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Nextiva Free Trial: Length, What’s Included & How To Extend

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Nextiva is a powerful software that offers communication, analytics, and other helpful business tools.

It’s one of the best call programs among efficient productivity tools.

It conveniently puts everything you and your employees need in one place to stop wasting time and energy switching programs.

Below is everything you need to know about trying it, including the Nextiva free trial process.

Is Nextiva Free or Paid?

Nextiva offers an all-in-one area to handle customer communications and experience.

It even includes video conferencing platforms.

This convenient service comes at a price, with different monthly charges depending on your needs.

Luckily, if you’re interested in trying out the features, the Nextiva free trial allows full access without financial risk.

Does Nextiva Have a Free Trial?

Yes, Nextiva’s free trial allows unlimited access to their services.

If interested, you can request the demo product from the Nextiva sales team.

After you submit a request, the Nextiva team will reach out with a short questionnaire to help set you up.

This process will help determine what tier service your company needs, and they will offer tutorials for their programs.

How Long is the Nextiva Free Trial?

Unlike some other popular tools for marketing a business, Nextiva has a very short free trial.

You’ll only have seven days to test out the product.

Some people may find this timeframe constraining, as you may not get to test out every feature within one week.

Still, Nextiva’s free trial can give you enough time to try the interface and see how it fits your company.

Does Nextiva Require a Credit Card to Activate a Free Trial?

The Nextiva free trial will need a credit card or another form of payment.

You’ll receive a charge immediately after your demo ends.

When you have Nextiva, you can expect a warning five days before a charge.

You can avoid a charge entirely if you cancel the trial by the seventh day.

How Much is Nextiva After the Free Trial?

Nextiva has three different tiers of service that bill monthly or annually.

Ultimately, the cost of Nextiva depends on personal preferences and business needs.

Annual contracts offer savings, but Nextiva calculates prices per user per month.

The essential plan ranges between $18.95 and $25.95.

Professional plans begin at $22.95 and go to $30.95

And enterprise plans will go from $32.95 to $40.95

What Comes With the Nextiva Free Trial?

The Nextiva free trial allows full access to the Nextiva system, including the professional and enterprise pricing tiers.

Claiming a Nextiva demo isn’t automatic, and it’s a short trial.

But you might still find it worth the opportunity to try out their exclusive services.

Features You Can Test With a Free Trial

Nextiva is one of the few companies that offers an unlimited access trial.

There are so many features available that we’ll focus on some of the most useful.

Their extensive demo allows you to test essential features like their call systems, video conferencing, analytics, company productivity hub, and automation.

1. Call Systems

Nextiva specializes in Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) call systems.

VoIP helps to connect traditional phone calls to computers through the internet, allowing customers to reach your team from anywhere.

Not only can you call, but they provide texting, internet faxes, and toll-free numbers.

2. Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be extremely helpful for remote services.

Nextiva allows up to 250 users to conference at once, sharing video and with the ability for screen sharing.

Nextiva’s video conferences also provide messaging systems, HD audio, and call recording.

3. Analytics

One of the superior features of the Nextiva free trial is analytics.

From simple call reports to detailed monitors to watch the real-time performance.

Standard analytics also include trend watching and the ability to record and rate calls.

You might also enjoy the unique feature of turning call performances into ranked games for employee motivation.

Your analytics are fully customizable, so you can prioritize the settings you want to watch.

4. Company Productivity Hub

The Nextiva free trial is a powerful software.

It serves multiple functions that ends the need to switch to other programs to multitask.

Nextiva allows employees to make calls, chat with coworkers, answer video conferences, and access company calendars and files in one area.

It’s simpler and quicker to work in a single program than trying to navigate many windows.

5. Automation

Finally, automation keeps your customers and employees happy.

This feature will send messages for you to customers.

You might find it handy for welcome notes, feedback questions, or marketing material.

Plus, during customer conversations, employees will receive instant suggestions to solve the issue.

Nextiva Free Trial Limitations

Fortunately, the Nextiva free trial has very few feature limitations.

But, you can only have the demo for seven days.

This short period may not be enough time to experience the program.

Additionally, you must request the trial from Nextiva rather than personal activation.

Is Nextiva Customer Support Included With Free Trials?

Yes, you get full customer support with the Nextiva free trial.

Nextiva representatives will help you set up the programs and offer tutorials.

You can also reach out through email, chat, or phone call with any questions during the demo.

How to Claim a Nextiva Free Trial

To claim a Nextiva free trial, follow these easy steps.

First, go to the Nextiva website.

Now, select the “Get a demo” button.

You should see a form asking for some simple contact information and business details.

Fill it out and then select the “Get started” button.

Nextiva representatives will reach out to you for the next steps within days.

They’ll guide you through product selection and installation to begin the trial.

How Do I Get The Most From My Nextiva Free Trial?

You only have seven days to use Nextiva, so try to plan your week.

Make sure you have it during a period where you can try every feature.

Get the most out of your time with customer support by asking detailed questions.

The answers might help you understand how the program performs in situations that don’t occur during your Nextiva trial.

How Can I Make My Nextiva Free Trial Longer?

