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15 Paleo Blogs to Inspire Your Food Blogging Journey

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Has the paleo diet changed your life?

If you want to start a food blog to share your story, or want to feel inspired to create new content for your existing food blog, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite paleo blogs that not only act as a source of delicious recipes and paleo lifestyle tips, but are places to be inspired and motivated to create new content for your blog too.

Which Paleo Blogs Should You Read in 2020?

Paleo is now a popular diet and lifestyle choice, so there are a huge number of popular and interesting paleo blogs to read.

Our list includes favorites like Nom Nom Paleo, Balanced Bites, and Elana’s Pantry, as well as uniquely inspiring choices like The Domestic Man.

Here are 15 of our top paleo blogs to read this year.

Nom Nom Paleo

screenshot of the nom nom paleo homepage

Nom Nom Paleo is a top paleo lifestyle blog written by Michelle Tam.

Michelle started the blog in 2010 and has since shared hundreds of recipes, as well as tips on how to stay paleo when dining out.

Michelle does a great job of showcasing and reinforcing her brand through colors and design right across her blog.

At the end of every post she encourages readers to take another action, like to try her cooking app.


screenshot of the paleomg homepage

PaleOMG is a destination for people who want to find delicious recipes and inspiration for their everyday life.

Juli Bauer writes about her lifestyle including paleo recipes, travel, exercise, and also features episodes from the PaleOMG podcast.

A podcast can be a positive way to build your brand further, as readers can listen to your show while they prepare meals, exercise, or commute to work.

You can develop the relationship further by answering listener questions, like Juli does in some episodes.

Balanced Bites

screenshot of the balanced bites homepage

Balanced Bites is a blog dedicated to helping people make healthy choices for mind, body, and spirit.

It’s written by New York Times bestselling author Diane Sanfilippo, and is home to recipes, podcast episodes, and features on nutrition, travel, and health.

Diane has created a powerful brand around her blog, books, and products, which is something you can recreate for your blog.

Balanced Bites is a digital home to everything that she offers, and serves to build and enhance her reputation as an influencer in the paleo space.


screenshot of the whole30 homepage

Whole30 began as a place to document a month-long dietary experiment by founder Melissa Hartwig.

From there it’s grown into a program that has reached millions of people.

The blog and program is focused on helping people complete a 30-day diet reset challenge of eating only whole, unprocessed foods.

The Whole30 blog makes great use of rotating banners and advertising spots to promote their range of cookbooks and products.

If you have a product, ebook, or service to sell to your audience you’ll find lots of inspiration here.

Elana’s Pantry

screenshot of the elana's pantry homepage

Elana Amsterdam founded Elana’s Pantry in 2006.

It’s since become a leading destination for easy, healthy paleo recipes, and a springboard for her to become a New York Times bestselling author of several cookbooks.

Elana’s Pantry is home to recipes and food inspiration for a range of diets, and the simple navigation menu helps readers to find content that’s relevant to their needs.

Readers can also browse by specific ingredients or recipe types.

This shows that Elana has put a lot of thought into helping her readers in a direct, fuss-free way.
Best Paleo Blogs

The Domestic Man

screenshot of the domestic man homepage

Russ Crandall is the author behind The Domestic Man, a gluten-free and paleo-friendly recipe blog.

The Domestic Man is unique in the way that it combines history and culture with recipes that feature unprocessed, natural foods.

This cultural element is weaved through Russ’s content, through detailed and interesting mentions within recipe posts.

If you have a similar passion for a subject, bring that passion into your writing and help your blog to stand out from other food blogs or paleo blogs.

Real Everything

screenshot of the real everything homepage

Real Everything, formerly Paleo Parents, is a personal blog that delves into real life and living a paleo-inspired lifestyle with real food, real talk, and real life.

Founders Stacy and Matthew share recipes, as well as episodes from their popular podcast “The Paleo View.”

Stacy and Matthew’s blog is a brilliant example of how a rebrand can take you back to your original focus, and provide new content and depth for your readers.

Their rebrand was inspired by readers who said the one word they’d use to describe the couple was “real” — a compliment to their approachable and relatable style.

Cavegirl Cuisine

screenshot of the cavegirl cuisine homepage

Cavegirl Cuisine is a paleo recipe blog written by Michelle Fagone, who has a passion for cooking.

