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15+ Best Online Learning Platforms: Ranked and Reviewed [2023]

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Recently, online learning has evolved considerably in a short time and has revolutionized the paradigm of modern education.

Incidentally, online learning is cheaper, more effective, and less time-consuming than traditional education.

Therefore, deciding to study via online platforms is a decision that’s becoming easier every day that passes.

Among all the learning platforms, Skillshare is the best because of its instructors, high-quality courses, and versatility; however, there are many other great programs for you to choose from.

An Overview of Online Learning Platforms

Online platforms continue to be more popular thanks to their accessibility, cheaper cost, and high quality.

Higher education is a few clicks away.

We will inform you of the best learning programs out there so that you can choose the best online learning platform for you.

What Is an Online Learning Platform?

An online learning platform is a digital space where students can select from thousands of courses across numerous topics that interest them.

Similar to traditional education, these programs provide a safe environment to access course materials, learn, and interact with students and teachers in many ways.

The features such programs offer are plentiful, including assignments, lectures, learning interactions, quizzes, social forums/chats, and certificates upon program completion.

Why Are Online Learning Platforms Important?

It’s not inaccurate to think of an online learning platform as more of a marketplace.

It emphasizes the perspective of learners.

These platforms present new and innovative ways to educate anyone, anywhere, and anytime while earning degrees and certifications.

It is the evolution of the education system.

Features To Look For in Online Learning Platforms

Not all online learning platforms are equal.

Consequently, there are a few things that you should be on the lookout for to maximize the chances of finding the ideal online learning platform for yourself.

Below are crucial qualities that all come together to make for an excellent platform, just as long as most of them are present.

1. Price

Price is another variable to factor into your decision when choosing course materials that suits you.

Although there are free courses, the paid ones are often higher quality and more engaging.

You’ll find that some courses have free trials, and some even offer refunds.

Surprisingly, some courses give lifetime unlimited access to learners; other courses only work for a limited time via a subscription model.

2. Type of Course

eLearning communities each have a particular focus when it comes to learning.

Take, for instance, a platform such as edX that emphasizes formal education and provides more than 3,000+ accredited courses taught and created by prestigious institutions such as Harvard.

On the other hand, a platform like Udemy offers a wide range of subjects, from accounting and finance to cake decorating, with over 150,000 courses.

Your interests will dictate which platform you choose.

3. Read Ratings and Reviews

Most online platforms have ratings and reviews from learners who’ve taken the courses previously; they report their unique experiences when taking a specific course.

This is a great way to familiarize yourself with a course before fully committing to it and finding that you don’t like it.

Coursera and Skillshare are two platforms that have a comprehensive and visual review system.

4. Course Information

The course information is perhaps the most important information we should be informed about, from course duration, the syllabus, reading material, quizzes, and more.

Even though every platform provides this information, some platforms are more comprehensive than others.

For example, a platform like Udacity has an option whereby you can download the entire syllabus in a PDF format, giving you ample time to read it and decide whether you want the course or not.

5. Free Trials

Finding eLearning platforms that offer free trials when you first sign up is a great way to learn the platform and the kind of courses that they have available.

You should take advantage of the ability to try out courses for a particular number of days with no financial risk.

Skillshare is a very generous platform that offers learners a one-month free trial.

6. Instructors

Looking up information about your prospective instructor can be crucial when choosing a course.

Your course instructor must have the knowledge and credentials to teach the class effectively.

For instance, Skillshare and Udemy are owned, managed, and created by instructors, and each will have a different approach to the material.

Best Online Learning Platforms: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

We’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best online learning platforms according to the abovementioned criteria.

Hopefully, by the time you reach the end of the list, you will find a learning platform tailored to you and your interests.

1. Skillshare: Our Pick

skillshare homepage screenshot 1

Skillshare offers over 35,000 courses; they specialize in classes for artistic and creative professionals such as animators, videographers, designers, and more.

Skillshare focuses on social learning and collaboration.

Learners can post their assignments on the platform, and fellow students can engage the material by liking, asking questions, and providing feedback concerning each other’s work.

