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Nexcess Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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Nowadays, running a business or brand is nearly impossible without a virtual presence.

According to the Small Business Association, 28% of small businesses currently do not have a website.

Nexcess, one of the best web hosting companies on the market, offers a high-value free trial to new customers.

Use this guide to your Nexcess free trial to get the most out of your trial period and introduce your brand to a global audience.

Is Nexcess Free or Paid?

Nexcess, one of the top web hosting companies in the industry, offers different types of web hosting services for clients worldwide.

Their services typically range from $9.50 for essential services to $849 monthly for advanced business needs.

Does Nexcess Have a Free Trial?

Nexcess offers a free trial that includes all of the features of their basic Magenta/WordPress hosting plans.

The free trial is only available for Magento, WordPress, and WooCommerce hosting and does not apply to their other services like cloud hosting services.

How Long is the Nexcess Free Trial?

The Nexcess free trial period begins when you create your account and lasts 14 days.

Although the free trial period is only two weeks long, Nexcess often offers additional coupon codes and savings to encourage users to continue hosting with the company.

You can make the most of your free trial period by learning everything you need to know ahead of time (and reading this guide).

Does Nexcess Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?

Nexcess does not require a credit card upon subscription.

You will, however, need to pay for Nexcess upon completion of your free trial should you wish to continue using their products.

How Much is Nexcess After Free Trial?

Nexcess offers over 36 paid packages across six different services.

The pricing plans below may reflect Nexcess’ current 50% sale.

What Comes With the Nexcess Free Trial?

With the Nexcess free trial, users can enjoy all of the features of the company’s managed WordPress, Magento, or WooCommerce hosting plans.

Nexcess offers unlimited 24/7 support to all users regardless of subscription type so that you can take advantage of this feature throughout your free trial.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

With a free trial, you can test every feature of Nexcess’ managed hosting plans that you would otherwise have to pay for.

This classic shared hosting provider offers several unique features to all customers, including free daily backups, proactive security, unlimited support, auto-scaling, and more.

Read on to learn more about Nexcess’ top five features.

1. Fully Managed Hosting

Managed hosting includes unlimited support, extensive security and data reports, and proactive security and troubleshooting management.

Nexcess is one of the best-managed hosting providers available.

The company has high-tech servers that keep your data safe and your loading times speedy.

Support is available 24/7, and the Nexcess Expert Team won’t give up until they resolve your issue.

2. High-Tech Software

Nexcess is a company that prides itself on using the latest technology to enable web hosting.

To that end, basic plans include 15GB storage, 2TB bandwidth, and free backups.

Additionally, you get:

  • A caching plugin with automatic installation
  • The automatic image compressing and lazy loading
  • A free, pre-configured CDN
  • Free SSL certificates

3. Free Daily Backups

Free backups are such a unique feature that they merit closer attention.

Most web hosting providers charge you to back up your data—but Nexcess offers free automatic daily backups.

4. Automatic Scaling Capabilities

Another highly unique feature is Nexcess’ auto-scaling feature.

While high traffic would likely negatively impact a website under a different hosting provider, Nexcess accounts for this by automatically allocating more resources to your site upon notification of high traffic.

5. Multiple User Accounts and Email Addresses

Most hosting companies offer only one user account and an attributed email address.

Nexcess allows you to create multiple hosting accounts and email addresses so you can share your hosting privileges with others.

Nexcess Free Trial Limitations

The most significant limitation of the Nexcess free trial is that it ends.

Otherwise, the free trial is indistinguishable from the company’s paid services.

Nexcess is not entirely appropriate for web-building beginners, and the company’s servers are occasionally slow.

Is Nexcess Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Nexcess customer support is included with free trials. You can reach customer support online, on the phone, and via instant chat.

How to Claim a Nexcess Free Trial

You can easily claim your Nexcess free trial with the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Nexcess landing page for WordPress, Magento, or WooCommerce hosting.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select “try our 14-day trial.”
  3. Fill in your personal and business details
  4. Click “register your free trial.”
  5. Enter account details, including your address, password, and billing details
  6. You will need to verify that you are human.
  7. Click “start my free trial.”

How Do I Get the Most From My Nexcess Free Trial?

You can take several measures to benefit most from your Nexcess free trial.

  1. Do your research: use this guide to learn everything you need about the Nexcess free trial.
  2. Use customer support: having access to a dedicated and reliable customer support team is unusual—so make the most of it.
  3. Try out as many features as possible: ensure you try all the available features. Learn to use plugins, manage them, and test the system’s capabilities.
  4. Look at your data: one of Nexcess’ key features is plugin monitoring.
    Spend time combing your data to determine how to optimize your site.

How Can I Make My Nexcess Free Trial Last Longer?

There are no formal means of extending your free trial, but you can contact customer support to request an extension.

There are no guarantees that you will get it, but it’s worth a try.

Does Nexcess Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

Nexcess will not charge you after your free trial ends, but you will no longer be able to use their services until you select a payment plan and enter your credit card information.

