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Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish: 15 Examples [2023 Update]

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Are you looking for the best podcasts for learning Spanish? Look no further than our comprehensive round-up.

We go over top-rated podcasts for improving your Spanish skills and how to choose the best one for your needs.

You can also learn what’s typically on a Spanish podcast and how to find a podcast.

Keep reading to discover the best podcasts for learning Spanish and get on track to language proficiency!

What Is a Podcast for Learning Spanish?

Podcasts for learning Spanish are prerecorded audio shows targeted toward Spanish language learners.

Whether you’re an advanced learner or are starting your journey to fluency, Spanish podcasts are a great way to improve your listening comprehension.

Language teachers run these types of podcasts.

They may be certified instructors or native speakers who enjoy teaching in their spare time.

Spanish learning podcasts vary from classroom-style grammar to friendly, easy-to-understand conversations.

Choosing a teacher that works well with your learning style is crucial.

Spanish podcasts are sometimes free and are common on platforms like Spotify, Google Podcasts, and Apple.

Start listening to a Spanish learning podcast today and discover why they’re increasing in popularity.

What Is Included on a Podcast for Learning Spanish?

Spanish learning podcasts include lots of great features, often at a low cost. Monetization supports the podcast’s costs, either through a paid subscription or advertisements.

Here are some of the main features included in a podcast for Spanish language learning:

  • Vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation lessons
  • Common greetings and sayings
  • Easy to understand conversations in Spanish
  • Spanish for business or academic environments
  • Short news stories from around the world
  • ‘Word of the day’ podcasts with digestible vocabulary

Other Things You Can Find on a Podcast for Learning Spanish:

Beyond the above, you can find many other elements on a podcast for learning Spanish, including the following:

  • Regional Differences: Hosts may explain the differences in history, culture, and linguistics between various Spanish-speaking countries.
  • Tips for Traveling: The host might explain what words are essential when traveling and how to interact with Spanish-speaking locals.
  • Short Audiobooks in Spanish: Podcast hosts may include audiobooks to help their audience improve their comprehension.
  • Guides and Interviews: Some hosts may offer their audience tips to enhance their Spanish learning journey on programs like Duolingo, while others may interview Spanish speakers.

Types of Podcasts for Learning Spanish

There are three different types of podcasts for learning Spanish. Choose a podcast category based on your needs and ability level.

  • Podcasts for Learning Spanish for Kids: These podcasts are geared toward children and teach basics like colors, numbers, and the alphabet. However, they can be helpful for adults who are just starting to learn Spanish.
  • Podcasts for Learning Spanish for Adults: Adult-geared podcasts range from intermediate to advanced. They might include conversations between two podcasters, audiobooks, or news stories. These podcasts are typically entirely in Spanish, but you can find adult podcasts with slower speech to make comprehension easier.
  • Podcasts for Learning Spanish for Beginners: Beginner podcasts are for adults and older teens wanting to get to a conversational level and usually focus on basic phrases. You’ll learn to introduce yourself, shop at a store, travel, and more.

Best Podcasts for Learning Spanish: 15 Examples

Discover your next great Spanish learning podcast and get one step closer to language fluency.

How Many Podcasts for Learning Spanish Are There?

With a recent rise in podcast popularity, we’ve seen Spanish learning podcasts soar in number.

Hundreds of podcasts are on the market today. Choosing one can be overwhelming, so check out our condensed list below.

Podcasts for Learning Spanish for Kids

These podcasts are ideal for kids learning Spanish at home or in school.

Cuentos Encantados

cartasencantadas.com homepage screenshot 1

Cuentos Encantados is a family-friendly podcast targeted at elementary-aged children.

Each episode features a separate story created to engage and delight kids.

The stories are in simplified Spanish with no complex words or phrases.

Kids can enjoy traditional fairy tales or original works by podcasters.

Eat Your Spanish

eatyourspanish homepage screenshot 1

Eat Your Spanish is a podcast for English-speaking children.

The podcast can help kids learn basic Spanish skills.

Eat Your Spanish provides stories and songs for children and helps them master colors, greetings, animals, and more.

Episodes are around ten minutes long and are available on Spotify and Apple.

Spanish Stories for Kids

thespanishexperiment homepage screenshot 1

Spanish Stories for Kids has bedtime stories for little Spanish learners.

Popular tales include modernized versions of Chicken Little and Little Red Riding Hood.

Kids can enjoy these modern takes on classic nursery tales while gaining Spanish abilities.

The podcasts are bite-sized at around ten minutes, and the entire runtime is in Spanish.

Tres Cuentos

trescuentos homepage screenshot 1

Tres Cuentos is a literary podcast that features Latin American literature.

It offers bilingual options and lets kids learn about new cultures.

Tres Cuentos helps ensure language success by providing unique stories different from typical nursery rhymes.

The podcast is ideal for older kids looking for more challenging resources.

¡Hola! Spanish for Kids

A screenshot of the hola spanish for kids homepage

Check out ¡Hola! Spanish for Kids, a beginner Spanish podcast.

It offers children the experience of hearing other Spanish-speaking middle schoolers.

Three middle graders host this podcast on Apple and Spotify.

You can listen to three-minute episodes that contain beginner Spanish phrases.

