If the world is really going to end today, you might as well start blogging about it!

My personal web host HostGator is running a killer end of the world special with 50% off all of their hosting packages!

This type of deal only comes around once every Mayan Apocalypse!

Now is the best time to setup your blog!

I highly recommend you sign up for the BABY package, which is only $3.98 a month. This way you can add unlimited blogs and web sites to your account.

HostGator will even throw in $125 worth of Google Adwords coupons for you to start promoting your site.

This end of the world sale will only be around for a few more ours… or until the world ends!

If you already have a hosting account, that’s fine, you can still play “Snappy’s End of the World Dash!“, which is extremely addicting!

To play, head over to the HostGator web site and click on the twinkies in the mud, this will start the in browser game.

HostGator End of World

It’s a fun and free mad dash to see how high of a score you can get.

I played a few times and ended up with a top score of 90,387.

If you get passed 100,000 points then you unlock a free prize!

Snappy Game

Try your skills at the game and see if you can beat the top scores across the internet and start unlocking the mystery prizes!