An atmosphere like this fosters creativity and raises the quality of work to another level.

Key Features of Skillshare

  • Affordable: Skillshare’s pricing is reasonable, particularly when you agree to a yearly deal—getting a 50% discount or more is possible.
  • Wide range of course topics: Tons of classes offer valuable resources to help learners with feedback and hands-on learning.
  • Multiple languages: Courses with English-speaking instructors will have subtitles available in the user’s chosen language.
  • Covers nearly every creative field: Skillshare’s courses cover design, photography, freelancing, illustration, video, and more.
  • Team plans: Teams plans are offered for groups of 20 people or more.

Why Is Skillshare a Great Solution?

They offer marketing and business classes on the platform; however, most available fields are creative courses taught by experts who practice in a given area.

Apart from being one of the rare online learning platforms that allow learners to share their work online and engage with teachers and fellow students, it’s an excellent place to get inspiration through connection.

Skillshare is accessible from any mobile device; for example, you can stream or download necessary content straight from your tablet and learn from nearly anywhere in the world.

Pros of Skillshare

  • Free classes: There are a variety of tutorials ranging from an hour to short ones that last for 20-minute.
  • Engagement and analytics reports: If you’re an instructor, you can get up-to-date information about how the course performs, which helps you become a more effective teacher.
  • Assistance: With Skillshare, financial aid and scholarships get offered to eligible learners. You can receive a refund within seven days if you have an annual membership.

Cons of Skillshare

  • Doesn’t offer certificates: You don’t receive certificates of completion from Skillshare.
  • Low-quality control: Regulating the quality pool of the instructors can be challenging since virtually anyone can be an instructor.
  • No accreditation: Zero courses get accredited by any institutions

Skillshare vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Most online platforms offer college-style classes.

Skillshare is way less formal and geared toward bettering your creative skills.

You have to be an expert in the creative industry if you wish to teach on the platform; this includes business-related topics such as leadership, management, business analytics, and leadership.

Not every platform has such selective criteria for instructors to abide by the rules.

Skillshare Pricing

The Starter, Enterprise, and Revive have unlimited access to Skillshare Originals, 35,000+ courses, teacher and peer feedback, tech support, and watching offline.

Of course, the Enterprise plan offers users more advanced features such as analytic and engagement reports, curated learning paths, integrations and API.

Skillshare has a 3-tiered pricing plan:

  • Starter (2-19 users): $159 per user/year
  • Enterprise (20+ users): Contact sales for a custom quote.
  • Revive (51+ users): Contact sales for a custom quote.

Can You Try Skillshare for Free?

Users can try Skillshare’s Premium subscription for free for the first week of the monthly membership.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Skillshare?

If you are a business that works with visually creative professionals or designers, then this platform is a fantastic way to improve your skills.

You’ll have a wide variety of relevant courses at your disposal.

Students that want to find themselves a hobby, increase their passion for creativity or develop new skills get taught by instructors who are industry leaders in a given field.

Skillshare offers an excellent selection of business, leadership, entrepreneurship, and marketing classes that will help you become well-rounded with your professional skill set and help you to prepare for a job market that is rapidly changing.

2. MasterClass: Runner-Up

Masterclass homepage screenshot 1

MasterClass is our runner-up for various reasons.

For starters, the instructors are among the most accomplished in their fields.

The instructors design every class with the utmost attention to detail.

And MasterClass gives a mixture of practical skills and inspiration for its users to learn and improve themselves.

This platform is ideal for people who want more profound insight into their preferred field.

Key Features of MasterClass

  • High levels of engagement: You can get feedback, ask questions, join discussions and connect with other students.
  • No deadlines: You can learn at your own pace because there are no deadlines.
  • Offline access: You can download all videos for offline viewing using their mobile app.
  • Satisfaction guarantee: MasterClass offers a satisfaction guarantee for up to 30 days. They’ll refund your money if you’re unsatisfied with the services.
  • Manageable lessons: Every course is nicely recorded and broken down into manageable 15 to 20-minute periods.

