Just like Superman, we are not that wise to take better decisions which can help our career as a professional blogger. It’s the story of every newbie who joins our swiftly growing industry.

As an experienced member, I always recommend a fresher start with a small investment and keep it small until they notice some growth. Part of that recommendation features an advice to start with a free theme. (Point from MyThemeShop is available for free!)

Now the moment one notices that expected growth, the old free theme starts looking inferior. Most probably, one will ditch the old theme and will go for a newer and a premium one.

This transition from one theme to another can work as a make or break point. In most of the cases, I’ve personally been part of, this theme change, does affect the traffic volume. Most of the time, the traffic goes down by a factor (scary truth).

So, how about not changing the entire theme and still do the upgrade?

There are a few products available in both free and premium versions and when you upgrade with the premium one, it doesn’t change everything. Rather, it just improves what was already part of your website.

In my opinion, it’s one of the best and safest solutions one can opt for!

PointPro is one such theme, which comes at a premium price, $69 (without any discounts) and as aforementioned, it’s also available as a free product. Yes, free one with lesser functionalities!

So, is it a good idea to start your first blog or website with Point? Or in case you’re directly opting for the premium one, is it a good choice? Let’s find out!

PointPro Theme Review


I’ll be totally frank with you here. Last year, I started a fresh blog with the free one, later, moved on to the premium version, and then moved on with a theme from another developer.

I keep on doing these experiments to see how effective a theme is. No developer is going to tell you that their product is inferior (if it is), right?

During my transition from free to premium, I noticed a slight boost in the traffic. Now, in my earlier experiments (after changing a theme), the traffic goes down!

In the case of PointPro, it didn’t. Rather, I noticed slight improvements. Other than the traffic, my blog was now featuring premium tools, which were missing in the earlier free version, and now the Average Page Load Time became better.

We all know how crucial Page Load Time is, and it’s even considered as a ranking factor by Google.

Highlight Features

  • It features a magazine type homepage layout.
  • SEO and performance optimizations are taken care of.
  • It’s built using the latest HTML5 and CSS3.
  • The layout and every design elements are responsive to look perfect on mobile devices.
  • The homepage features Drag & Drop sections.
  • It packs MyThemeShop’s powerful Admin Panel with a lot of customization options to consider.
  • The theme supports WooCommerce, which helps in setting an online shop.
  • Translation with support for RTL is built-in.

All these features are must-have for any modern theme. Even the free ones are coming up with these. What makes PointPro a premium product is not just these features. But, the overall package which also includes premium Support from the developer.

MyThemeShop is not a new developer in town. The company has been serving WordPress users for long and their support team members are well-trained.


Performance factor is well taken care of. As I said, it’s a crucial ranking factor these days which one should never ignore. As per the best practices and norms set by Google itself, a website should have maximum 2 seconds of page load time.

In order for a website to achieve this remarkable score, the theme plays a vital role. In fact, it’s the major role player in the whole act. The theme should not only stay lightweight, but it should also have minimum Requests to Server number. Not to forget, it should still look cool.


PointPro does well to please both, the end-users and the search engines.

The Admin Panel behind is both simple and powerful. If you’ve been a WordPress user for a month or more, learning how to exactly use it, won’t be a problem. Otherwise, proper documentation and video tutorials are offered in the theme package.


The Admin Panel packs every feature, functionality and customization options right under a single roof, making it easy to quickly make changes and keep a track of them.


Looking at the design, it does have a slightly odd design and might look outdated to a few. It’s not entirely different from the one we’ve been usually seeing, but, it still manages to look unique somewhat.

It comes with three different demos, available for three different utilities.


  • The first one (Default) is ideal for running a business website or a portfolio.
  • The second one is perfect for running a fully functional blog.
  • And, the third one is suitable for setting up an online shop.

To be frank, I’m not a fan of Shop layout and will recommend looking for some better e-commerce specific theme. The Default layout is Ok-Ok for running a business profile. But, the theme looks perfect in the Blog layout.

It has dedicated Call to Action and advertisements areas which save the user from depending on any third-party plugin. It has built-in social media integration, again helping to keep the number of third-party plugins minimum. And, it has more than 600 Google Fonts to pick from.

FYI, keeping a lesser number of plugins onboard can actually help the website to achieve better marks in the performance tests.

Over to You

This is what all I had to share about the PointPro theme from MyThemeShop. I really like this product because of the fact that it’s available in free and premium versions. And, also because of its performance scores.

If your career as a Blogger is in it’s initial phase, then going with the free version and later upgrading with the premium one, sounds like a better plan to me. Otherwise, for $69 (or even lesser) I can easily get a better and more premium theme. 

In case you were looking for even a better product, I’d suggest to check out other themes from the same developer. Schema is their top-of-the-line product and is everyone’s favorite.