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Optimizing Your Blog’s Visual In Order To Make An Impact



When you’re running a web page, you need to make your blog look attractive. It really is as simple as that. Yes, content is king in the business blog world – but you’ve got to have a design that’ll turn heads in order for your fine articles to be seen in the first place.

Optimize your blog posts

You might have produced a piece on your blog that has the potential to make readers hang on your every word, but you’ll need to lure them in with a slick design before they’ll even consider taking a look what you’ve written. Pictures of high quality are essential on a website. If you haven’t the resources to purchase image rights look around for free images on the Internet but be careful about possible copyright infringement.

Be honest – when was the last time you stuck around on an ugly blog just to “give it a chance”? It simply doesn’t happen. There’s too much choice on the Internet these days, and people are far too busy to waste time lingering on a site in the hope that the quality of the content will outweigh the appearance.

The rise of social media has meant businesses now need to visually compete in browser and across apps. Without an attractive and alluring visual style, your blog will simply be overlooked and your company will get left behind. Discussed here are a few ways in which you can optimize the visual appearance of your blog in order to make an impact in the world of business.

Psychology Of Color

Psychology can play a big role in how many web surfers take a look at your blog and ultimately stick around long enough to click and convert. Listed here are a few of the colors you could use for your blog, and the associated emotions they can generate in a person who sees them:

Red: Has been proven to increase a sense of appetite, which is why red is often used in restaurant logos.

Yellow: Encourages communication, mental stimulation and a sense of happiness, making it an appropriate selection for companies wanting to promote an energetic, positive image.

Orange: Another color proven to stimulate appetite, as well as encouraging socialization.

Green: Associated with nature, making it an obvious candidate for green energy companies.

Blue: Encourages tranquility, making people feel cool and calm. Blue has also been associated with trust.

Black: Mysterious and powerful, black is often selected by businesses that want to appear dominant and confident.

White: Associated with clearness and clarity – making it a good choice for companies attempting to appear frank and honest.

Smart Font Styles

Picking a font style might seem like a trivial task, but the way the wording looks on a blog actually has the potential to make or break a website. If you’re a playful company selling fun products, using an ordinary, plain font will work against you. If you’re offering more serious products that can actively enhance a person’s quality of life, then customers won’t be able to take you seriously if your blog font is made up of wavy, curly lettering. Think carefully about what sort of image you want to convey, and be smart when selecting a font style so that it matches up accordingly and doesn’t clash with your core company ideas and themes.

Establish A Distinguishing Look

Yes, you want to be following your competitors in terms of their success – but you don’t want to be following them in terms of how they look or behave. Your business needs to establish its own unique, distinguishing features that make it different and exciting, and the appearance on a web page or blog can go a long way towards doing just that.

When people want to discover more about a brand, they will immediately visit the webpage and/or blog to get the lowdown on what that company is like. A blog is a place where a business can show its true colors and let its personality ooze out onto the Internet for all to see. Here, a customer can experience what a brand is all about – from the look and feel right down to the tone of voice used in the written content. Play around with a few different styles before you launch your blog and be honest with yourself about what looks best. You might have found an image that you absolutely love, but it’s senseless stuffing it into a blog post when it doesn’t belong there. Go with pictures that reflect, support and accentuate your content. If you’re playful – pick humorous images. If you’re edgy – choose pictures that will provoke conversation. If you’re serious – select images that show you’re serious too.

Find a look that suits your company and embrace it.

Consistency Is Key

Once you’ve decided upon on a specific look and style for your brand, you’ll need to employ these features across the board. When it comes to establishing an identity in the big wide world of business – consistency is key. Opting for one slogan here and a different one there might be acceptable in the early days when you’re testing the water to see what works, but in time, you will need to choose a visual style and voice and stick to it. Your chosen business logo, slogan, quotes, colors and stylistic touches ought to be visible on your social media channels, digital apps, and any printed media as well as your web page. Being consistent allows you to assemble a recognizable face for your company, which in turn will allow you to gain a strong foothold in your industry and enhance your overall reputation.