Why is MasterClass a Great Solution?

They provide in-depth courses on various topics, some of which even touches on celebrity’s experience and expertise, such as Anna Wintour’s leadership skills and Gordon Ramsey’s exceptional cooking talents.

Individuals seeking inspiration and personal development from some of the most distinguished professionals in their respective fields will feel at home with the MasterClass platform.

Pros of MasterClass

  • Top-notch instructors: You can access A-list celebrity instructors who are highly decorated in their respective crafts.
  • Informative videos: The production values in their educational videos are excellent.
  • Well-thought-out course structure: Courses are not just thrown together but have a clear direction.

Cons of MasterClass

  • No free trial: There is no safety net here, so you have to be sure before joining
  • No certifications: Certificates can be helpful depending on your plans for the feature—there are no certificates upon completion of courses.
  • Fewer courses than competitors: The courses are not as comprehensive as some other platforms and can feel monotonous.

MasterClass vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

The thing that distinguishes MasterClass the most has to do with the fact that world-famous celebrities and experts teach the courses.

All courses are in the form of a video that provides advice and demonstrations, which, combined with workbooks, class discussions, and straightforward lectures, makes for a complete class.

There’s the potential to gain knowledge from personalities such as Gordon Ramsay, TV advice from Shonda Rhimes, and a complete class in film from Martin Scorsese himself.

MasterClass Pricing

MasterClass costs between $15/month and $23/month for annual memberships.

Here are the annual payment plans:

  • Individual plan: $15/month for one device. (Billed at $180 for the year)
  • Duo plan: $20/month for two devices. (Billed at $240 for the year)
  • Family plan: $23/month for six devices. (Billed at $276 for the year)

Can You Try MasterClass for Free?

There are no free classes or trials with MasterClass.

Conclusion: Should You Choose MasterClass?

Even though MasterClass has courses other than the creative ones, the appeal to joining this platform is the A-list artists, writers, musicians, and actors teaching high-level classes.

Also, these classes are not one-off; most of the courses at MasterClass consist of about 20 lessons.

Make sure that you choose a traditional class so that you can get the most out of your passion of choice.

If you wish to get insight into these professions at the highest level, there’s no better place where you can get such priceless lessons online.

3. Udemy: Budget Pick

screenshot of Udemy homepage

Udemy provides over 14,000 courses for nearly 10,000 companies on various subjects; this is an online learning platform specializing in business.

As such, they offer skills-based training courses.

Instructors have the latitude to upload video-based courses easily, glean actionable insights, and track trainee progress.

Key Features of Udemy

  • A vast array of content: This learning features 183,000 courses for hobbies and professional skills.
  • Diverse course materials: Learners will get access to readings, quizzes, and multimedia lectures.
  • Purchase with confidence: Users receive a 30-day refund guarantee.
  • Multiple languages available: All of the courses are available in 65 languages.
  • No deadlines: Users can learn at a speed that suits them since there are no deadlines for the course material.

Why is Udemy a Great Solution?

Through Udemy, you can improve your skills and knowledge in virtually any field, from marketing to business to hand weaving and more.

Udemy’s ultimate goal is to democratize and disrupt the current educational system.

Udemy is for people who have a business subscription and want to see what the site has to offer, people who want to take a specific course on the site, and for instructors who wish to sell and host their courses on Udemy.

Pros of Udemy

  • Easy to use: The interface is easy to you enabling you to hit the ground running
  • Learn invaluable skills: Courses are versatile and can accommodate soft and hard professional skills.
  • Clear resources for instructors: Instructors can access valuable resources that simplify teaching and improve the courses.

Cons of Udemy

  • No functions for course creation: There are no built-in course creation functions, so instructors must make content outside the platform.
  • Passive learning: There’s not as much interactivity as you’ll find on more costly online learning platforms.
  • No certificate of recognition: Although you will get a certificate when the course gets completed, it holds no weight with employers.

Udemy vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Udemy is much different from LinkedIn Learning, MasterClass, and Skillshare because they don’t offer unlimited subscription plans; you have to buy every course separately, which is a big drawback.

