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Best Podcasts for Artists: 15 Examples

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Since podcasts are an auditory medium, you may not think they work well as an art exploration method.

However, plenty of podcasts explore elements of the artistic world, including techniques, art theory, and art history.

Artists love these podcasts because they provide plenty of inspiration and information.

Read on to learn more about the best podcasts for artists.

What Is a Podcast for Artists?

As the popularity of podcasts continues to rise, it is not surprising that there are podcasts for artists.

These podcasts focus on a whole range of different types of art, including art history, makeup artistry, and multi-medium design.

When looking for inspiration and new knowledge, the art studio may be one of the best places to listen to podcasts.

What Does a Podcast for Artists Talk About?

This type of podcast talks about many different topics relating to artistry.

They may talk about how to become an artist, philosophy related to art, lost art, or art history.

A single podcast can be broad in terms of subject matter or focus on different topics in every episode.

What Is Included in a Podcast for Artists?

One podcaster’s definition of a podcast about art differs from another.

Even with these differences, there are common elements the best podcasts about art have.

Visual aids are a great pairing with art podcasts. Some elements are similar to art blogs

While podcasts are generally free, some podcasters may offer a paid subscription if you want access to their visual elements.

Interviews are a popular component of art podcasts.

Guests include artists, historians, and other experts.

Good structure is essential to the well-being of a podcast. In general, a well-organized podcast has good pacing and logical construction.

Good sourcing supports other elements.

Common sources include art history books, philosophy, first-person accounts, and recordings.

Other Things You Can Find on a Podcast for Artists

There are a few less common components in a podcast for artists, including the following:

  • News Items: Plenty of podcasts keep track of current events and trends in the art world.
  • Question and Answer Segments: Listeners may ask questions through calls, letters, or comments, and the podcaster’s answers.
  • Ads: Many podcasts have ad segments to generate revenue.

Types of Podcasts for Artists

Podcasts may focus on a specific type of art or other niches.

  • Podcasts for Aspiring Artists: Podcasts for aspiring artists focus on giving tips to those new to the art world. Some of these podcasts also work to inspire new artists rather than giving concrete guidelines.
  • Podcasts for Digital Artists: Podcasts for digital artists look at digital art and any aspects that touch on that niche of art. These podcasts can take many forms, including interviews, anecdotes, history, and more.
  • Podcasts for Makeup Artists: Podcasts for makeup artists look at topics in the makeup artistry. Subtopics may include becoming a makeup artist, makeup tips, and trend reviews. While this genre is great for makeup artists, makeup enthusiasts may also enjoy these podcasts.

Best Podcasts for Artists: 15 Examples

If you want to listen to the best podcasts for artists, there is no shortage of options.

Art podcasts can be part of plenty of different niches or subgenres.

Here are 15 of the best podcasts for artists within some specific sub-genres.

How Many Podcasts for Artists Are There?

Podcasts for artists are not overly numerous since this genre is not as popular as others due to its reliance on access to visual elements.

Having a purely audio-based podcast can be easier.

So, there are hundreds of different podcasts about art and similar topics.

There are hundreds more that somewhat connect to the topic of art.

Podcasts for Aspiring Artists

Podcasts for aspiring artists cover topics that teach listeners how to become an artist, develop their artistic skills, and get inspired.

Even if these podcasts are for beginners, plenty of experienced artists also enjoy them.

The Artist’s Voice

The artists voice homepage screenshot 1

The Artist’s Voice is an ideal podcast for inspiring artists.

Each episode includes a casual conversation with an artist about their work.

Topics include the balance of art and business, finding success, and keeping track of creativity.

The Lonely Palette

A screenshot of the lonely palette homepage

The Lonely Palette is a podcast that explores the history of famous paintings and how the casual viewer looks at them.

Each episode starts with an interview with a random viewer at an art museum as they look at a painting.

After that, the host discusses the history and intention behind the art.

Listeners love this podcast because it connects viewers with art on several levels.

Artful Camera

artful camera homepage screenshot 1

The Artful Camera podcast tells you anything and everything about taking photos, filming, editing, and building a career in photography.

This option is an especially great podcast for the creative trying to figure out which gear to get.

This podcast is successful because the research and information are so comprehensive.

Artist Decoded

artistdecoded homepage screenshot 1

Artist Decoded includes interviews with artists, including beginners and established creators.

During the interviews, they discuss their backgrounds, interests, projects, and inspirations.

This podcast is successful because it includes well-done interviews.

99% Invisible

99percentinvisible homepage screenshot 1

99% Invisible discusses elements of design that we often do not notice in the world around us.

So, rather than discussing art in museums, this podcast looks at the art around us all the time.

This podcast is successful because it connects to any listener.

