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14+ Best Podcast Software For 2023 (Free and Paid)

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Podcasting is a popular way to share content.

It has many advantages over traditional broadcasting.

With podcasting, anyone with an internet connection can access your show, and you can release new content on your own schedule.

If you want to start a podcast, there are some things you need to know first.

One of the most important things is what software to use.

There are many different types of software available, but some are better than others.

What You Need To Record a Podcast

The equipment you will need for podcasting is a microphone, computer, podcast hosting, and podcast software.

vector graphic showing everything that somebody thinking


A microphone is one of the essential pieces of podcasting equipment.

Without a good microphone, your podcast will have issues with poor sound quality.

Many excellent microphones are available on the market, but you will probably want to get a USB microphone for podcasting.

USB microphones are easy to use and produce fantastic audio.


You will need a computer to record your podcast.

Any type of computer will work, but if you want to podcast on the go, you may want to get a laptop.

You don’t need to worry too much about processing power, especially if you’re only recording audio.

Podcast Hosting

Podcast hosting is a service that will host your podcast files.

This service is vital because you will need a place to store your podcast episodes so users can download your content.

Spotify, Google, Apple, and Stitcher are some well-known podcast hosting providers.

Podcast Software

You will need podcast software to record and edit your podcast episodes.

Podcast software can help you record your podcast, edit your episodes, and publish them.

Now that you know the equipment you need for podcasting, you are ready to start podcasting!

Can I Start a Podcast for Free?

Yes, you can start a podcast for free.

Many podcast hosting platforms will allow you to create and host your podcast without cost.

But, if you want to have more control over your podcast and grow your audience, you may consider upgrading to a paid plan.

What Is Podcast Software?

Podcast software is a program that helps podcast creators record, edit and publish their podcast episodes.

It also allows podcast listeners to subscribe to and download podcasts.

There are many different types of podcast software available.

Some are simple recording and editing programs.

Others include more features, like podcast hosting and distribution.

What Is the Purpose of Podcast Software?

Podcast software aims to make podcasting easier and more efficient for podcast creators and listeners.

Podcast software helps people who make podcasts.

Podcast software has tools for recording, editing, and publishing podcast episodes.

What Are the Benefits of Podcast Software?

Podcast software has many benefits, both for podcast creators and podcast listeners.

Podcast software can help you save time.

It provides tools for recording, editing, and publishing podcast episodes.

It also helps podcast creators reach a wider audience by making it easier to distribute their podcasts.

Podcast software helps podcast listeners by providing a way to subscribe to and download podcasts.

Podcast software also helps people keep up with their favorite podcasts.

This is done by recommending podcasts and notifying people when new episodes are available.

Can I Make a Podcast Without Podcast Software?

Yes, you can make a podcast without podcast software.

But, podcast software can make podcasting easier and more efficient.

Tips To Consider When Choosing a Podcasting Software

When choosing a podcasting software, it is crucial to consider the following:

vector graphic showing a podcast software on a computer screen with a microphone sitting next to it


Price is an important consideration when choosing podcasting software.

Some software is free, while others come with a subscription fee.

It is important to consider the features and benefits of each option to decide which is best for your needs.


Compatibility is another important consideration when choosing podcasting software.

Make sure the software you choose is compatible with your computer and podcast hosting platform.

Editing and Production

How complex do you want your podcast to be?

Some podcasting software includes basic editing and production features.

Other more advanced options are also available.

Consider your needs when choosing podcasting software.


Think about how many features you need and want in your podcasting software.

Some software offers more features than others.

Choose the software that provides the features you need to produce the podcast you envision.

Ease of Use and Support

You want the software you choose to be easy to use and offer support if you have any questions.

Look for software that comes with step-by-step tutorials or a customer support team you can contact if you need help.

File Saving Capabilities

Saving your files is important.

This is especially true if you want to edit or produce your podcast in the future.

Make sure the podcasting software you choose allows you to save your files so you can access them anytime, anywhere.

Transcription Services

If you want listeners to be able to download a podcast episode transcript, look for software that offers transcription services.

This option can be a great way to make your podcast accessible to a broader audience.

Best Podcast Software for 2023

The best podcast software offers a lot of features for creators.

These features can include recording and podcast editing tools and publishing services.

The best podcast software is easy to use, with an intuitive interface that makes creating and publishing podcasts simple.

