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Best Political Podcasts: 15 Examples [2023]

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According to the Pew Research Center, nearly a quarter of Americans get their news and political information from podcasts than anywhere else.

While the information is available on all the news channels and websites, many people prefer to hear political news from sources they are comfortable with.

Listening to political commentary from hosts who share your views can help you bolster your argument.

Politics is a large part of podcasting.

Many hosts have built a successful brand on their political opinions, whichever way they may lean.

Hundreds of political podcasts are available on both sides of the aisle.

Here are the top political podcasts that you can find.

What Is a Political Podcast?

A political podcast is a show that focuses on the government and the lawmakers who serve public office.

Most of these programs focus on Washington D.C. and the White House.

What makes a podcast a podcast is how it is distributed, which is a file online that can be downloaded.

What Does a Political Podcaster Talk About?

The host of a political podcast will be more likely to talk about their opinion of news stories involving the nation’s leaders than to report it.

They discuss the broad strokes of things happening on the political stage and then talk about their thoughts.

Many political podcasters appear on the website of a newspaper or magazine.

Publishing podcasts is a way for newspapers and other media to generate revenue in an era when fewer people read physical media.

What Is Included on a Political Podcast?

Political podcast hosts approach their topics from different angles.

Many of them will try to be the one that brings new and relative information, break stories, and be at the front edge of the news.

All of them want your attention which is how podcasts make money.

Other Things You Can Find on a Political Podcast

Successful political podcasts have more than just the host and their opinions to offer their audience.

Some of the other things you can expect to hear on the best political podcasts are:

  • Interesting Guests: Political podcasts often have lawmakers as guests on their show to discuss the news of the day. Other guests you may hear are authors of current books, journalists with news publications, and other podcast hosts.
  • Spirited Debate: Hosts of shows that are firm in an opinion may bring on guests that favor the other side of an argument. It is a sign of a good host when they can debate people on a topic without becoming angry and insulting.
  • Opportunities to Learn More: Many people listening to podcasts like to look at the media they hear about. When a podcast host brings on an author who wrote a current book about the president, people will go out and get the book to find out more. That makes the show more successful, and the audience feels more connected.

Types of Political Podcasts

There are three types of podcasts focusing on politics.

Many of them have niche audiences, and others may focus on aspects of the political spectrum.

However, they all will be one of these three:

  • Unbiased Political Podcasts: These shows report the news without giving an opinion. They cater to people who want to know what is happening in the world without biased hosts trying to sway their own beliefs.
  • Conservative Political Podcasts: Conservative Shows will come from the mindset of having a small government with limited federal power of individual states and a focus on traditional values.
  • Liberal Political Podcasts: Liberalism is based on the rights of the individual. These shows will talk about the rights everyone should have to live the life they want. Liberals believe in equality and understanding other lifestyles.

Best Political Podcasts: 15 Examples

If you don’t know where to listen to podcasts, you can find them on Apple Podcasts or by searching online, and there are hundreds of podcasts available that focus on politics.

The quality is up and down since it is easy to find everything needed to start a podcast.

However, many shows have a professional sound and are worth listening to.

Unbiased Political Podcasts

Many podcasts try to walk the line between liberal and conservative or Republican and Democrat.

Here are the best middle-of-the-road, unbiased podcasts.

1. Left, Right, & Center

left right center homepage screenshot 1

This public radio program from KCRW in Santa Monica, California, is popular with an audience that wants to hear all sides of an issue.

The show gives three panelists from all perspectives to discuss and debate a topic.

2. Unbiased

unbiased podcast homepage screenshot 1

The Factual is a website that is dedicated to providing content to people who want to escape the angry politics they see on the news.

People want to hear all the facts surrounding a story and form their own opinion.

Unbiased gives them that opportunity.

3. The Daily

The homepage of the daily screenshot

While many podcasts brag about the amount of content they have coming out every week, The Daily is releasing 20-minute episodes every day.

They deliver the biggest stories in the news, break down their significance, and get all of them delivered by 6 AM.

4. The Argument

the argument homepage screenshot 1

Hearing what all parties have to say about a subject is the best way to determine your opinion.

Michelle Goldberg and Ross Douthat are columnists with the New York Times.

In this podcast, they debate current news stories to give you an understanding of how the other side thinks.

5. Inside Politics

inside politics homepage screenshot 1

John King has interviewed presidents and lawmakers for decades.

In this podcast, he sits down with a panel of reporters to discuss the important stories and let you know why they matter.

Conservative Political Podcasts

Right-wing conservatives have traditional beliefs and want to hear the argument from their side of the aisle.

