OnePage - A Customizable Internet Contact Card.OnePage is another type of digital business card that I’ve recently tried and find very useful. Online tools like these are simple yet effective and allow you to share your contact information with ease. With OnePage you can create and customize your card that can then be shared with a simple link. You can even add other users as contacts. Therefore, OnePage can even serve as a virtual Rolodex.

To start,  you can either create an account or sign in via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Next, you’ll have to choose a username. If the username you choose is already taken, it will let you know right away.

Creating Your OnePage

The last step is to customize your OnePage profile. Here you can edit your name, add your position and “organisation”, edit your biography and finally add your contact information (aka “contact points”). Unfortunately, you can only add one position so, if you hold more than one position try to fit it all in as best you can. There is also a limit for the biography section; it can only be a maximum of 200 characters.

Contact Points

Add your contact info and social networks on OnePage.

This is where you add the important stuff like website links, phone numbers, social networks, etc. These contact points can also be rearranged (moved around) to suite your needs. There are 8 different sections with items that can be added to your OnePage. The categories are as follow:

  • Basic – Here you can add website(s), phone number(s), location(s), email(s), and your birthday.
  • Media – This includes, Vimeo, YouTube and Flickr.
  • News & Bookmarks – This includes Digg, Delicious and your Google Reader shares.
  • IM – This includes Skype, Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live and Google Talk.
  • Lifestreams, Blogs, Microblogs – This is where you can add you Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and RSS feed(s).
  • Professional – This is where you add your LinkedIn profile.
  • Documents – This is for your Slideshare profile.
  • Location – This is for your Gowalla profile.

Once you’re done and click the finish button, you’ll have the option to share your OnePage on Twitter and/or Facebook. You can also automatically change your Twitter website URL to your OnePage profile URL.

On your OnePage there are share buttons for Twitter and Facebook (so others can share it). You can also jump to another random user’s card with the click of a button. It even gives you the option to get an embed code to add your card to another site (or if a user wants to do the same).

Get an embed code for your OnePage card.

OnePage is a great networking tool that any social media user is sure to love. It’s is great for entering as your “website URL” on other social networks — that way people get to see all of your websites (from OnePage) and not just a single URL. No more having to choose which site to display; OnePage to the rescue.