

screenshot of the Skip and Shannon Undisputed Podcast homepage

The Undisputed Podcast, hosted by Skip and Shannon, is the go-to for most college students interested in sports-related news.

These two colorful personalities bring lots of energy in reporting the highs and lows of the sports scenes while also adding their insight into topics and current sports news.

Shutdown Fullcast

screenshot of the Shutdown Fullcast homepage

Shutdown Fullcast is a podcast that strictly focuses on college football.

This podcast is an entertaining and light-hearted way to receive college football news.

The Moon Crew, as they call themselves, also provides insight into current affairs that affect the state of college football and athletes.

News Podcasts for Adults

With everything going on in the world, you must stay as up-to-date as possible.

Even so, it’s difficult to sit down every morning and evening to watch the news in the traditional ways.

That’s why these podcasts have become a popular way to digest the news on the go.

The Daily

screenshot of the daily homepage

Told by journalists worldwide, The New York Times’ The Daily is the number one podcast to get your news.

Hosted by Michael Barbara and Sabrina Tavernise, you can expect news every morning between Monday and Friday.

Current affairs, politics, and global issues are all present in The Daily podcast.

Global News Podcast

screenshot of the Global News Podcast homepage

The Global News Podcast is a podcast that delivers the top stories from BBC news.

You’ll get news on global and local affairs.

This podcast is your best alternative for those who prefer to listen to the BBC news on the go.

You’ll hear the top stories all week round.

The Journal

screenshot of the Journal homepage

The Wall Street Journal presents its podcast, The Journal, in an entertaining and informative way.

This podcast focuses on businesses and finances more than anything. Kate Linebaugh and Ryan Knutson host this podcast, so expect an interesting analysis of worldwide business affairs.

Morning Wire

screenshot of the Morning Wire homepage

The Morning Wire is one of the most trusted sources receiving daily news.

Their unbiased presentation of news allows many listeners to have a reputable source to hear about current events.

You can expect coverage on all topics related to education, politics, sports, and global affairs.

Today Explained

screenshot of the Today Explained homepage

Today Explained is one of the more entertaining podcasts on the list.

Today Explained shares news and opinions about current trends, topics, and worldwide affairs.

Hosts Sean Rameswaram and Noel King do a fantastic job helping their listeners understand how the current news impacts them.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

Here are some other podcasts you may consider checking out.

  • Political Podcasts: Listening to somebody else’s opinions on current political affairs can help you affirm your beliefs and develop a better understanding of the current political climate.
  • Conservative Podcasts: Whether you’re conservative or not, you may want to hear what conservatives say about certain topics.
  • History Podcasts: Whether you’re a history buff or not, you may want to consider listening to some history-based podcasts. Hearing stories about past conflicts and worldwide events allows you to learn about history in an entertaining way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions you may still have concerning news podcasts.

vector graphic showing elements related to news, with the words

What is the #1 news podcast?

The number one newscast across the board is New York Times’s The Daily.

Are there any podcasts for current affairs?

There are plenty of podcasts that cover current affairs.

For example, Current Affairs on Apple Podcasts strictly covers trending events and topics in politics and cultures.

Wrapping Up

Whether you’re a student or an everyday adult, staying up-to-date with the news is extremely important.

People are busy, and these podcasts help deliver local and breaking news, even when you’re on the go.

Take the time to listen to a few; you may like what you hear.

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