1. Audacity

screenshot of the audacity homepage

Audacity is a free multi-track recording and podcast editing software with many features that podcast creators will find helpful.

It is open-source and available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Best For

Audacity is best for podcast creators who are just starting and need a free option with no strings attached.

Notable Features

  • Audacity supports plugins, including VST, LV2, and LADSPA.
  • Spectrogram analysis assists with sound design by providing a detailed frequency visualization.


  • Free to use
  • User-friendly
  • Editing interface is intuitive
  • Open-source, which means that anyone can contribute to its development
  • Excellent community support to solve any issue you may encounter


  • Bugs exist that can affect program stability
  • Real-time effects are not an option, so you need to apply effects and restart playback
  • You cannot publish directly from Audacity, only export

Is Audacity Hard to Use?

Audacity can be complicated for podcast creators unfamiliar with audio editing software.

However, many online resources can help podcast creators learn to use this software.

Pricing & Plans

Audacity is a free podcast software with no paid plans or options to upgrade.

Our Take

Audacity is a good software option for people who want to make a podcast.

Audacity has many features that can help with making a podcast, like the ability to record and edit audio.

But, Audacity can be challenging to use for podcast creators who are not familiar with audio editing software.

2. Adobe Audition

screenshot of the adobe_audition homepage

Adobe Audition is a complete system for podcasters to record and edit content.

This professional-level software offers everything needed for a price.

Best For

Adobe Audition is best for creators who want to create professional-sounding podcasts.

Notable Features

  • Advanced features for cleaning and repairing audio files.
  • Audition links to other Adobe software like After Effects. This feature makes it easy to add video to a podcast.


  • Audition is compatible with a vast range of audio files and can convert between formats
  • A powerful tool that can easily handle large files
  • Excellent audio restoration capability
  • Seamless slicing and pasting
  • No degradation in long recordings


  • The subscription model means you lose access to all your data if you stop paying the monthly fee
  • Processing is time consuming
  • Monthly plan is expensive

Is Adobe Audition Hard to Use?

Adobe Audition can be difficult to use for xcreators who are not familiar with podcast recording software.

But, many online resources can help podcast creators learn to use Adobe Audition.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free 30-day trial.
  • Annual Plan, monthly: $20.99/month
  • Annual Plan, prepaid: $239.88/year
  • Monthly Plan: $31.49/month

Our Take

Adobe Audition is a great podcast software that can help creators make professional sounding podcasts.

It offers features that can be helpful, including advanced noise removal and an intuitive design.

But, Adobe Audition can be expensive for podcasters who don’t need advanced features.

3. GarageBand

screenshot of the apple_garageband homepage

GarageBand is an Apple podcast audio production tool that comes preinstalled on Mac OS.

Best For

GarageBand is a good option for people who want to create professional-sounding podcasts without spending a lot of money.

Notable Features

  • GarageBand contains an extensive loop library for sound effects and background music
  • Excellent support for third-party plugins
  • This support helps you find the resources you need to complete your production


  • GarageBand works on iPhone and iPad, so you can record on the go and quickly transfer files to your computer for editing
  • This software comes with every new Mac, so you don’t have to worry about installation and setup
  • iCloud integration
  • Many free plugins
  • Free to use


  • Apple only – no cross-platform functionality
  • Large file sizes
  • Tools are too basic for podcasters seeking more powerful audio production features

Is GarageBand Hard to Use?

GarageBand is user-friendly and intuitive.

Most features are straightforwardly displayed on the main screen to avoid confusion.

Pricing & Plans

GarageBand is free.

Logic Pro X is Apple’s product for advanced audio production.

Our Take

GarageBand offers a lot for a free DAW (digital audio workstation).

It is easy to use and allows podcasters to export directly to streaming services.

4. Riverside.fm

screenshot of the riverside_podcast-name-generator homepage

Riverside.fm is a podcasting software for creating high-quality audio and video content.

Best For

Riverside.fm is best for podcast creators who want to create professional-sounding podcasts.

Notable Features

  • Designed specifically for creating podcasts.
  • You can create separate audio and video tracks for each person, giving you great control during post-production.
  • Lossless audio and 4K video.


