Blogging Tips Paid Reviews

BloggingTips regularly brings you news though occasionally a company wants a bit more coverage and pays us to review new website, service or product. All Paid Reviews are clearly marked on the site so that visitors know we were paid by the company to review the site, service or product in question. We also do non paid reviews about services we believe readers would like to know more about.

With both our paid and non-paid reviews our priority is to remain impartial and to give a fair review of the site. We do not accept positive review requests. Bottom line, our integrity is important to us and we know how important it is for readers to be able to trust our opinions.

We are also up front about this policy with advertisers. We get many review requests but when we tell advertisers that we cannot guarantee a positive review many decide not to pay for a review. Because of this it many come across that we only give advertisers positive or fair reviews but this of course isn’t true, it’s simply because many of those sites which we would give negative reviews change their minds once we realize that we will probably criticize the site in some way.

If you would like to order a review for your blog, product or service, please contact us.

To summarize :

  • All advertisers are told up front that we cannot guarantee a positive review, we only guarantee that we will do our best to review everything about the site, service or product
  • We place a high value on the trust of our readers and will always make sure our reviews are fair and impartial

If you have any questions regarding this please contact us.