Talk radio grew with the shows of such hosts as Rush Limbaugh and Michael Regan.

Now, many conservative hosts are carrying the torch in the new podcast medium.

1. The Ben Shapiro Show

screenshot of the ben-shapiro-show homepage

Ben Shapiro is an outspoken commentator who has also been an attorney and journalist.

He loves to ruffle feathers by presenting his conservative viewpoint on controversial topics.

His live radio show is released daily as a podcast that has a wide following of listeners.

2. The Federalist Radio Hour

federalist radio hour homepage screenshot 1

The Federalist is a website that is no stranger to controversy.

They have seen themselves defending their position many times.

Fans of the website can now hear their views expressed in a podcast hosted by its founder, Ben Domenech.

3. Mark Levin Podcast

mark levin podcast homepage screenshot 1

Mark Levin has taken the reigns as one of the hottest conservative voices in America.

His radio show takes on news stories and dissects them from his point of view.

Appearing on 400 radio stations nightly, it is released as a podcast for the rest of his audience.

4. Triggered

triggered homepage screenshot 1

When conservatives want a funny take on the political landscape, they turn to Triggered.

Matt and Storm take no prisoners when they make fun of the left, progressives, and sometimes even Republicans.

This show is sure to make conservatives laugh and liberals fume.

5. The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

jordanbpeterson homepage screenshot 1

Dr. Jordan Peterson is an intellectual host that changes his thoughts and opinions every time he speaks.

His views on how cultures are formed will change your perspective and how you understand the modern world.

In his show, he talks about everything from politics to religion and how they all come together.

Liberal Political Podcasts

Liberals believe in the individual and that no one’s rights should be overlooked.

Anyone should be allowed to live the way they choose without persecution as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.

Liberals are staunchly opposed to any laws that take away rights from an individual.

1. Best of the Left Podcast

bestoftheleft homepage screenshot 1 1

Giving the opinions of many sources in one place is the goal of this podcast.

It curates topics ranging from politics to pop culture.

It has been around for over 16 years and still going strong.

2. Pod Save America

pod save america homepage screenshot 1 1

Former aides to President Obama host this show that looks at the news and cuts through to find the reason for it all.

It not only analyzes what is happening but finds ways you can help.

Activists, entertainers, and politicians join them often for discussions and lively debates.

3. The Al Franken Podcast

al franken podcast homepage screenshot 1

Al Franken may be best known as Stuart Smalley from SNL, but he has also been a US Senator and a liberal radio host for many years.

He now hosts this podcast, where he can put his witty spin on the things happening in Washington.

This show gives the funny perspective of someone that’s been everywhere from Rockefeller Center to Capitol Hill.

4. wellRED Podcast

wellred podcast homepage screenshot 1

Trae Crowder is known as a liberal redneck and dispenses his down-home wisdom on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.

In this podcast, he is joined by his comedian friends Corey Forrester and Drew Morgan.

They discuss everything from elections to dinosaurs.

5. The Young Turks

the young turks homepage screenshot 1

Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian are the voices of progressives in this podcast that breaks down current events and politics.

You’ll get an informative look at the world and the news of the day while laughing at the same time.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

Here are a few additional podcasts you might enjoy that are different from the mainstream offerings you’re used to.

  • Conservative Podcasts: Sometimes you want conservative podcasts to make you forget about how serious the world is and laugh at what’s happening. You’ll find that with “What Most People Think.” Geoff Norcott is a stand-up comedian who takes a look at the world and talks about what people think about it.
  • Liberal Podcasts: “Throwing Shade” is a comedy liberal podcast where hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi deliver their takes on current events with a funny and vulgar spin.
  • News Podcasts: If you want to hear news podcasts without commentary, with stories about tech, entertainment, and business mixed in, “The NewsWorthy” might be what you are looking for. Erica Mandy is right down the middle and gives you the news without the frills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that are asked most often when talking about political podcasts.

vector graphic showing a graphic of politics with the words

What is the #1 political podcast?

“Pod Save America” is the most downloaded political podcast on Apple Podcasts.

It is followed by “The NPR Politics Podcast” and “Bannon’s War Room” hosted by Steve Bannon.

What happened to the “Talking Politics” podcast?

On March 3, 2022 “Talking Politics” posted on Twitter that they had made the hard decision to end the show.

They had posted over 300 episodes.

Wrapping Up

Many people get their news from podcasts rather than traditional radio or television.

With hundreds of political podcasts to choose from, you can find out what is happening with your elected officials and find plenty of commentary from people who align with your beliefs.

There are many ways to get the news that can excite and anger you or make you laugh.

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