Picking the right images to support your company’s visual style is essential, and there is a huge variety to choose from on Dreamstime – with many available to download absolutely free of charge. Sign up today to take advantage of all the terrific images on offer, along with tips and tricks on how to use these images in order to enhance the look and feel of your business blog.

Lanroni is a blogger and a freelance writer who proves himself by giving out quality ideas and information which he got while blogging his blog. You can visit his personal blog where he experiments tips and ideas he gives out.

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How Much Traffic Do You Need to Make Money Blogging?



Nobody knows.

But I do know this; if you ask this question you think like employees. Bad mindset for a blogger. Employees think putting in set amounts of work or reaching some specific goal results in receiving income. 100% of the time, this is NOT true as a professional or amateur blogger. Nobody has any idea how your traffic behaves. Is it targeted, or general? How did you attract your readers? Drilling deeper, it is impossible to surmise that a specific amount of traffic leads to some set amount of income.

Traffic and blogging income are only related in that, if you drive titanic amounts of targeted traffic to your blog, you will make some coin. But other than driving monstrous amounts of traffic – and any blogger asking this question is 10,000 to 20,000 hours away from this type of traffic – you need to understand that making money blogging is about generously helping people, building bonds, creating value, trusting in the process and developing your money mindset diligently, vibing abundance.

Do you want to make money blogging? Stop looking at traffic stats. Nobody pays you like an employer if you register 100 visitors daily to your blog. Stop thinking like an employee. Begin thinking like an entrepreneur. Help people generously. Make friends. Trust in the blogging process. Trust yourself. Think abundantly. Keep helping people. Develop your money mindset. Open multiple streams of income. Money will flow your way if you focus less on traffic stats and things, and more on generously helping human beings. Help people generously, patiently and persistently. Make money. This is the secret to successful blogging. But most bloggers fall lost in a world of stats and employee-level thinking, falsely believing generating a specific number of daily blog visitors results in some blogging employer paying them a set salary, a paycheck, for a goal achieved.

Do not fall prey to this common blogging mindset error in error. Money flows to you based on your generous service and based on your trust in the blogging process. Money can and will arrive but only after you relax, detach, help folks and give little or no thought to money, traffic and other blogging outcomes. The less you think about making money through your blog, the more you help people. The more you help people, the more money you eventually make. Successful blogging and making money is simply about helping tons of people for free to increase your blogging skills and exposure. Open multiple streams of income through which to prosper. Eventually, money flows to you.

Do not get distracted by ideas consistent with the blog post title question. Do not get caught up in blogging money and traffic outcomes. Stop looking for your blogging pay day and get busy helping people freely to learn the secret of effective blog monetizing. Money finds generous servants and money sprints away from bloggers routinely obsessed with making money. Sure you want to promote yourself at every turn. Goodness knows, I am always promoting my 100 plus eBooks and 2 blogging courses in all I do. Plus I promote my audio books and paperbacks, too. But my intent is mostly about helping as many bloggers as possible through guest posting, posting to my blog and via podcasting and broadcasting live. Prospering grows easier the more I help folks freely.


How My Wildest Travel Experiences Can Help You Become a Successful Blogger

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How to Develop Super Human Confidence in Your Blog



Baby steps, my Young Blogging Padawans.

New bloggers, baby step your way to being super human confident in your blog. Being wracked by doubt, with a little wild excitement mixed in, you cannot gain unreal confidence in your blog today. But slowly and steadily gaining clarity gives you the foundation upon which to become a highly successful blogger who feels bold, knowing your blog rocks.

I am about super human confident in my blog. I am developing the same level of confidence in my eBooks and courses, too. Why? Believing in my blog and premium offerings helps me to help more people and I also make more money too, which is neat, considering I live a worldly life.

Follow these tips.

1: Feel and Release Fears-Doubts Aligned with Your Blog

Before you become confident, you need to purge any lack of confidence. I know this feels bad but tis a necessary step to become super duper confident in your blog and in your premium offerings, too. Sit with doubts, those nasty traitors. Be with your fears about self, your writing ability and your blog presentation. Feel these unpleasant energies. Clear the energies. Proceed from a clearer, more confident, space. Confidence is borne of clearing a lack of confidence. Do messy energy work to become uber confident in your blog and in your blogging abilities.

