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15+ Best Photo Collage Makers: Ranked & Reviewed [2022]

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A photo collage maker enables you to share multiple images in a single post.

You can also create beautiful graphics that tie together several photos and design elements.

The best photo collage maker uses many types of images to design an attention-grabbing visual for your website or social media profile.

Quick Breakdown of Our Suggestions

There are dozens of photo collage makers online.

If you want a quick answer listing the best options, we’ve got you covered.

What Is the Best Photo Collage Maker?

The best photo collage maker is Canva.

This tool gives you the ultimate creativity when designing collages for your online presence.

You can also use Canva to make other elements for your website.

What Is the Best Free Photo Collage Maker?

The best free photo collage maker is Free Online Photo Collage Maker by Adobe Express.

Adobe is the biggest name in photo editing and graphic design, so you know their free tool is top-notch.

You can import your photos or use their royalty-free photos.

An Overview of Photo Collage Makers

Creating a photo collage takes work.

You find and import the pictures, arrange them in your preferred grid or design, and export the file in the correct format.

Photo collage makers simplify the whole process with just a few clicks.

What Is a Photo Collage Maker?

A photo collage maker uses multiple photos to create a single image.

The tool stitches pictures together by placing them in a grid or intriguing design.

Save the file to use on your website or post it on social media to broadcast your brand and personality.

Why Are Photo Collage Makers Important?

Photo collage makers are important because they simplify the process of combining images.

If you did this work on your own, you’d need a photo editing program, which can cost a lot of money.

You’d have to take time to import each photo and align it in a single document.

Do I Need a Photo Collage Maker?

Yes, if you like sharing stunning images online, a photo collage maker is a necessary tool.

It’s easy to use and elevate your website or social media profile from posting standard photos to sharing images with layers of eye-catching elements.

Features To Look For in Photo Collage Makers

Many people think that all photo collage makers are the same, but once you try them, you’ll understand what features you need.

Make sure you consider these key factors when you’re choosing the best photo collage maker.

1. Dimensions

You want a tool that can create collages of different dimensions.

For example, Instagram posts differ from featured images on WordPress, so you don’t want to get stuck with one artboard.

The best collage makers let you choose and change canvas sizes to create the right graphic for your needs.

2. Stock Photos

Importing your photos is a standard feature on all photo collage makers, but you want to cover your bases if you don’t have software to scan photos to a computer.

Choosing a tool with an impressive library of stock photos can liven up your collages with royalty-free images.

3. Templates

Templates include a collage’s fixed size, layout, and design elements.

Using a tool’s templates cuts down on the work you need to do yourself.

You can select a template, import your photos, and have a final graphic with just a few clicks.

4. File Formats

Just because you’re using a photo collage maker online doesn’t mean you only need a digital file.

Some people like to print their designs and need the option to save a high-quality PDF.

Choose a tool that lets you save images in various file formats.

5. Price

Price factors into any purchase you make.

If you’re serious about designing quality collages for your business and website, it’s worth spending more on the best software.

However, casual users and beginners might prefer trying free programs until they get the hang of the process.

Best Photo Collage Makers: Our Top 3 Options [Ranked & Reviewed]

After trying dozens of photo collage makers, three rose to the top of the list.

Read on to find out what we love about these design tools.

Canva: Our Pick

screenshot of the canva homepage

Canva is our top pick because beginner designers can create a free account and start making professional-looking collages with a few clicks.

Even advanced designers appreciate the ease of use Canva provides.

Key Features of Canva

Canva has a lot to offer, which you’ll see when you try it.

Make sure to look for these critical features that ensure it stands out from the competition.

  • Free Account: The ability to use Canva for free with no deadline is an enormous appeal. There are limits to the templates, but you can create amazing images without paying.
  • Template Library: Choose your platform and have an artboard that’s the perfect dimension. Design Instagram posts, Facebook cover photos, and online presentations.
  • Design Elements: The design element library rivals the templates. You can choose photo frames, stickers, clip art, and sets of visuals that complement each other.
  • Text Editor: Canva isn’t only about images—you can add text to your designs. There are countless fonts, and you can even select preset font families for a professional look.
  • File Formats: Canva lets you create static images, animations, videos, and printable files, so you have a variety of file formats to save your designs.

Why Is Canva a Great Solution?

Canva is our top choice because it simplifies the photo collage creation process.