On the other hand, they’re cheap as far as courses go and you can receive a refund within 30 days if you’re dissatisfied with the product.

Courses with Udemy come with video tutorials that can average about five hours long but can be as little as 30 minutes.

They will likely include resources like practice tests, coding exercises, quizzes, and assignments.

Udemy Pricing

Udemy does not offer payment plans like the other online learning platforms.

Instead, you will pay for each course individually, ranging from $9-$200.

They have policies that allow for a refund if you’re dissatisfied with the class.

Can You Try Udemy for Free?

Udemy does not currently offer any free trials or courses.

Users must pay for each course individually.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Udemy?

Udemy Business is the first choice for business owners and L&D professionals who don’t have the budget or time to make their own courses.

Considering Udemy’s wide range of skills-based courses and its affordability, there’s something there for just about anyone to take advantage of.

On the other hand, if your training team is trying to learn highly specific skills, there’s a chance that it won’t be a fit.

But, business teams looking for general skills will find that Udemy is a top-notch online learning platform for business.

The Best Free Online Learning Platforms

Even though these aren’t our top picks for the best online learning platforms, these options offer attractive features that suit a variety of learners as course creators.

LinkedIn Learning

linkedin learning homepage screeshot 1

LinkedIn Learning is an excellent educational platform for professionals who want to enhance their creative, technology-related, and business skills.

The high-quality courses offered by LinkedIn are in the form of video lessons.

There are more than 16,000 classes available in seven different languages.

It’s one of the best ways to invest in your professional development, harnessing hard and soft skills.

Why Is This a Great Option?

LinkedIn Learning is an excellent option because the company is world-renowned for being a networking site for employees in various niches to connect.

You get to try LinkedIn Learning free for thirty days, and the platform will arrange personalized suggestions on the best courses based on the goals you indicate.

All users receive a certification of completion, and there are quizzes available to help you keep track of your progress.

Drawbacks to LinkedIn

One of the areas that we wish was a bit clear is the course description to help learners understand what they’ll learn by the end of the lesson.

Additionally, it seems challenging to join as an instructor.

These issues fall short of our criteria for clear and concise course information and quality instructors.


coursera homepage screeshot 1

Coursera has over 20 million users and offers some of the best courses for online training.

Coursera partners with world-class businesses and universities, allowing participants to get recognized certifications from well-known institutions.

This platform helps accelerate your career advancement and get you the necessary skills to stand out.

Why Is This a Great Option?

With Coursera, you get over three thousand specialized and individual courses and numerous degree programs.

Each learning avenue comes with homework exercises, video lectures, peer-reviewed assignments, discussion forums for the Coursera community, and more.

Additionally, instructors can access many educational tools to assess student progress and facilitate seamless interactions.

Drawbacks to Coursera

The reason that Coursera couldn’t be in the top three picks has to do with the lack of flexibility in the course creation tools that are available on other educational platforms.

Also, the instructors only come from partner institutions, which doesn’t allow the best teachers in the field to work with Coursera.

These drawbacks make it less beneficial for instructors to offer optimal educational services to students.

Notable Mentions: Other Online Learning Platforms To Check Out

Here are other notable mentions for programs that may not be as beneficial as the platforms formerly listed, but they still have a lot of fantastic features for learners and instructors.

4. edX

edx homepage screeshot 1

edX is a fairly well-known online platform created by MIT and Harvard.

With such high-profile educational institutions backing its quality, it’s no surprise that it’s such a popular option.

There are valuable courses in multiple high-demand categories like science, math, technology, medicine, and more.

This program also offers degrees and programs that can help participants to get ahead in their chosen careers.

Why is edX a Great Option?

edX is an excellent option because these are real college-level courses getting taught by actual college professors across several fields.

There is more of a focus on STEM subjects; however, you can also receive useful training in arts, humanities, languages, and other topics.

With edX, you can audit the classes for free, though you won’t receive a certificate with this option.

They also have bachelor’s and master’s degree programs at your disposal and financial aid programs to reduce costs by as much as 90 percent.