  • Audio recording is possible without an internet connection, so you can conduct interviews anywhere
  • Each track can be recorded as full HD, creating superior sound quality and a polished final result
  • Sharing on social media is effortless
  • 4K HD videos
  • Live audience recording option


  • Uploading can take a while without a high-quality internet connection
  • It can get expensive for power users since the price climbs with recording time
  • Confusing design

Is Riverside.fm Hard to Use?

Riverside.fm doesn’t present too many options on each screen, so it is easy to navigate and find what you’re seeking.

Pricing & Plans

  • Basic – $9/month ($7.50/m paid yearly)

Record 2 hours/month of audio and video

  • Standard – $19/month ($15/m paid yearly)

Record 5 hours/month of audio and video

  • Pro – $29/month ($24/m paid annual)

Record 20 hours/month of audio and video

Our Take

Riverside.fm is a feature-rich podcast software option for those who need fantastic quality.

Riverside’s features like screen-sharing, live call-in, and streaming to social media make it a great place for professional podcasters.

5. Restream

a screenshot of the restream homepage

Restream is a live streaming tool that you can use with over thirty platforms.

Best For

Restream is best for podcasters who mainly use live content.

Notable Features

  • Q&A option
  • Live chat
  • Custom branded themes
  • Analytics for tracking audience growth and engagement


  • No Restream watermark on paid plans.
  • Free plan available
  • Stream recording allows creators to upload recordings of live streams to YouTube for audiences to enjoy at any time. The files can also be downloaded and added to a podcast
  • Stream to more than thirty platforms


  • Full HD streaming is not available with the basic and standard plans
  • 4K streaming is not available
  • Pre-recorded video uploading is not available with the basic and standard plans

Is Restream Hard to Use?

Restream is easy to use.

You just upload videos, select your channels, and set the streams to run.

Or choose your channels and go live.

Everything is cloud-based, so you don’t need to worry about overloading your computer with video editing software.

The included onboarding guide makes it easy to get started almost immediately.

Pricing & Plans

  • Basic Plan: Free

Multistream two channels

  • Standard Plan: $16/month

Multistream five channel

Six hours of audio recording per stream

  • Professional Plan: $41/month

Multistream eight channels

Ten hours of audio recording per stream

  • Premium Plan: $83/month

Multistream 15 channels

Twenty hours of audio recording per stream

  • Business Plan: $249/month

Multistream twenty channels

Twenty hours of aduio recording per stream

Our Take

Restream is a fantastic option for podcasters focused on live streaming content.

Tons of great features and flexibility make this excellent for creating superior content.

6. Auphonic

a screenshot of the restream homepage

Auphonic is a podcast app that helps you post your podcast quickly and easily.

It does this by using algorithms to make the process simpler.

Best For

People who don’t want to do a lot of editing or post-production work on their podcasts.

Notable Features

  • Auphonic automatically levels and cleans your files.
  • Loudness normalization
  • Filtering
  • Noise removal
  • Machine learning


  • The algorithm can differentiate music and voices, so you don’t have to do it yourself
  • The web-based system eliminates platform compatibility concerns
  • No post production knowledge required
  • User-friendly
  • Free plan is available


  • You only receive two free hours of audio processing per month, so you must buy credits if you have more content
  • The automatic processing behind Auphonic means you can’t tweak your files at a detailed level
  • There may still be a random sound here or there, so be aware if you demand pristine audio

Is Auphonic Hard to Use?

Auphonic is very easy to use as the program performs the hard work behind the scenes.

Pricing & Plans

  • Auphonic XS: Free

Two hours of processed audio per month

  • Auphonic S: $11/month

Nine hours of processed audio per month

  • Auphonic M: $24/month

Twenty-one hours of processed audio per month

  • Auphonic L: $49/month

Forty-five hours of processed audio per month

  • Auphonic M: $24/month

Twenty-one hours of processed audio per month

  • Auphonic XL: $99/month

One hundred hours of processed audio per month

Our Take

Auphonic is the way to go for podcasters who only need basic post-production help.

The program can handle a lot of the audio processing for you, so all you need to do is focus on your content.

7. Anchor

a screenshot of the anchor homepage

Anchor is a podcast creation and publishing software acquired by Spotify in 2019.

Best For

Anchor is best for podcast creators who want to create professional-sounding podcasts.