Podcasts for Digital Artists

As digital art becomes more prevalent in the world, there becomes more of a need for podcasts for digital artists.

This niche focuses on art in the digital space.

However, some podcasts in this genre touch on other topics that support the digital arts.

Chris Oatley Artcast

chrisoatley.com homepage screenshot 1

The Chris Oatly Artcast consists of interviews with Oatley as he talks to different professional artists about their careers.

These interviews yield information, such as how to become successful as a digital artist.

This podcast is successful because of its compelling interviews and helpful information for digital artists.

The Collective Podcast

thecollectivepodcast homepage screenshot 1

The Collective Podcast is ideal if you like hearing about the people behind the art.

Common guests include game designers and digital artists.

This podcast is successful because it has its niche covered.

Listeners also love the opportunity to hear from experienced professionals in their field.

3 Point Perspective

3 point perspective Homepage screenshot 1

3 Point Perspective comes from three professional illustrators talking about their experience with the illustration.

Each episode discusses a different aspect of art and illustration, letting questions guide the direction.

This podcast is a success, thanks to its eclectic interviews.


TECHnique is a podcast consisting of interviews with artists who discuss how technology affects their work.

The podcast shows all sides of the rapidly changing art world.

This podcast is successful thanks to its unique perspective and fun conversation topics.

Digital Artcast

digital artcast hompage screenshot 1

Digital Artcast is a podcast from a group of digital artists discussing topics related to digital illustration.

Topics range from illustration to VFX and concept art.

Listeners love this podcast because every episode is engaging and unique.

Podcasts for Makeup Artists

Makeup artistry is an increasingly popular hobby and profession.

These podcasts cover all topics relating to makeup artists.

While some podcasts focus on makeup itself, others have specific focuses, such as clean beauty, business, beauty trends, and science.

Beyond the Beauty

beyond the beauty homepage screenshot 1

Hosted by Bobbi Brown, the Beyond the Beauty podcast discusses the wider beauty industry.

Topics include hair loss, trends, clean beauty, and tips on how to grow a brand.

This podcast is successful thanks to the credibility lent by Bobbi Brown and the variety of content offered.

Glowing Up with Esther and Caroline

glowingup homepage screenshot 1

Glowing Up is a fun podcast where hosts discuss beauty and makeup.

They look at which trends are worth trying and how to deal with hygiene issues.

This podcast is engaging because listeners love the wry and real commentary from the hosts.

Not to mention, the hosts share plenty of usable knowledge about beauty.

Fat Mascara

fatmascara. homepage screenshot 1

Fat Mascara is an award-winning beauty podcast. It discusses beauty trends, odd beauty fads, and noteworthy products.

The podcast also has plenty of well-known guests, including Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury.

This podcast is successful because the podcasters keep their finger on the pulse of trends and because it attracts big names.

Breaking Beauty

breakingbeauty homepage screenshot 1

Breaking Beauty is a podcast from beauty editors who talk to some of the hottest names in beauty today.

They discuss trends, products, and being behind the scenes in the beauty industry.

This podcast is successful partially because of its association with well-known people in the industry.

The Beauty Brains

thebeautybrains homepage screenhot 1

The Beauty Brains is a podcast that talks primarily about skincare with scientists.

Topics can range anywhere from upending skincare myths to trying little-known remedies.

Listeners love this podcast because it talks about topics differently from other podcasts.

The science behind skincare helps listeners feel more informed and healthy.

Similar Podcasts Types to Check Out

There are other podcast niches that may interest art podcast listeners, including the following:

  • Podcasts for Musicians: Podcasts for musicians touch on a wide range of music-adjacent topics, including artistry, career aid, and networking.
    It makes sense that many people who like art-based podcasts would also like this genre.
  • Interesting Podcasts: Interesting podcasts can be on many topics, including history, science, culture, true crime, or all of the above.
    Since art is interesting, listeners to both genres may overlap.
  • Fashion Podcasts: Fashion podcasts discuss all elements of fashion.
    Those who love art podcasts may also enjoy this topic since both genres relate to art, creativity, and aesthetics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking good questions is crucial if you want to find podcasts that fit your artistic taste.

Check out these frequently asked questions about podcasts for artists.

What is the #1 podcast for artists?

The Lonely Palette is one of the most successful podcasts around.

It is accessible to those who do not know much about art and professional artists alike.

What should I listen to while making art?

While many people enjoy listening to music or being in silence while they make art, others prefer a podcast.

The podcast you choose will depend on your taste.

Some good options include ArtCurious, The Savvy Painter, The Thriving Artist, and Beyond the Studio.

Wrapping Up

There are countless podcasts for artists that are fun to listen to, no matter your experience level with art.

Podcasts discuss several different types of art, including painting, photography, and textiles.

So, the next time you want to learn about art or get inspired, try one of these podcasts.

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