You can choose a template for specific platforms or sizes and import your photos to have a quality collage in a few minutes flat.

Thanks to the user-friendly dashboard, you can play around with different elements to customize your piece.

Pros of Canva

  • Similar Styles: Once you choose a template or design element, the Canva sidebar recommends items in similar styles and colors you can use to create a professional design, even if you don’t have an eye for color.
  • Easy to Use: People without design experience can open Canva and make a great design. You can click on a template, select design elements, change the text, and have a professional image.
  • Canva Assistant: If you have trouble making a design look the way you want, you can use Canva Assistant for help. The tool gives you step-by-step advice on how to solve your issue.

Cons of Canva

  • Lack of Editing: When you create an image in Canva, you can only edit it in Canva. You can crop it or resize it in other programs, but to swap out photos in your collage, you have to go back into Canva and change the pictures.
  • Popularity: Canva is a popular tool, so if you use their templates without changing much, you might see similar designs around the internet.
  • Mobile App: Canva’s mobile app isn’t as easy to use as you’d want. It’s tough to tap the right design element you want to edit or move, so many mobile users get frustrated with the process.

Canva vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Canva is at the top of our list because it’s the best tool we could find.

The cons are relatively minor when considering what could go wrong with a photo collage maker.

Since this tool gives you a lot of potential for free, there’s no reason you shouldn’t give this tool a try before anything else on this list.

Canva Pricing

Canva has a few different plans depending on your needs:

  • Canva Pro: $119.99 annually
  • Canva for Teams: $149.90 yearly for five users
  • Teachers and Schools: Contact for custom pricing

Can You Try Canva for Free?

Yes, you can use Canva free with no time limit.

You won’t have access to the entire library of templates and design elements, but you can create stunning graphics at no cost.

If you want a paid plan, first take advantage of the Canva free trial.

You have 30 days to see everything the Pro plan offers before you have to pay for the service.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Canva?

Yes, you should choose Canva, even if you only make a free account.

That profile will give you enough access to templates and elements to realize your potential.

You can always use a free trial of a paid plan before spending any money on this photo collage maker.

BeFunky: Runner-Up

befunky homepage screenshot 1

BeFunky is a photo editing tool that closely rivals Canva.

It creates stunning collages, and you can also use it to enhance or color-correct photos.

You can use the tool for free without creating an account or choose to pay for more advanced features.

Key Features of BeFunky

BeFunky stands out from many photo collage makers because of several key features.

  • Clean Layout: The dashboard is easy to use without having too many toolbars open while you work. All tools expand out to just three tabs, so you always have an uncluttered artboard.
  • Upload Options: You can import your photos from various sources, including Facebook, Dropbox, Google Drive, your computer, or your phone.
  • Integration: BeFunky integrates with Pixabay and Unsplash, allowing you to search for royalty-free stock images to add to your photo collage.
  • Photo Retouching: Before you compile your pictures into a collage, you can retouch them to remove blemishes, even skin tone, and eliminate redeye.
  • Photo Filters: Paid users will appreciate the professional filter sets that change the entire look of your photos. You can add lens flares, make them black and white, turn them into sketches, or add bokeh textures.

Why Is BeFunky a Great Solution?

BeFunky is an excellent solution because you can use it with no strings attached.

Edit photos and compile a collage without entering so much as your email address.

You can create a free account to continue using those tools while saving your projects.

Pros of BeFunky

  • No Account Needed: You can access BeFunky’s tools without creating an account. It won’t save your designs, but you can retouch pictures and save them to your hard drive.
  • Change Layouts: If you create a photo collage and then design you want a different layout, you can make the change, and your photos will automatically switch to the new frames, saving lots of time and effort.
  • Mobile App: It’s easiest to use BeFunky on your computer because the artboard looks more prominent, but their app is intuitive and available on iOS and Android.

Cons of BeFunky

  • Ad Overload: Using the free tools, with or without an account, means you’ll see ads all over the place, which can interfere with your design process.
  • Free Limits: Any free tools are perks, but there are more limits to BeFunky’s free capacity compared to Canva. You can only choose a few collage templates.
  • No RAW Images: If you have a RAW photo you want to include, you have to pay for a subscription. The free version of BeFunky can’t handle that file format.

BeFunky vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

BeFunky is a runner-up because it’s almost as good as Canva, but we found it lacking in a few areas.

