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Optimizing Your Blog’s Visual In Order To Make An Impact



When you’re running a web page, you need to make your blog look attractive. It really is as simple as that. Yes, content is king in the business blog world – but you’ve got to have a design that’ll turn heads in order for your fine articles to be seen in the first place.

Optimize your blog posts

You might have produced a piece on your blog that has the potential to make readers hang on your every word, but you’ll need to lure them in with a slick design before they’ll even consider taking a look what you’ve written. Pictures of high quality are essential on a website. If you haven’t the resources to purchase image rights look around for free images on the Internet but be careful about possible copyright infringement.

Be honest – when was the last time you stuck around on an ugly blog just to “give it a chance”? It simply doesn’t happen. There’s too much choice on the Internet these days, and people are far too busy to waste time lingering on a site in the hope that the quality of the content will outweigh the appearance.

The rise of social media has meant businesses now need to visually compete in browser and across apps. Without an attractive and alluring visual style, your blog will simply be overlooked and your company will get left behind. Discussed here are a few ways in which you can optimize the visual appearance of your blog in order to make an impact in the world of business.

Psychology Of Color

Psychology can play a big role in how many web surfers take a look at your blog and ultimately stick around long enough to click and convert. Listed here are a few of the colors you could use for your blog, and the associated emotions they can generate in a person who sees them:

Red: Has been proven to increase a sense of appetite, which is why red is often used in restaurant logos.

Yellow: Encourages communication, mental stimulation and a sense of happiness, making it an appropriate selection for companies wanting to promote an energetic, positive image.

Orange: Another color proven to stimulate appetite, as well as encouraging socialization.

Green: Associated with nature, making it an obvious candidate for green energy companies.

Blue: Encourages tranquility, making people feel cool and calm. Blue has also been associated with trust.

Black: Mysterious and powerful, black is often selected by businesses that want to appear dominant and confident.

White: Associated with clearness and clarity – making it a good choice for companies attempting to appear frank and honest.

Smart Font Styles

Picking a font style might seem like a trivial task, but the way the wording looks on a blog actually has the potential to make or break a website. If you’re a playful company selling fun products, using an ordinary, plain font will work against you. If you’re offering more serious products that can actively enhance a person’s quality of life, then customers won’t be able to take you seriously if your blog font is made up of wavy, curly lettering. Think carefully about what sort of image you want to convey, and be smart when selecting a font style so that it matches up accordingly and doesn’t clash with your core company ideas and themes.

Establish A Distinguishing Look

Yes, you want to be following your competitors in terms of their success – but you don’t want to be following them in terms of how they look or behave. Your business needs to establish its own unique, distinguishing features that make it different and exciting, and the appearance on a web page or blog can go a long way towards doing just that.

When people want to discover more about a brand, they will immediately visit the webpage and/or blog to get the lowdown on what that company is like. A blog is a place where a business can show its true colors and let its personality ooze out onto the Internet for all to see. Here, a customer can experience what a brand is all about – from the look and feel right down to the tone of voice used in the written content. Play around with a few different styles before you launch your blog and be honest with yourself about what looks best. You might have found an image that you absolutely love, but it’s senseless stuffing it into a blog post when it doesn’t belong there. Go with pictures that reflect, support and accentuate your content. If you’re playful – pick humorous images. If you’re edgy – choose pictures that will provoke conversation. If you’re serious – select images that show you’re serious too.

Find a look that suits your company and embrace it.

Consistency Is Key

Once you’ve decided upon on a specific look and style for your brand, you’ll need to employ these features across the board. When it comes to establishing an identity in the big wide world of business – consistency is key. Opting for one slogan here and a different one there might be acceptable in the early days when you’re testing the water to see what works, but in time, you will need to choose a visual style and voice and stick to it. Your chosen business logo, slogan, quotes, colors and stylistic touches ought to be visible on your social media channels, digital apps, and any printed media as well as your web page. Being consistent allows you to assemble a recognizable face for your company, which in turn will allow you to gain a strong foothold in your industry and enhance your overall reputation.

Picking the right images to support your company’s visual style is essential, and there is a huge variety to choose from on Dreamstime – with many available to download absolutely free of charge. Sign up today to take advantage of all the terrific images on offer, along with tips and tricks on how to use these images in order to enhance the look and feel of your business blog.

Lanroni is a blogger and a freelance writer who proves himself by giving out quality ideas and information which he got while blogging his blog. You can visit his personal blog where he experiments tips and ideas he gives out.