On the blog you’ll find recipes, features on wellness, and details on Michelle’s cookbooks.

If you want to create a blog based around a character, or don’t want to share lots of personal photos online, Cavegirl Cuisine should serve as inspiration on how you can build a brand that stands strong without sharing personal photos.

Civilized Caveman Cooking

George Bryant founded Civilized Caveman as a place to share delicious, easy-to-prepare, paleo-friendly recipes.

Alongside recipes, George also creates content around lifestyle change, health and fitness, and mindset.

The design and layout of Civilized Caveman puts George’s mission right in front of you, followed by attractive prompts to sign up for his free e-book with recipe cards.

If your food blog is mission-driven or you’re passionate about inspiring others, highlight this for your readers to see.

Mark’s Daily Apple

screenshot of the mark's daily apple homepage

Mark Sission is the writer behind the popular primal health blog, Mark’s Daily Apple.

Mark’s mission is to help 100 million people get healthy, which he does through his posts on paleo food, fitness, and nutrition, recipes, and bestselling books.

Primal health can be a new concept to first-time readers, so Mark has created a helpful Primal Blueprint 101 page to guide them through his blog posts.

This is a great way to build a strong resource on a subject you write about regularly, which is not only helpful for readers but also positions you as an authority or expert on the topic.
Read the Best Paleo Blogs

Steph Gaudreau

screenshot of the steph gaudreau homepage

Steph Gaudreau’s blog, formerly known as Stupid Easy Paleo, is a destination for nutrition, fitness, and mindset advice for women.

Steph’s content mixes healthy recipes with workout ideas for weight loss and strength, meal plans, podcast interviews, and skincare articles.

The recipe index on Steph’s blog is beautifully styled and functional, allowing readers to browse by meal type, occasions, and dietary needs.

Recipes are often at the heart of food blogs, so if you can take extra time to improve the functionality and look of your recipe index, you’ll be able to attract readers to it again and again.

The Paleo Mom

screenshot of the paleo mom homepage

The Paleo Mom is an award-winning blog focused on the science behind diet and lifestyle and their impact on our health.

Founder Dr. Sarah Ballantyne shares practical tips, family-friendly recipes, and articles to help others make a positive change in their life.

If you have lots of affiliate links or products that you’d love to recommend to your readers, The Paleo Mom’s Recommended page is a source of inspiration.

Here you’ll find products that the blog is affiliated with, as well as discount codes that readers will find useful.

This is the type of page that readers will bookmark and visit regularly, especially if you tell them when it’s updated with new product ideas.

Rubies & Radishes

screenshot of the rubies & radishes homepage

Rubies & Radishes is a blog dedicated to paleo recipes and lifestyle, written by Arsy, who was introduced to the paleo diet through a CrossFit class in 2008.

On the blog Arsy shares family-friendly recipes, including homemade bone broth, holiday recipes, and comfort food.

Arsy has created a helpful guide for anyone that’s new to paleo, so they can easily understand paleo basics at a glance.

This is a great way to position yourself as an expert, help your readers to follow their own journey, and create meaningful, searchable content.

Sarah Fragoso

screenshot of the sarah fragoso homepage

Sarah Fragoso is an international bestselling author of six books, blogger, and founder of the Everyday Paleo franchise.

Sarah’s blog is her digital home, where you can find blog posts, recipes, podcast episodes, and links to her books.

If you are an author or have published e-books, you could create a books page on your blog that helps readers find out more about your work and why it would be a good purchase for them.

Paleo Crumbs

Paleo Crumbs is a paleo recipe blog by food photographer, blogger, and college student Macy Diulus.

After a few challenging years, Macy discovered a love for food photography and blogging and started Paleo Crumbs to share her recipes which are gluten free and full of nutrients.

If you work with brands on collaborations, a Work With Me page like Macy’s can help to tell them more about your background, your talents, and how you could work together.

Share some of your favorite recipe posts or sponsored posts, add testimonials from brands you’ve worked with, and make it easy for brands and PR agencies to contact you by email to discuss a project.

Guide Your Food Blog to Success

We hope you’ve found this list of top paleo blogs useful and a source of motivation and inspiration for your own food blog.


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