2: Surround Yourself with Loving Bloggers

Loving, caring, compassionate bloggers see brilliance in you when you cannot seem to see it in yourself. Although all confidence issues flow inside-out, you need a network of supportive people around you who believe in you, versus being around haters or negative nellies. Never, ever, ever surround yourself with poverty conscious, failure conscious bloggers. Are you running a cyber charity? Are you a therapist? No! Negative people stuck in fear and failure throw negative cross currents into your being, shaking your already fragile confidence in your blog.

Hang with folks who believe in you and who believe in your blog. Pros share where and how you can improve but they always believe in someone who follows their dreams, and will instill that faith in you, and in your blog, too.

3: Write Your Butt Off and Publish Content Like the Dickens

Writing and publishing content is like breathing to me. I do not lose confidence in my ability to breathe because this is an automatic, auto-pilot, process. I just breathe without thinking about it. Ditto for writing and blogging. I wrote and blogged for 20,000 to 30,000 hours so now it is an automatic, easy process I have super human confidence in. I do not even think about it because I do it routinely, automatically, on a type of auto-pilot borne of making writing and blogging a habit.

If someone criticizes my blog, it is like someone criticizing my breathing; sounds weird, or funny, but it stirs me not, because I have equal confidence in each.

4: Do Energy Work

I do not play around; 3-4 hours of energy work daily allowed me to face, feel and release blog doubts, to become the clear, confident blogger I am today. Consider meditating, or doing yin yoga, or doing Kriya yoga, and power walking. Or do it all. I spend 3-4 hours doing each – collectively – daily, to expand my awareness so I can feel and clear doubts and so I can blog mainly from an abundant, generous, relaxed, detached vibe.

Be confident guys. Believe in your blog. Follow these 4 tips to succeed and to become super human confident in your blog.

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Should You Search for New Blogging Niche Ideas?




Ask yourself that question and you will get an answer that best suits you.

I went with the blogging tips niche for people who want to circle the globe. But I did not go for this niche to be new, edgy or different. I had lived that life for many years. This made sense for me. I was being genuine, honest and as authentic as one can be. Perfect match. But if I chose a new niche from an energy solely of financial gain, being popular or some other fear-based driver, I would have fallen flat on my blogging face.

Why would you ask someone for new niche ideas? What is the energy or intent there? Do you want the fast track to success? Or are you in a creative space, wishing to do something different? I see searching for new blogging niches as being a waste of time considering the endless, established niches we already have at our disposal. Why waste time and energy searching for some niche if you have all the niches you need right before your cyber eyes? Toss in the fact that you need to research the niche inside-out if you have no prior knowledge and you invest a significant amount of time just to get the blog off of the ground. Makes no sense to me.

What do you love talking about? What is your biggest passion? Start there. Select that niche. You already have an ample supply of information in your noggin and the confidence to discuss the niche in clear, cogent fashion. Who cares if the niche is new or old? The blogging tips niche – my main niche – has been around for a few decades. Who cares? There is nothing new under the sun blogging-wise but thousands of new bloggers join our ranks daily. I also find that I seem to be converting people to blogging the more I persist in creating and connecting, keeping at this gig, being present, helping spread awareness about a pretty cool blogging niche, and, about a pretty cool way to help people and to free yourself.

Go with What You Know

When it comes to picking a blogging niche, go with what you know. Pick a niche inside of your blogging and knowledge wheelhouse because being armed with knowledge, experience, and a pulsating passion for discussing the niche makes you stand out from the blogging crowd in a major league way. I created this blogging course in under a day. Imagine that? 6 hours of recordings and oodles of blogging knowledge, packaged into a course that I created in under 24 hours. Imagine how much I needed to know about blogging and how confident and clear I had to be in myself, to ship in 24 hours? I go with what I know; sure doesn’t hurt me.

But when you pick a new blogging niche you have no knowledge of, it takes you 2 months to create and ship the course. Not good. There is the quick, and the dead, in the blogging world. We need be patient, persistent and generous to succeed online but in the same regard, adding years to your learning curve by deviating from what you know is a foolish blogging idea. Why? Go with what you know to prosper mightily over the long haul and to hit the ground running.

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