Sometimes Nextiva may run promotions that offer longer free trials, and you can try to watch for these opportunities.

While it isn’t a free trial, Nextiva may pay your money back if you cancel your subscription within 30 days.

There are a few usage and technology qualifications to get a full refund.

Does Nextiva Automatically Charge Users After the Free Trial Ends?

The Nextiva free trial will automatically bill your payment method at the end of seven days.

You must pay the fee for whichever plan you’ve chosen.

Expect your bill pricing to match.

Before the trial ends, you can cancel it to avoid paying.

Can You Cancel Nextiva After the Free Trial?

You can cancel the Nextiva free trial before you pay and afterward.

If your Nextiva trial ends, it may charge you a subscription.

But you can still cancel Nextiva.

You might receive a refund if the cancellation is within 30 days.

To cancel your Nextiva free trial before paying, end the demo before your seventh day.

How to Cancel a Nextiva Free Trial

If Nextiva doesn’t seem the right fit, here’s how to cancel your demo.

  1. Go to the Nextiva website
  2. Click the “Login” button
  3. Sign in to the Nextiva account portal
  4. In the menu, find either: “Billing,” “Subscription,” “Manage Account,” or “Payment.”
  5. Search for a prompt to cancel your subscription, and follow on-screen instructions
  6. If you cannot find this, contact Nextiva by emailing [email protected] or calling 1-800-983-4289

How to Remove Card Details From Nextiva

Once you quit Nextiva, you might want to remove your information.

To delete payment details, follow these steps.

  1. Access the Nextiva website
  2. Use the “Login” button from the menu
  3. Sign in to your Nextiva account
  4. In your settings, find the option: “Billing,” “Manage Account,” “Payment,” or “Payment Methods.”
  5. When you find payment details, search for an option to erase or delete
  6. Follow instructions to complete the process
  7. If there isn’t a way to delete payment information, contact Nextiva support

Is Nextiva Worth Paying For?

Nextiva has many benefits that might make it worth the investment for businesses.

Their analytics and productivity features are impressive.

If you usually have to source many programs for these tasks, you may save a lot of money by only purchasing Nextiva.

Alternatively, video conferencing has a low maximum for participants. Nextiva fits small to midsize companies best.

Our Nextiva Review explores the extended pros and cons of buying.

What To Expect From a Nextiva Subscription

If you choose to subscribe to Nextiva, you can have different expectations depending on your plan.

No matter what, Nextiva will warn their customers five days before charging their subscribers.

You have plenty of time to react to any changes in your subscription.

Plus, Nextiva offers plenty of support to its customers.

Other Ways to Save on Nextiva Pricing

Nextiva has fair pricing, so discounts can be hard to find.

Still, you may have luck with some of these options.

  • Nextiva Promo Codes: Nextiva may have coupon codes for special events. You can also search for codes through Google.
  • Nextiva Discounts: Through partners or seasonal deals, you may find a discount on Nextiva.
  • Nextiva Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials: During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Nextiva will probably have a significant sale.

Is There a Nextiva Student Plan?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that there is a student plan for Nextiva.

You may still find other discounts available.

Contact Nextiva to ensure that you aren’t missing out on any deals.

What is a Free Alternative to Nextiva?

One of the best free alternatives to Nextiva is the Zoom program.

Zoom allows you to video call multiple people and perform high-quality audio calls.

This free program also offers screen sharing.

You can do many of the same collaborative tasks at no cost.

Other Free Trials to Check Out

If the Nextiva free trial wasn’t what you needed, you might benefit from trying some of these other options.

You might also choose to pair Nextiva with one.

These programs offer comparable features, and you still get to try them without risk.

  • Zoom Free Trial: Zoom is primarily a video and audio call platform with extensive collaboration features.
    A Zoom free trial lets you experience premium options like holding larger video conferences and having shared cloud storage.
    You might also enjoy an unlimited length of meetings.
  • Microsoft Teams Free Trial: A Microsoft Teams free trial gives you access to another collaboration program.
    In addition to many of the typical features, you may also gain access to Microsoft Office products.
    You can also experience customer appointment management and cloud storage.
  • Calendly Free Trial: Calendly is software that helps keep your schedules together.
    The Calendly free trial will enable your team to collaborate, share calendars, and attend meetings.
    You can also send out customer invites for special events or other scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re still looking for more information on Nextiva, here are some frequently asked questions.

Is Nextiva a VoIP?

Yes, Nextiva does offer VoIP services.

VoIP is any call service that goes through the internet.

This process uses less hardware while having more features.

Is Nextiva a good service?

Nextiva is a good service for midsized companies.

They offer extensive products and have a dedicated staff.

It seems that their program improves both employee and customer happiness.

Wrapping Up

A Nextiva free trial includes many features, from simple voice calling to customer analytics.

Although it’s only seven days, it allows you to test out every product Nextiva has available.

It’s an extensive offer that is worth trying out.

If you don’t like the program, you can always cancel before the seventh day.

If Nextiva doesn’t work, there are other trials.

Take your time to try multiple demos so you can feel confident choosing the best software for you.

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