Podcasting is on the rise and it’s gain more attention than ever. With Apple adding the Podcasts app to all of their devices in the new OS release, this will only increase the exposure and demand for new podcasts. We are also seeing cars being equipped with better mobile and podcasting applications to make the process easier.

In short, podcasting is the future — should you choose to take part in it. I just returned from my trip to Texas where I attended Podcast Movement. It was the first event of it’s kind and focused solely on podcasters. There were 600+ attendees and podcasters ranging in size, niche and experience. (photo credit)

Chris Brogan Podcast Movement

While Apple iTunes is the driving force behind most podcasts, something that all podcasters should consider is setting up their own blog for their shows. This can be as simple as creating a page on an existing site or starting a new site of it’s own. Podcasting requires all files to be hosted and sent to Apple through RSS feeds and WordPress plugins, there are many other benefits to setting up a blog for your podcast as well.

  • Make it easy for people to find your show online
  • Transcribe audio content into text
  • Build a mailing list to update your readers
  • Provide show notes to your audience
  • Launch products and services down the road
  • Bring a professional look and feel to your show

For my Rise of the Entrepreneur podcast I write a new post every time a new episode comes out. I also have a tab on the site that lists all of the previous episodes for easy review.

Audio Player on Zac Johnson

With new episodes coming out each week, it’s important for me to get my existing audience in front of my latest episodes. Since the majority of people visting my site probably don’t know what podcasts are and don’t have the “Podcasts” app on their mobile devices or computers, having an online platform and social media reach is one of the best ways to get my content out there.

Before you get all excited about podcasting and get ready to dive in, I’ll be the first to tell you that it takes a lot of time, effort, some money and dedication.

The podcasting space is wide open right now and the gateway of entry is minimal and open for anyone who is willing to take the time to not only learn the equipment, perfect their speaking, but also figuring out a business model for their show as well. Plenty of people are podcasting about their passions and hobbies, but only a small percentage will break into the top tier level of podcasting or even make money with it.