If you’ve ever need to take a quick screenshot or edit an image, yet don’t want to fire up your usual desktop program you may want to try Pixtick. With Pixtick you can capture screenshots, annotate, and edit images and then save or share them right from your browser. There are no downloads or installs of any kind required (not even a browser plugin/extension).

To get started, just head on over to Pixtick.com and click on the “Launch Pixtick” button (or bookmark the actual application link).

Paste Screenshot

One way of using Pixtick is to take a screenshot using the default shortcut for your system: print screen for Windows or command+shift 3 (or 4) for Mac. You can then paste the screenshot into Pixtick. Also make sure that you “enable screenshot capture first,” to give Pixtick permission to access your clipboard.

Paste Screenshot into Pixtick.

Clicking on “Add” underneath your screenshot will add it to your canvas and you’ll then be able to annotate and edit it in the Workspace area.

Open Image

Using the open image feature allows you to add any image (jpg, jpeg, gif, png) that has been saved on your computer. It works in the same manner as pasting a screenshot; you can then add the item to your canvas for annotating and editing.

Two screenshots in one canvas on Pixtick.

Note: If you already have one screenshot open in your canvas, adding another screenshot or image will add it to the current canvas – not to a new one. So you’ll have 2 items together in one canvas.


Finally, you can add images or screenshots via the Web URL. Just paste it in and click “Get Image.”


The Workspace is where you can add annotation and edit your screenshots. A few features include: adding shapes and text, applying shadows and blurs, cropping, resizing, zooming in/out, and freehand drawing.

Pixtick Workspace for annotations and editing.

Save and Export

Once you’re done adding annotations and editing, you’ll need to click on the “Finish” tab. Pixtick will allow you to save the item as a jpg, jpeg, png or pdf file to your computer. You can also set the image quality using a scrollbar. Once you click on save, you’ll be prompted to download the image to your computer.

Save and export images and screenshots in Pixtick.Alternately, you can send the item as an email, upload it directly to Pixtick for sharing via a direct link or share buttons, or you can print it.

Although Pixtick is a very simple tool, it can come in handy for quick screen captures, annotating, and editing. This is definitely one that you may want to add to your bookmarks.