The ads were a significant deterrent because you don’t want your artboard blocked while you’re working.

Canva’s free option doesn’t display ads like that, which helped it win first place.

BeFunky Pricing

Like Canva, BeFunky has free tools and paid plans.

BeFunky Plus costs $4.99 monthly when you pay for a year upfront or $9.99 if you don’t want to commit.

Can You Try BeFunky for Free?

Yes, you can try BeFunky for free without creating an account.

The program lets you use hundreds of photo editing tools online.

If you sign up for a free account, you can save your designs on the platform.

There are limits to the tools on free profiles, but you can make quality photo collages at no cost.

Conclusion: Should You Choose BeFunky?

Yes, you should choose BeFunky if you want to edit photos for free.

Designers who don’t want to create an account will appreciate how simple it is to visit BeFunky and edit photos for other projects.

Quickly create professional photo collages with BeFunky and see how the tool stands up to your needs.

Picsart: Budget Pick

picsart homepage screenshot 1

Picsart is our budget pick because you can make stunning photo collages for free, and premium plans are the most affordable of the top choices.

You can get a year of Picsart for less than half of a Canva plan.

Key Features of Picsart

Though Picsart is a budget pick, it’s not lacking in features.

Check out all these fantastic things this tool can do.

  • Templates: Picsart offers dozens of photo collage templates, and you can check them out before you start working. On the collage maker landing page, you’ll see different layouts, designs, and text options.
  • Themes: The tool offers themed templates and design elements for holidays, special occasions, and seasons, so you can always create a timely collage for your online presence.
  • Design Options: Even if you use a collage template, you can still make changes to the images’ sizes and positions to ensure the design is entirely yours.
  • Stock Images: You can use stock images and stickers from Picsart to add interest to your collage. The elements are editable, too, so you can change them to suit your theme or aesthetic.
  • Custom Stickers: You don’t have to use the Picsart stickers—you can create stickers from the images you’ve uploaded to use on your collage.

Why Is Picsart a Great Solution?

Picsart is a great solution because it offers professional-looking photo collages at a low cost.

You can also use the software for other photo editing tasks.

The platform is easy to use and costs less than other premium options on the list, so it’s the ideal choice for designers on a budget.

Pros of Picsart

  • Plenty of Options: There are plenty of free options for collages using Picsart. You can get access to even more if you have a Premium account.
  • Project History: The Picsart platform saves all your previous designs so you can repost them, edit them, and ensure you’re creating a cohesive look for your images.
  • Inspiration Feed: Picsart has a social element in that other users can share their creations on the site’s feed. You’ll get inspiration from these images and have the tools to make your version at your fingertips.

Cons of Picsart

  • Ad Clutter: The free version of Picsart has ads cluttering the screen. It’s frustrating to try and create designs when you can hardly see your artboard.
  • Design Overkill: Many templates use so many design elements the final product looks gaudy. You’ll want to remove some stickers and text from templates, so it’s not too much.
  • Slow Loading: Understandably, such a robust program runs slowly, but it’s hard to wait for your last edit to show up when you want to create a quick photo collage.

Picsart vs. Other Top Recommendations: How They Compare

Picsart stands out for its photo collage templates, which are more diverse than the other top options.

The affordability of paid plans is also a significant selling point for this tool.

You can use Picsart as a photo collage maker, but you’ll appreciate its other photo editing tools if you pay for a premium account.

Picsart Pricing

  • Picsart Gold: $55.99 a year
  • Teams: Starting at $179.97 yearly

Can You Try Picsart for Free?

Yes, Picsart has a free plan you can use with no time limit.

You won’t have access to all features, but the free version of Picsart is worth making an account.

You also have the option to try any paid plan free for seven days.

Conclusion: Should You Choose Picsart?

Yes, you should choose Picsart because you can create unique photo collages for free.

You can even use this tool for other tasks—you can also remove backgrounds, add text, make stickers, and batch edit groups of images.

The Best Free Photo Collage Makers Options

Our top choices include free plans with limitations, but the following tools are genuinely free.

Find out what we appreciate about these photo collage makers and how they can help you make unique images for your online profiles.

Free Online Photo Collage Maker by Adobe Express

photo collage adobe express homepage screenshot 1

Adobe is a big name in photo editing software, so their free tool is worth checking out.

You don’t have to enter a credit card to access the program, and there’s no time limit to your complimentary access.