Drawbacks to edX

edX doesn’t have as many course options as the other online learning platforms that ranked higher, especially in creative fields.

Additionally, their courses are not eligible for financial assistance, making this an expensive program depending on your selected courses.

edX Pricing

For a verified certificate with the free courses they offer, you’ll have to pay $50-$300 for each one.

The cost of the certificate varies based on the class.

Therefore, you have to research each class separately for more accurate figures.

Can You Try edX for Free?

The free courses available will suit most users just fine if they take the classes for learning purposes.

However, you must pay if you need the certificate for employment purposes.

There is no free trial offered with edX.

5. Khan Academy

khanacademy homepage screeshot 1

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization with free courses for anyone interested in learning.

The primary focus of the curriculum has its roots in the United States education system.

However, it is still a valuable program for those who want knowledge in various core subjects.

The age level is from kindergarten to early college years, and you’ll focus on computing, history, economics, science, math, personal finance, and more.

Why is Khan Academy a Great Option?

By working through each lesson at your own pace, Khan Academy is the perfect solution for those who want their child or themselves to gain knowledge about academic subjects using a strategic approach.

The platform is beneficial regardless of whether you need to understand something like middle school math or advanced macroeconomics; there’s a course level perfect for you.

Khan also offers readings, videos, and interactive activities to ensure that your learning process is comprehensive and effectively delivered.

Drawbacks to Khan Academy

While the platform has many courses, they still miss certain subjects like music and foreign languages.

These classes are helpful for students as they progress through the school system.

Also, Khan Academy would not be a good option for learners who want a broader scope beyond the United States education system.

Khan Academy Pricing

There is no cost to the participant for any courses offered through Khan Academy.

The only certificates you can obtain through the platform ate teacher training certificates.

Can You Try Khan Academy for Free?

There is no free trial offered through Khan Academy because all the course material is free.

6. Udacity

udacity homepage screeshot 1

Regarding the most marketable skills in today’s professional climate, tech skills are at the top of the list.

Their platform functions differently than many others on the list because they promote nano degrees instead of individual courses.

That means they provide several lessons and personalized reviews, projects, mentoring, and class discussions.

Why is Udacity a Great Option?

It takes one to five months to complete the courses that can lead to a nano degree.

However, you receive access to expert advisors that can help you with work samples and Building a solid resume in your chosen field.

The intensive lessons and personalized feedback you receive on projects are helping to refine your skills and improve your resume.

Multiple scholarships are available to assist you, and you get a seven-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied.

Drawbacks to Udacity

Udacity is the most expensive option on the list, which might make it impractical for someone who is a struggling college student or has not yet gained financial stability.

There are also enrollment deadlines, which means you can’t just pick up and join whenever you want.

So, if you learn about Udacity too late, you’ll have to wait for the enrollment window to open again.

Many people who take these courses appreciate that they can work at a slower pace or when they find the time.

With Udacity, you’re looking at at least a one-month commitment to complete a single course.

Udacity Pricing

The pricing plans for Udacity start at $399/month and can get as high as $1,995 for a four-month pass to various courses.

The pricing depends on which classes you select.

Learners also have the choice to pay for the entire course upfront, which comes with a discount of up to 15 percent.

Can You Try Udacity for Free?

Udacity offers some courses for various duration, such as one to two months.

These classes are an excellent way to test out areas you might be interested in or improve a skill you already have.

They also offer a program for one month of free access to three nanodegree courses.

You also get to submit one project per course at this time.

7. Codecademy

codecademy homepage screeshot 1

For coders that want to focus on advancing to the next level or a beginner who is newly interested in the craft, Codecademy is your one-stop-shop.

It’s amongst the best online learning platforms to give students free courses to over one hundred classes for every programming language.

Why is Codecademy a Great Option?

Also, as you’re practicing what you’ve learned, you’ll get immediate feedback from the instructors should you decide to submit your code so that they can test it instantly.

This option lets you see if you’re progressing on the right track.

Codecademy is easy to use and beginner-friendly.