Notable Features

  • Anchor provides unlimited free storage
  • Monetization occurs through ads and listener support
  • Distribution to many platforms


  • Anchor offers various podcast creation features, including recording, editing, and hosting
  • The software makes it easy to create professional-sounding podcasts with little to no audio editing experience
  • Anchor also offers podcast distribution and marketing features to help you grow your audience
  • Unlimited free storage and uploading
  • Simplified monetization structure


  • Anchor does not offer as many podcast creation features as some of the other podcast software options on this list
  • The podcast hosting is subpar compared to other podcast hosting platforms
  • Lacks advanced editing features

Is Anchor Hard to Use?

Anchor is simple to use.

You just upload your content, choose a title, description, and cover art, and submit to your platforms of choice.

Pricing & Plans

Anchor is free to use.

Our Take

Anchor is an excellent choice for beginners and those on a budget.

This podcasting software is free and offers all the essential features to get started.

The unlimited hosting and uploading features are the best in the industry.

8. Buzzsprout

buzzsprout homepage screenshot 1

Buzzsprout allows you to create and publish podcasts to many platforms.

Offers fantastic documentation and tutorials.  

Best For

Buzzsprout is best for podcast creators who want to create professional-sounding podcasts.

Notable Features

  • You can join affiliate programs offered by Buzzsprout via a database and partner with brands
  • Buzzsprout does not take any fees from your affiliate earnings, and you do not need a minimum number of listeners to join programs
  • You can also integrate tools like Patreon for listener support


  • Embed player allows you to add your podcast to your WordPress website effortlessly
  • Included transcription tools allow search engines to index content
  • Excellent dashboard is easy to navigate
  • Easy for beginners to get started
  • Free plan available


  • Pricing is somewhat confusing
  • Upload limits may frustrate prolific podcasters
  • No unlimited audio plan available

Is Buzzsprout Hard to Use?

Buzzsprout is one of the most accessible podcasting software platforms to use.

The user interface is straightforward, and the features make sense.

You can start podcasting in minutes.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free: Upload two hours per month. Content remains in the system for ninety days.
  • $12: Upload three hours per month
  • $18: Upload six hours per month
  • $24: Upload twelve hours per month

Our Take

Buzzsprout is a great podcasting software.

If you want to create professional-sounding podcasts, Buzzsprout is the right choice.

Buzzsprout also has transcription tools that make your content discoverable by search engines.

The affiliate program is also a great way to monetize your podcast without relying on ads.

9. QuickTime

screenshot of the quicktime homepage

QuickTime is Apple’s default audio editing program.

Stripped down and efficient, this tool records and performs quick edits.

Best For

QuickTime is best for new podcasters or those without advanced production requirements.

Notable Features

  • Fast editing options
  • Included with macOS


  • Easy to use
  • Free software
  • Plays iTunes files
  • Effortless streaming features


  • Limited functionality
  • macOS only
  • Does not support some common file formats

Is QuickTime Hard to Use?

Quicktime is easy to use.

It is fundamental, and there is not much to figure out.

Pricing & Plans

Free on macOS.

Our Take

QuickTime is a good choice if you need to make basic edits or trim your audio files before uploading.

Nothing fancy here; it’s all about speed and practicality.

10. Reaper

a screenshot of the reaper homepage

Reaper is an advanced DAW perfect for most podcasters.

Best For

Reaper is best for podcast creators who want a versatile and robust DAW.

Notable Features

  • Complete mixing console
  • Customizable interface
  • Available for Mac, PC, and Linux.


  • Powerful. Reaper offers many of the features found in advanced music production DAWs
  • Reaper is sleek and does not utilize many system resources
  • Known for stability and preventing system crashes
  • Support for unlimited number of tracks
  • Frequent updates provided


  • Reaper can be expensive for podcast creators who are just starting
  • Reaper can be difficult for podcast creators who are unfamiliar with audio editing software
  • The interface is basic and nonintuitive

Is Reaper Hard to Use?

Yes, Reaper can be challenging to learn.

Many users state that some studying is necessary to understand this tool’s functions fully.

Pricing & Plans

  • Discount License: $60. This is for individuals, educational or non-profit organizations, or companies that make less than $20,000 a year.
  • Commercial License: $225

Our Take

Reaper is a great podcasting software for people who want to make professional-sounding podcasts.

The mixing console is complete and offers a lot of flexibility.

It is available on multiple platforms, which is great.

However, the interface can confuse those new to podcasting or audio editing.