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Conquering Blogging Fears Sometimes Involves Shedding Blogging Tears



Build a list. Publish posts frequently. Guest post. Work harder.

I did all that stuff. I still struggled. You did all of it, too. Some of you at least.

But I bet you we were in the same boat years ago. Perhaps you sit in the boat of blogging despair now. You did it all. NOTHING seems to be working. Create value. Make connections. No traffic. No money. I can advise good things take time. Or I can say to be positive and be strong. In truth, being positive, patient and strong all are effective means to conquering your blogging fears.

Shedding tears is the quickest, most direct, simplest way to conquer blogging fears. Every fear is scary because fear frightens you. Crying out fears literally dissolves the fear-fuel; as tears shed, so do fears. Chip away; be present, relax, and allow fears and tears to flow in a quiet room.

Guys; until you face, feel and release fears, you cannot be generous, abundant, patient, persistent and prolific. Why? Fear is an anchor leading to:

  • writer’s block
  • general apathy
  • laziness
  • indecision
  • sloth

I can advise you to generously help people but if you feel bogged down by fear, you will ignore me because you just want to help yourself. See how far you get blogging-wise helping yourself. Expect to publish a cyber diary. Nobody reads self-centered bloggers but the blogger themselves.

Crying Leads to Shining

Last night I worked through the evening. Sickness mixed with energy surges inspired me to work then to meditate at 3 AM. Fatigue and allowing unearthed sadness in me; I cried uncontrollably for 10 minutes. Guess what? I immediately felt better, peaceful, poised, calm, grateful and generous. Perfect energy for accelerating my blogging success. But not crying out those energies creates a fear-burden sapping my generosity and abundance.

From my trip to Oman.

Do Not Be Tough Because Repressed Fear Leads to Endless Struggle

I have seen many struggling bloggers work 18 hour days doing smart stuff but injecting work with fear-strain-force. Guess what? Struggles ensue because you cannot get over what’s still in you. Do not be tough. Do not repress fear because fear will destroy your blogging campaign. Every struggle is fear. Every failure is fear. Feel fear – however unpleasant – to move along the struggle, to be generous, to trust and to succeed.

In my eBook: Creating the Mindset of a Successful Blogger

I explain thinking, feeling and acting like a pro leads to professional results. How can you think, feel and act like a pro blogger if you fear running out of money? How can you succeed if you deeply fear failure? How can you be a generous, trusting person if you feel terrified to spend time building bonds and creating content?

Fear makes you a blogging fool. Blogging fools spam people, publish thin content and fail forever until they face, embrace and release fears.

Cry it out. Seriously. I felt such a purge last night. I continue to predominantly feel amazing, light and relaxed by feeling whatever emotions arise in my being. Nobody enjoys feeling sad, but in the same vein, you will be completely blind to and fabulously ignorant of good, successful blogging advice if you feel burdened by sadness. Nobody succeeds in a happy, abundant way being saddled by fear and sadness. Let it go. Process your emotions not from logic, but from raw energy.

Once the tears go, then fears go. From that energy you are free to become a highly successful, prospering blogger because you act from an abundant, generous vibe.


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Why Do You Resist Writing eBooks?



Writing and self-publishing eBooks scares bloggers.

I piddled in my eBook writing pants until 2012. People told me I should write ’em. I looked for every reason in the eBook NOT to write eBooks. Nobody would listen. Nobody would buy. Nobody would care.

Turns out, people listen, buy and care enough to publish 5 star reviews for my eBooks. Look at the featured image for this blog post describing this eBook:

7 Tips for Writing Successful eBooks Quickly

I locked down five, 5 star reviews because I taught my readers how to write successful eBooks fast. But years prior, fear clouded my mind concerning writing eBooks to the point of me refusing to write one. You may be in the same cyber boat; but you better not miss the eBook writing boat. Lucrative profits serve as one part of the picture. Digging deeper, writing eBooks brands you, distancing you from the herd. Plus you feel good writing short reads and gain trust and extra credibility in the eyes of readers.

Why Do You Resist Writing eBooks?

Fear is the core reason. Fear of failure, criticism or wasting time sit near the top of eBook-related fears. I did not know how to sit down and write the darn things. Fear arose in my mind; how would I do it? Who would teach me? Could I find the process? Would I need special editors? How could I learn the technical steps for conceiving an idea to shipping the eBook on Amazon? Tech stuff really scared me; I had no idea how to save Word files with different, web-based extensions, let alone creating covers with proper dimensions via Canva to meet Amazon’s diligent standards.