You can learn backend and frontend languages such as HTML, CSS, Python, Java, Ruby, and many other programs through Codecademy.

Learning these languages can be tricky, but all course material is thorough and as comprehensive as possible.

Drawbacks to Codecademy

One of the few drawbacks that keep a fantastic program like Codecademy from placing higher is the lack of holistic training.

The platform doesn’t educate coders on how to think like a programmer in terms of mastering problem-solving and logical thinking skills.

There is also low to no video content for the lessons, making it more challenging for some students to learn without visual aid.

The learning experience can get significantly hampered without visual stimulation.

Codecademy Pricing

If you’re trying to learn a specific language to eventually master, you can pay for a monthly subscription from Codecademy.

Otherwise, you’ll do well to take advantage of the free courses.

Their payment tiers are as follows:

  • Basic membership: free (comes with basic courses and interactive practice lessons every day)
  • Pro membership: $35.99/month or $17.99/month if you pay for the year upfront (you get everything in the basic plan plus unlimited mobile content, instant feedback, peer support, certificates of completion, and more).
  • Team membership: Depends on the number of members; price quote available on request (perfect for businesses small to large that want to offer a training course for language mastery).

Can You Try Codecademy for Free?

Codecademy offers a seven-day free trial for members to try the platform before they commit to a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

8. Alison

alison homepage screeshot 1

Alison is a fantastic online learning platform based in Ireland, offering courses in nine languages.

Alison is a great option for those who desire to learn practical skills that can transfer to their performance in the workplace.

Whether you’re busy with only a few hours each week to learn something new or a dedicated student taking courses full-time, Alison can help you achieve your goals.

Why is Alison a Great Option?

One aspect that sets Alison apart from the rest is that you can take free courses online and obtain the certifications at no additional cost.

Learning through this platform opens avenues for people with various financial situations and constraints.

Some courses require no more than two hours of studying to complete, while others may take as many as fifteen.

Either way, the choice is yours, and you can complete every lesson on your schedule.

Drawbacks to Alison

There are a ton of ads that you’ll have to watch if you sign up for the free version of Alison.

Every lesson consists of at least ten seconds of ads, which can be annoying if you like to start right away.

Also, there aren’t any course descriptions available before you sign up.

As one of the main criteria for a good online learning platform, this is a significant strike against Alison.

When deciding between several courses at once, it’s hard to choose the best fit.

Lastly, the Alison app is not fully compatible with Android and iPhone.

This issue can be highly inconvenient for those who want to learn on the go.

Alison Pricing

If you want free access to more than 1,00p courses and don’t mind the ads, you should sign up for the free membership plan.

After that, you can get a paid subscription that eliminates the ads and monthly discounts on the diplomas or certificates you usually have to pay for after a course.

These cost between $21-$215.

Premium access: This plan costs $7.99/month, or users can pay $499.00 for the lifetime package.

Can You Try Alison for Free?

Courses through Alison are entirely free, with no restrictions.

You can get a monthly plan if you want more features like notes, study reminders, learning hubs, and discounted certificates and diplomas.

9. Connections Academy

connectionsacademy homepage screeshot 1

Connections Academy is a corporate, for-profit provider of e-learning services for students in grades K-12.

This alternative option to traditional schooling offers several benefits for students who could take advantage of a more interactive learning setting in a virtual classroom.

Why is Connections Academy a Great Option?

Once you have enrolled your child into Connections Academy, you receive unique login credentials.

Every lesson gets planned, and you and the student can access them online.

The company also sends the course materials to your home before the school year starts.

The teachers will offer the parent feedback every month on how the student is doing, make recommendations, answer questions, and more.

It allows the parent and the student to feel more involved in the learning process, with hands-on assistance always available.

Drawbacks to Connections Academy

There’s an adjustment period for students transitioning from the traditional schooling structure, which may be challenging initially.

Also, students and parents must be self-disciplined to arrange productive days for the learners, who will now have much more free time and flexibility.

Connections Academy Pricing

There is no cost to attend Connections Academy.

The tuition is free, and there is no enrollment fee.