Nexcess does not require you to enter a credit card number upon subscription, so the company would have no way of automatically charging you, to begin with.

Can You Cancel Nexcess After Free Trial Ends?

You can easily cancel your Nexcess subscription upon completion of your free trial.

There are specific stipulations that you should consider before doing so.

Nexcess requires you to cancel individual services separately, and you must cancel all services before deleting an account.

Additionally, if you have already selected a payment contract, you will not be able to cancel your service until that contract ends.

How to Cancel a Nexcess Free Trial

Canceling your service is easy.

Use the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Client Portal and navigate to your dashboard
  2. Click on the “plans” tab
  3. Select the plan you wish to cancel
  4. Click “request cancellation.”
  5. Fill out the service cancellation form with your details
  6. Click submit and await approval

How to Remove Card Details from Nexcess

Nexcess allows you to change or remove card details easily.

  1. Log in to your client portal
  2. Select “billing” from the navigation bar
  3. Click on “payment info.”
  4. Go to the “credit cards” section and find the card you wish to remove
  5. Click on the trash icon to delete your card

Is Nexcess Worth Paying For?

Nexcess is generally worth paying for.

The service is accessible and comprehensive, and Nexcess offers several unique features that make its platform appealing to many.

Ultimately, Nexcess is best for those with some web hosting experience (but it isn’t necessary).

To determine if Nexcess is for you, read our Nexcess review before claiming your free trial.

What to Expect From a Nexcess Subscription

You can expect excellent service and a fully managed host from your Nexcess subscription.

Their 24/7 support team commits fully to supporting you in any way they can, and your support person will relentlessly work to answer all your questions.

Because of the quality of Nexcess support services, you can learn everything you need to know about effectively hosting your website.

Additionally, you can expect to learn a lot about how to optimize your website with its analytics features.

What is a Free Alternative to Nexcess?

Although Nexcess is an excellent option for many, you may wish to use a free web builder and hosting provider before investing in a more substantial subscription.

Wix is an excellent alternative to Nexcess.

The famous web builder offers month-to-month web hosting and boasts many of the same features as Nexcess, with more affordable pricing and a more extensive app and plugin library.

Other Ways to Save on Nexcess Pricing

There are other ways you can get a discount on Nexcess.

1. Discounts

Nexcess frequently offers discounts for new and returning customers.

If you sign up for Nexcess right now, you can benefit from their current sale and receive 50% off the next six months of your subscription. You can also check

2. Coupons and Promo Codes

 Check third-party websites and aggregate sites for additional coupon codes and deals.

3. Nexcess Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

The company typically offers discounts over the holiday season.

You may be able to obtain a subscription at up to 75% off on Black Friday.

4. Is There a Nexcess Student Plan?

Nexcess offers a 50% discount for students.

By providing a certified university or institutional email, you can claim your discount through Student Beans.

Once you have entered your email, check your inbox for a message from Nexcess and enter the code they provide.

Do not share your code, as it may be unique to you.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

There are several other valuable free trials that you can test out before committing to one web hosting provider.

Consider shopping around and trying different services before you invest significantly in one subscription.

1. Hostinger Free Trial

Hostinger is a popular website hosting company Hostinger also offers free trials for new users.

Hostinger provides a variety of excellent hosting plans to suit your every need and is slightly easier to use than Nexcess.

2. Netify Free Trial

Netify is a cloud-computing, remote-first company that offers professional web development services.

This is an excellent option for businesses looking to scale websites and content creators wishing to add functionality to their sites.

Like Nexcess, Netify offers superior customer support.

3. Accuweb Free Trial

Like Nexcess, Accuweb is a web hosting provider with inexpensive WordPress hosting.

Accuweb offers reasonable pricing and excellent customer service, which is appropriate for new businesses and web users.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are now ready to claim your free trial with Nexcess.

For more information, read our frequently asked questions below.

Is Nexcess Better than Liquid Web?

Liquid Web is Nexcess’ parent company, and the two offer very different services.

Therefore the service you choose will depend on your needs.

Liquid Web is best for large-scale enterprises with heavy online traffic.

The platform is a bit more sophisticated than Nexcess.

Nexcess is best for entrepreneurs, content creators, and emergent businesses and is more user-friendly than Liquid Web.

How Much Does Nexcess Cost?

Nexcess offers a vast array of different pricing plans depending on the services you need.

Their prices range between $9.50 a month and $849 a month.

The cost you incur will depend on the services you require.

Additionally, you can use the discounts available on Nexcess and third-party websites to lower your overall investment.

Wrapping Up

Many business owners and content creators know they need a website but are unsure where to start.

Additionally, the cost of building and managing a website can weigh heavily on new businesses and emergent entrepreneurs.

You can take advantage of the Nexcess free trial to determine if this web hosting service is for you.

For its uncomplicated user interface and quality customer support, Nexcess is an excellent choice for most brands seeking to build a web presence.

Try it out today!

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