From my trip to Oman.

Rather than learn how to do these things I allowed fear to get the better of me, refusing to write eBooks. But during a trip to India I met a reader and friend who begged me to write eBooks for a while. He had been on me for a minute. Meeting in person, he finally convinced me to write and self-publish an eBook on a lesser known digital platform. Later, I went with Amazon, and never looked back.

I had to dive into and nudge through deep fears related to failing and being criticized because I believed nobody would buy what I offered in eBook form. As my friend convinced me, I waded through ideas like wasting my time, getting terrible reviews and promoting my eBook to the tune of zero sales. Did it feel good to embrace these fears? Heck no. But the benefits of self-publishing far outweighed a few unpleasant emotions experienced during these fear-feeling sessions.

Nothing to Lose Everything to Gain

Gain by writing eBooks; if you take experience with you, loss is impossible. Even if you sold not a copy you take valuable writing, marketing and selling experience with you any time you write and launch an eBook. But if you generously help people and make friends, you will sell eBooks and help more people, reflecting gain back to you in physical form.

Digging even deeper, facing and releasing fears associated with criticism and failure benefit you across the board with your blogging campaign. Apply that same fearless nature to other aspects of your blog to boost your blog traffic and profits.

Write and ship.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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1 Tip for Being an Intelligent and Prospering Blogger



My eBook: 10 Tips to Be a Smarter and Richer Blogger

possesses an interesting cover for anyone not familiar with my eBooks.

For anyone familiar with my 100 plus eBooks, my cover is par for the course. Every single one of my eBook covers has been personally snapped by me. Images of paradise preserved by yours truly fit my brand, blog and eBook covers perfectly. Blogging From Paradise means retiring to a life of island hopping through smart blogging. Sometimes I visit islands. Sometimes I visit mainland spots. In all cases, my eBooks and courses – as well as my blog – bleed travel images because this approach fits my brand and is unheard of in the blogging tips niche.

I totally respect any blogging tips blogger who posts featured images for their blogs and eBook covers consistent with content titles. Imagine a light bulb and dollar sign for the above eBook cover, for starters. But I went with a photo I snapped in gorgeous Rawai Bay in Phuket, Thailand for my cover image. Why? Nobody else on earth uses their travel photos as eBook covers and featured post images in the blogging tips niche. If nobody else does it and the move completely aligns with my brand message, this is the starting point for being an intelligent and prospering blogger.

Smart and Prospering Means Different

Every successful blogger I follow sticks to basic fundamentals but deviates from the norm in some regards. Different means bigger bucks and smarter prospering because readers notice that different flavor stepping away from normal. Folks enjoy my covers and blog post images, even though the content and eBook title technically have nothing to do with travel images. Guess what? Adding my brand logo aligns the eBook cover with my blog and brand. People clearly see I am about blogging from paradise. Why not add travel images to each eBook cover?

From my trip to Oman.

I follow a high number of basic blogging rules; create value, build connections, be generous and have fun. But if you do EVERYTHING just like most bloggers, you get lost in the herd. Nothing makes you stand out if you do not choose to stand out with at least one element of your blogging campaign. I stood out with eye-popping eBook images I snapped myself, in a blogging tips niche. How do you stand out? Ask yourself the question. Be straight with yourself to answer.

Bigger Profits from a Smarter Energy by Being Different

Cindy Crawford kept her mole. Muscle Man Arnold kept his accent. Steve Jobs made computers and peripherals outrageously expensive and designed quite weirdly compared to other computers and peripherals. Guess what? Crawford, Arnold and Jobs are legends who we won’t forget for a long time. Different makes you a serious fortune because people notice folks who stand out in some way, shape or form. This different approach bleeds intelligence; why work your butt off if you look just like the next guy and offer a mimicking service?

But Make Sure You Follow Some Fundamentals

Steve Jobs did not attempt to make computers out of cardboard. Arnold did not try to speak German in Hollywood movies. Cindy Crawford did not try to rewrite the foundations of modeling by wearing a fake beard of photo shoots. All icons followed basic rules for their industries because being too far out in left field usually makes you forgettable, or, impossible to spot. Follow blogging fundamentals to stay in the game but find that one thing that distances you from the herd.

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