Podcasts for Learning Spanish for Adults

Adult Spanish podcasts help learners with professional and conversational vocabulary in a fun and interactive way.


duolingospanish homepage screenshot 1

With dozens of episodes sharing true stories from all over the world, Duolingo’s Spanish podcast is the top Spanish learning podcast on the market.

The hosts speak slowly and clearly, and episodes are digestible at around 20 minutes long.

Duolingo publishes episode transcripts on its website, and you can read along as you listen.

Check out this free podcast on Apple, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, or use it to complement Duolingo’s classroom Spanish course.

Coffee Break Spanish

A screenshot of the coffee break spanish homepage

Coffee Break Spanish is a great way to learn Spanish when you’re short on time.

It’s one of the top Spanish learning podcasts and is accessible to beginner or intermediate learners.

Each quick episode features a different topic of Spanish grammar or culture, from adverbs to the castles of Catalan.

Coffee Break Spanish is an effective learning tool because it can fit into your busy schedule.

News in Slow Spanish

newsinslowspanish homepage screenshot 1

News in Slow Spanish is a Spanish podcast for intermediate speakers.

The podcast presenters share news stories in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

The podcast is on Spotify and updates weekly.

News in Slow Spanish is effective for people looking to bridge the gap between beginner and proficient.

Radio Ambulante

A screenshot of the radio ambulante homepage

Radio Ambulante is like a more advanced version of News in Slow Spanish.

NPR runs this popular podcast, and native speakers and Spanish learners flock to the weekly show.

Episodes are longer than average at around 45 minutes and cover current topics, events, and history stories.

Radio Ambulante is effective because you can hear how Spanish speakers talk in the real world.

Check out Radio Ambulante on Spotify or the podcast website.

StoryLearning Spanish

A screenshot of the story learning spanish homepage

StoryLearning Spanish is a different kind of podcast that uses a narrative structure.

Each episode in the series tells the story of someone around the world.

You can follow the hosts across the globe as they meet new people.

The podcast engagingly teaches Spanish culture and language.

You can check it out on almost any podcast platform.

Podcasts for Learning Spanish for Beginners

The following podcasts are ideal for beginning learners.

Add one of these shows to your list if you are new to Spanish or need a refresher course.

LightSpeed Spanish

A screenshot of the light speed spanish homepage

LightSpeed Spanish is a UK-based company that offers a downloadable app.

The platform features videocasts, aka podcasts with video features.

The podcast focuses on delivering clear grammar education. It can help users get their Spanish basics down.

Spring Spanish Podcast

A screenshot of the spring language homepage

Spring Spanish Podcast ensures success with its brain fossilization techniques.

The podcast helps users remember language patterns and makes speaking the language easy.

Unlimited Spanish

A screenshot of the unlimited Spanish homepage

Try Unlimited Spanish for an interactive podcast. The host, Oscar, prompts you to speak based on conversation cues.

Unlimited Spanish works because it prepares users for real-world conversation.

The conversations are around 20 minutes and feature interesting topics like cultural festivals, local animals, and the history of popular Spanish traditions.

Latin ELE

A screenshot of the Spanish beginners homepage

Latin ELE’s podcast is perfect for beginner Spanish students, as the hosts start with the rudimentary tools you need to gain skills.

Episodes are around ten minutes and feature cultural facts, conjugation tips, and vocabulary.

Simple Stories in Spanish

simplestoriesspanish homepage screenshot 1

Simple Stories in Spanish is a fun podcast for people new to Spanish.

Episodes drop on Apple and Spotify weekly and discuss relevant topics like family life and the weather.

The Small Town Spanish Teacher runs this podcast, and users can read episode transcripts on the company website.

It also offers grammar videos on subjects like conjugation.

Similar Podcasts Types To Check Out

Can’t get enough of Spanish podcasts? Check out one of these similar podcast categories.

  • History Podcasts: History podcasts range from local stories to global histories and can help open your world to new cultures and ideas.
  • Interesting Podcasts: Interesting podcasts introduce you to new ideas you might not have thought of before. Discover everything from economics to true crime or a podcast about Spain or Latin America.
  • Educational Podcasts: Choose an educational podcast if you want to expand your knowledge base. You can even learn about English language grammar to enhance your Spanish skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about podcasts for learning Spanish with these frequently asked questions, helping you make a more informed decision when choosing your next Spanish podcast.

vector graphic showing elements related to spanish language, with the words

What is the #1 podcast for learning Spanish?

Duolingo is the top Spanish podcast on the market right now.

It’s free, easy to understand, and has accompanying transcripts.

Are three months enough to learn Spanish?

No. Three months is not enough time to achieve proficiency in Spanish.

The US Foreign Service Institute ranks Spanish as a Category I language, which requires 24-30 weeks of training or 600-750 classroom hours.

However, you can learn basic conversational Spanish in three months with dedication and hard work.

Wrapping Up

Spanish learning podcasts can help learners take their skills to the next level.

They are often free or low-cost and are easily accessible from your phone, tablet, or laptop.

Adding a podcast to your language routine can teach you new phrases, grammar, and slang terms.

Choose a Spanish learning podcast based on your needs and enhance your language learning.

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