11. Logic Pro X

a screenshot of the logic pro x homepage

Logic Pro X is a high-end audio production tool used by many podcasters.

This software contains every feature a podcaster could want and more.

Best For

Logic Pro X is best for podcast creators who require top-level software for producing their content.

Notable Features

  • Fully-featured mixing console
  • Support for plugins
  • Available for macOS
  • Organized user interface


  • Powerful podcasting software with all the features that a podcast creator could need
  • Logic Pro X integrates well with other Apple products
  • A professional DAW priced much lower than most competitors
  • Reliable and stable platform
  • Streamlined interface


  • No onboard noise reduction
  • Many podcasters will not need the advanced features
  • Complex file management

Is Logic Pro X Hard to Use?

Logic Pro X is a professional application that can be intimidating for beginners.

It may take a while to become comfortable with all of this tool’s advanced features.

Pricing & Plans

Logic Pro X is available for $199.

Our Take

Logic Pro X is a great software option for people who want to create professional-sounding podcasts.

The podcast creator toolkit has many different features that can be helpful for creating audio content.

These include granular control over recording and editing audio files.

12. FuseBox

fusebox homepage screenshot 1

FuseBox is a premium WordPress plugin that displays podcast content in an advanced, flexible manner.

Best For

FuseBox is best for creators who want a customizable way to display content on WordPress sites.

Notable Features

  • Email capture
  • Subscription
  • Social sharing
  • Timestamps


  • Users can display all podcast content or just a single episode
  • Highly customizable in appearance and page placement.
  • Well-optimized for mobile.
  • Includes many advanced features


  • FuseBox only works on WordPress sites
  • Limited customer support options

Is FuseBox Hard to Use?

FuseBox is a stripped-down program that is easy to use.

All features are intuitive, and setup is a breeze.

Pricing & Plans

  • Free Plan: Limited features
  • Pro Plan: $19/month billed monthly; $15.83/month billed annually

Our Take

FuseBox is an excellent podcasting plugin for WordPress users.

It offers excellent features and is highly customizable.

Podcast creators who want to display their content on their WordPress site should consider using FuseBox.

13. Alitu

screenshot of the alitu homepage

Alitu is an automation tool that handles podcast post-production tasks for you.

Alitu should not be considered a podcast recording tool.

Best For

Alitu is best for podcast creators focused on developing content and not on production details.

Notable Features

  • Automated audio file cleanup
  • Custom theme music
  • Multiple file uploads
  • Publish directly from the program


  • Many opportunities to add custom branding to content
  • Great tutorials and customer support
  • Direct publishing to hosting services
  • Completely web-based
  • Drag-and-drop episode construction


  • A third-party app is required to record podcasts
  • Advanced automation does not allow user control over features like compression and bitrates
  • Limited editing features

Is Alitu Hard to Use?

Alitu is easy to use and features a clean, intuitive interface.

Pricing & Plans

  • Seven-day free trial
  • Monthly Plan: $32
  • Yearly Plan: $320
  • All features are included with both plans

Our Take

Alitu is a great program for podcast creators who want to focus on creating content, and not worry about the details of audio production.

This program offers many ways to customize and brand your content, as well as publish it directly to popular podcast hosting services.

Which Podcast Software Is the Best?

Different podcast software can be good for different things.

You need to choose the right software for your needs.

This way, you can get the best features for professional-grade recordings and editing.

Best Podcast Software on a Budget

Anchor is free and offers unlimited uploading and storage.

It also has a wide range of features, including the ability to record from your computer or phone, edit your podcast, and add co-hosts.

What Is the Best Free Podcast Software?

Audacity is free, open-source, supports many operating systems, and is easy to use.

Audacity also has a wide range of features, including the ability to record from your computer or phone, edit your podcast, add effects, and more.

Best Podcast Software for Macbooks

Logic Pro X is a comprehensive and affordable podcast software for Macbooks.

This software offers a wide variety of features, which makes it a good value compared to other software products.

Best Podcast Software for PCs

Riverside.fm is a great podcast software for PCs that offers many features for a very reasonable price.

Best Mobile Podcast Recording Apps

Anchor is a free app that makes podcasting on your phone easy and fun.

Wrapping Up

So there you have it, the best podcast recording software for 2023.

No matter what your budget is or what type of device you’re using, there’s podcast software out there that’s perfect for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Start podcasting today with the best podcast software available now!

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