If you’re looking for a photo collage maker from a reputable provider, you’ll love Adobe Express.

Why Is Free Online Photo Collage Maker by Adobe Express a Great Option?

Adobe Express’s collage tool offers professional options, including templates, stock photos, and an extensive font library.

You can keep your collage simple or add design elements the program recommends to suit your theme and colors.

While the collage maker alone is a great tool, you can also use other Adobe Express tools for free, which you’ll learn about later.

Drawbacks to Free Online Photo Collage Maker by Adobe Express

Many beginner users find Adobe Express too confusing for quick use.

Tools like Canva or BeFunky have a more intuitive dashboard that simplifies the creation process.

The free online photo collage maker from Adobe Express has countless overwhelming options that clutter the toolbar.


photocollage homepage screenshot 1

Photocollage.com lets you use the tool without needing to create an account.

You can drag and drop images onto the artboard or browse your device to import them.

It’s easy to use on computers and mobile devices, so you can easily design a photo collage on the go.

Why Is Photocollage.com a Great Option?

For a free, web-based tool, Photocollage.com is a great option because it lets you design your images or use the template library.

Templates have unique frames and layouts, so you’ll create an attractive collage as soon as you import your pictures.

You can change features to ensure your collage template won’t look like anyone else’s.

Drawbacks to Photocollage.com

Photocollage.com is a quick fix for creating images.

You use the tool online and export your collage to share online.

When you go back to Photocollage.com, your previous work is gone.

There’s no way to revisit or edit past projects—you always have to start from scratch.

Notable Mentions: Other Photo Collage Makers To Check Out

You’ve read about our top picks and the best free photo collage makers, but there are still more options.

These tools are notable mentions and worth checking out to create unique images for your website and social media profiles.


pic stitch homepage screenshot 1

PicStitch is a photo collage maker available on iPhone, Android, and Microsoft devices.

Its sole purpose is to make collages, so you have a broad selection of templates and frames without feeling bogged down by other options.

Use up to nine images to create a single, beautiful collage.

Why Is PicStitch a Great Option?

PicStitch is a great option because you’re not limited to photo collages—you can add videos, too.

This feature means you can make engaging video collages that capture your audience’s attention.

You can also put music behind the footage.

Drawbacks to PicStitch

PicStitch should be easy to use because it only has one purpose, but it’s not as intuitive as you’d expect.

The ads block the screen and make it frustrating and time-consuming to input and arrange photos.

The sidebar looks like a toolbar, but it’s just another ad location, so it gets in the way.

The stickers and design elements skew a little young and gaudy as well.

PicStitch Pricing

The app is free to download and use, but you have to pay for a subscription to remove watermarks on some templates and access the unlimited design library.

Pay $0.99 to have more frame options, and buy other extension packages for $0.99 each.

While it’s not expensive, your costs can add up over time as you purchase more packs.

Can You Try PicStitch for Free?

Yes, you can try PicStitch for free.

There’s no time limit to the free app, but you have to wade through ads before you can download your finished collage.

You should check out this option for the templates, but you might prefer to use a different free option that’s not overwhelmed with ads.

Photo Grid

photogrid homepage screenshot 1

Photo Grid allows collage creation from the website, or you can download the app for iOS and Android devices.

You can upload a photo right to the website, choose a template, and add design elements.

Your collage is ready to download and share without needing to create an account.

Why Is Photo Grid a Great Option?

Photo Grid is a great option because it’s easy to use.

The layout resembles Canva but with more limited features, so it’s great for beginners or people wanting to quickly create and post collages.

You can make images without an account using over 20,000 free templates.

While you can use the web-based version, the apps have more backgrounds and design elements.

Drawbacks to Photo Grid

Photo Grid isn’t the best tool for photo collages because the dashboard isn’t the easiest to use.

You might struggle to insert the photos in your desired locations, so it takes some trial and error.

The stickers and design elements also look a little too cartoony for people wanting to create collages for established brands or professional social media profiles.

Photo Grid Pricing

Photo Grid is a simple site that you can either use for free or pay for access to the entire template, font, and design element libraries.

It’s only $3 a month for a premium plan, eliminating all ads and watermarks.

Can You Try Photo Grid for Free?

Yes, you can try Photo Grid for free with no time limit.

You don’t even need an account because you can upload your images to the website and design a collage without logging in.