Most of the materials you’ll need are also sent for free, except for basic items like pencils, loose-leaf paper, pens, and so on.

Can You Try Connections Academy for Free?

There is no tuition fee to attend, and they offer it in 29 states as of 2023.

Even More Options To Check Out

Though these online learning platforms didn’t make our list, feel free to check them out in case you still haven’t come across the perfect program or know someone looking to join a community like the ones described below.

10. Stanford Online 

stanford online homepage screeshot 1

Stanford Online offers a portal to the university through various courses that cover a variety of topics.

Anyone, anywhere in the world, can access these classes, gain the opportunities of a lifetime, and enhance their professional development.

Despite being such a popular and highly credible institution, it comes to nearly $20,000 just to be a part-time student.

That makes this program extremely expensive, which might not be practical for some.

11. Harvard Extension

harvard extension homepage screeshot 1

A branch of Harvard University, Harvard Extension, brings learners worldwide into an innovative teaching style with rigorous lessons available.

Harvard Extension is excellent for college students, high school students needing credits, someone who wants to pick up a new skill or learn something during retirement, and working professionals.

However, Harvard Extension only offers around one thousand courses, which isn’t necessarily low, but others offer nearly 40,000 for much less.

One class can cost almost $2,000 alone.

12. Open Yale Courses

open yale courses homepage screeshot 1

Searching for detailed introductory courses that you’ll enjoy in your spare time?

Open Yale offers free and openly accessible classes taught by expert scholars and professors from Yale.

The primary focus is expanding its educational resources to anyone that would like a chance to learn from an accredited university.

Though no registration is required and most classes are free, certificates, credits, or degrees do not get offered via this platform site.

Additionally, instructors have to work for the university, and there aren’t many course options.

13. MIT OpenCourseWare

MIT OpenCourseware homepage screeshot 1

MIT OpenCourseWare is a vast digital collection of learning and teaching materials available to the public at no cost.

All courses are web-based, so it’s easy for students to access the format and the links.

Essentially, it is all of the course material from MIT in one central location.

Unfortunately, OpenCourseWare also doesn’t provide a certificate, degree, or credits for the courses you take.

Aside from this, the course selection doesn’t have a lot of variety.

14. FutureLearn

screenshot of the futurelearn homepage

FutureLearn is a widely successful British online learning platform that offers students top-tier courses from the most popular brands and leading universities worldwide.

You can take short courses, earn micro-credentials, and benefit from a highly interactive social learning experience.

With FutureLearn, there aren’t many classes offered, you only get limited access to specific courses unless you pay, and instructors must be employees or partner universities.

15. Open Culture

screenshot of the openculture homepage

Open Culture is a platform that offers education and cultural resources, and media tools.

Users can access movies, online courses, language resources, ebooks, literature, certificates, audiobooks, math resources, and more.

Instructors must work for a partner university, there’s a limited course selection, and Open Culture isn’t as well known as other options that rank higher.

Other Products Relevant to Online Learning Platforms

Here are other courses that are relevant to online learning platforms that could be beneficial in your quest to learn and develop skills along the way:

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find the answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding online learning platforms:

What is the best online learning platform?

The best online learning platform depends on your individual needs, goals, and interests.

Select a platform that offers course versatility, caters to the subjects you want to learn, and offers a reasonable price.

What is the most popular learning website?

The most popular learning site depends on your area of interest.

Platforms like Skillshare, Coursera, edX, MasterClass, and others have come to the forefront of online learning platforms.

Wrapping Up

Online learning platforms are opening doorways and providing users with professional development, skill building, and networking opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise experience.

Online learning platforms are an excellent alternative to social and virtual learning with all of the resources of a traditional school.

Skillshare is our top pick thanks to the numerous courses they offer, expert-level instruction, a free trial, descriptive course content, and more.

MasterClass was the runner-up because they don’t offer as many courses as other options, there aren’t any certificates, and they also don’t allow you to test the product beforehand.

Nonetheless, the courses available are high quality and well put together.

Visit these websites today to learn more and get started on your journey of enlightenment.

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