Olark vs. Zopim: Which Chat Support Software is Best?

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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If you are looking for a reliable communications software product for your company, it makes sense to compare different options carefully. Zopim vs. Olark are two options offering plenty of functionality at similar price points. We have worked hard on getting you the most honest Olark vs. Zopim review, and what each has to offer.

Overview of Olark vs. Zopim

Olark was launched in 2009. Since that time, it established a reputation as being one of the most popular chat support platforms for business. It is simple to use, and features a clean design. This software has a number of features that allow users to build relationships with customers and even see what customers are doing on their screen.

Features and Benefits

The software is user-friendly and allows you to set it up quickly and easily.
Once it is in place, you can monitor leads, as well as create and find opportunities to deliver high-quality support to your customers.
Customize and tweak the chat box design to suit the theme of your website.

Types of Clients Served

Olark software is used by small and medium-sized business owners. It can also be used by large enterprises and freelancers.

Available Plans

Olark Live Chat offers a choice of four different product plans. Customers can choose from three billing options to suit their needs and budget. All plans come with basic features included and a free trial period so that new customers try the software before making a commitment to buy it.

The Bronze Package covers one operator and is offered for $17.00 per month. When billed annually, the cost is $15.00 per month. Pay bi-annually, and the cost is $112.00 per month.

A Gold Package covers four operators and costs $49.00 per month. Billed annually, it costs $44.00 per month. The fee drops to $34.00 per month when a customer chooses the bi-annual billing option.

Choosing the Platinum Package is available for up to eight operators and includes a groups feature. This option is available at a cost of $129.00 per month or $116.00 per month when billed annually. Switch to a bi-annual billing plan, and the cost drops to $90.00 per month.

The Ultimate Package is available for up to 15 operators and is billed at a rate of $243.00 per month. It also includes a groups feature. When billed annually, the cost drops to $219.00 per month. When billed semi-annually, this option costs $170.00 per month.

Support Available

Zopim users are offered live operator support, along with email and support tickets. Training is also available.

Overview of Zopim

Zopim is web chat software that offers a live chat support service. Businesses that choose this option will benefit from this feature, which fosters customer loyalty.
The software is also equipped with a number of analytical tools to help you track your customers’ needs and behaviors. Use of this data will make it easier for you make choices that will benefit your business.

Features and Benefits

Automate chats and engage customers before they even ask a question.
You can monitor your website visitors and determine when your customers need help.
The software’s powerful metrics reveal data such customer satisfaction levels, your agents’ performance and areas that may present a problem. Once the latter are identified, you can take steps to address them promptly.

Types of Clients Served

Both small and medium-sized businesses can benefit from Zopim software. It is also successfully used by large organizations and freelancers.

Available Plans

Three different product bundles are available, as well as a free version geared toward individuals and freelance contractors. All bundles come with a 14-day trial period.

The Lite version is free. Only one agent is authorized to use the software with this option.

The Basic Bundle is billed at the rate of $11.20 per agent/month on a yearly basis or $14.00 per agent/month when billed monthly. It allows for an unlimited number of agents to use the system, and unlimited chats each month. Customers can run two departments with two triggers and have widget customization with this option.

The Advanced Bundle is available at a rate of $20.00 per agent/month billed yearly or $25.00 per agent/month billed monthly. It includes unlimited triggers and departments.

The Premium Bundle costs $44.00 per agent/month on a yearly billing basis or $55.00/agent/month when billed monthly. At this level, you receive real-time monitoring, 24/7 support and agent reports.

Support Available

Live support, tickets and email support are available. Training on the software is also available.

Olark vs. Zopim: Making a Choice

Each of these software packages have a lot going for them. Each one is reliable and easy to operate. Olark is used by a number of businesses, with great success. Zopim has the advantage of offering a free version for independent contractors, and new customers can try the software at no charge for a trial period to see whether it fits their needs before deciding whether to sign on for one of the paid packages. Please add to our review of Olark vs. Zopim, and why you use either one.

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