If you want the premium plan, you’ll have to pay for it and cancel if you’re not satisfied—there’s no free trial for the paid option.


phototastic homepage screenshot 1

Phototastic is a simple photo collage maker with over 1,000 templates and thousands of stickers and design elements.

You can quickly make collages with dozens of pictures and even use basic photo editing tools to fine-tune the images, so everyone looks their best.

Why Is Phototastic a Great Option?

Phototastic is a great option because you can fit up to 25 photos in a single collage.

When many apps top out at nine images, this amount is a major draw.

You can arrange them in ways that it’s not overwhelming and share a lot of your brand or personality in one image.

You’ll also have access to over 200 fonts, which is a great benefit for businesses creating professional collages.

Drawbacks to Phototastic

Phototastic is only available for Windows and Android devices, so Apple users can’t try this app.

Many users also don’t like that you have to pay for design elements separately.

Your paid subscription includes some premium aspects of the app, but certain features cost extra.

Phototastic Pricing

The Phototastic app is a free download, and you can create simple collages without paying.

You can also use photo editing tools, with some limits.

To access more libraries, you have to pay $2.99.

However, you don’t get the ability to use everything.

If you want certain filters or design elements, you have to buy them separately, so this app can get expensive.

Can You Try Phototastic for Free?

Yes, you can download Phototastic and try it for free.

You’re able to create collages using many free templates, and some of the basic photo editing tools are also free.

If you want a premium subscription, you have to commit to at least one month—there’s no free trial for paid services.


diptic homepage screenshot 1

Diptic is a photo collage maker for Android, Mac, and Windows.

Users have complete creative freedom over their designs and can change frame sizes and colors easily.

You can also make your collage template and save it so you can use it again later, creating a strong aesthetic for your brand’s collages.

Why Is Diptic a Great Option?

Diptic is a great option because you can make collages using photos and videos in the same image.

Apple users who take Live photos will love that these collages showcase the range of motion captured in those images.

You can also use animated frames and design elements to create engaging collages your audience will stop scrolling to watch.

Drawbacks to Diptic

Diptic crashes a lot, which isn’t that rare for a photo editing program since they need so much memory to complete each action.

However, it’s frustrating to have Diptic crash on you in the middle of a collage.

You can increase your phone’s storage to try and prevent crashes, but it’s not guaranteed to help.

Diptic Pricing

Like many apps, Diptic is free to download, and you can create certain collages and designs at no charge.

A premium account costs $2.99 and gives you access to Diptic textures, frames, and layouts.

You can also buy other filters and packs for additional fees.

Can You Try Diptic for Free?

Yes, you can download and use Diptic for free.

Trying the basic app to make a few collages gives you an idea of how easy it is to use and how it can help your online content.

If you like the free version, you can upgrade to the premium plan for more customization options.


moldiv homepage screenshot 1

Moldiv is a photo collage maker app for Android and iOS.

There are over 300 collage templates you can insert photos into for a quick image.

As you import each image, Moldiv lets you edit and retouch it, so it looks amazing in the collage.

This photo editing tool and collage maker ensures you’ll get professional results.

Why Is Moldiv a Great Option?

Moldiv is a great option because it’s a simple app with a clean layout, making it easy to quickly design collages.

You can use it for other photo editing tasks as well, including taking photos through the Beauty Camera for professionally-filtered selfies.

Any social media influencer will love all the tools that Moldiv includes.

Drawbacks to Moldiv

As with many free apps, Moldiv makes money through ads, so you’ll see several on your screen each time you create a photo collage.

It can get frustrating, but that’s the only drawback of the tool.

Moldiv Pricing

Many apps draw you in with the free potential and then slowly leech your money by making you pay for filters and stickers a few dollars at a time.

Moldiv stands out because you can buy all design elements for a set price and save money in the long run.

  • Filter Packs: Ranging from $1.99 to $6.99
  • All Packs: $14.99

Can You Try Moldiv for Free?

Yes, you can download and use Moldiv for free and get a lot out of the software.

You only have to pay for additional features, like filters, stickers, and design elements.

Shape Collage

shapecollage homepage screenshot 1

This unique photo collage maker simplifies the process by creating the final image for you.

Upload your photos, choose a template, and the program auto-populates your pictures.

Shape Collage looks more realistic than many tools that create flat collages for digital use.

Why Is Shape Collage a Great Option?

Shape Collage is a great option because it offers something different from the other tools on this list.

While most tools let you create flat collages in certain sizes that best suit social media platforms, Shape Collage looks like a photo collage you’d make yourself.

The photographs look like they’re physical prints layered into specific shapes.

Drawbacks to Shape Collage

The only drawback to Shape Collage is the watermark on every image you create with a free plan.

It’s not a major eyesore, but it’s discouraging to see on your carefully curated collages.

If you like the tool and want to use it without watermarks, you have to pay $40 to upgrade—there is no in-between plan for casual users.

Shape Collage Pricing

  • Shape Collage Pro, Personal: $40 one-time fee
  • Shape Collage Pro, Commercial: $75 one-time fee

Can You Try Shape Collage for Free?

Yes, you can use Shape Collage for free with no limitations beyond a watermark.

The main advantage of paid plans is the ability to save projects on the platform and export files as Photoshop PSD images.

Even More Options To Check Out

You’ve gotten detailed reviews of several photo collage makers, but there are still more.

Don’t overlook these quality tools that can help you create the perfect image.


fotor homepage screenshot 1

Fotor is an online photo editing tool similar to Canva.

You can create photo collages and also use other tools, like cropping, enhancing, and adding photo effects.

Like Canva, you can use certain tools, templates, and design elements for free.

If you want more advanced features, you have to pay for a subscription, starting at $19.99 monthly, which is fairly expensive.


pizap homepage screenshot 1

PiZap is a photo editor with a free option.

The tools are fairly basic, so you’ll want to see how it helps you before you pay for a subscription.

It lets you create collages and edit photos to a certain degree.

You can also add borders and use stock images.

PiZap is an affordable tool at just $4.99 a month for a Pro membership.

Google Photos

A screenshot of the google photos homepage

Many people think Google Photos is simply a photo album storage method, but it offers a nice collage maker, too.

If you love using Google tools for their intuitive interfaces, you’ll find the same ease of use for making collages.

You can’t use the tool for many other photo editing tasks, but it’s a good option for people who already use Google apps.

Adobe Express

adobe express homepage screenshot 1

You learned about Adobe Express’s collage maker since it’s the top free option, but the tool offers more than that.

You can make a logo for free, edit videos, and even design your entire web page.


instasize homepage screenshot 1

Instasize is a free iOS and Android app that lets you edit photos and create static or moving collages.

As you might expect from the name, the templates best suit Instagram, but you can use the files anywhere.

You can pay $4.99 a month for advanced features.


collageable homepage screenshot 1

Collageable is an app that easily imports your pictures for touch-ups and collage creation.

You can change the background and add text and stickers for free.

To access the extensive library, you can pay just $23.99 annually.

On the downside, it’s only available for iOS.

Other Products Relevant to Photo Collage Makers

Photo collage makers simplify the image creation process, but it’s not the only design tool you need.

Other online tools can help you erase photo backgrounds and design infographics and logos.

Find out how these tools can streamline your design workload.

  • Transparent Background Makers: You might have the perfect picture, but the busy background distracts from your message. Use transparent background makers to eliminate everything but the focus of your image.
  • Infographic Makers: When you want to share important data with your audience, you want it to look engaging. Infographic makers give you eye-catching templates so you can input your information and get a bright visual.
  • Logo Makers: You want more than attractive photo collages on your website. Logo makers take your brand and personality and help you design a graphic that can represent your identity across all online platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of a photo collage makers

You’ve learned about the 15+ best photo collage makers.

If you need more information about the process, check out these frequently asked questions.

How can I make a photo collage online?

Using a photo collage maker is the easiest way.

Professionals can use photo editing software like Photoshop to start from scratch, but this method takes time.

The photo collage makers reviewed here are affordable, with many free options, and it takes just a few minutes to design a gorgeous image.

What is the best collage maker?

The best collage maker is Canva because it offers free options and innovative templates.

There are many collage layouts you can choose from, or you can create your own using unique photo frames.

You can make images for specific social media platforms or design high-quality, printable files.

Wrapping Up

The clear winner on the list is Canva because you can use a free version or pay for professional features.

Canva provides many templates and design elements to create a unique collage each time you use it.

You can use different photo collage makers depending on your needs.

If you’re ready to add interesting images to your website or social media profile, consider a collage.

This list of the best photo collage makers will simplify the design process so you’ll create stunning images with a click.

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