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When it comes to growing a popular and successful blog, most beginner bloggers make the same mistake: They focus on writing a lot of content, rather than promoting their blogs to grow their audiences.
While it is important to create high-quality content, you should be spending 20% of your time writing and 80% of your time promoting your posts.
Here are a few of the best ways to get your writing out there and seen by a larger audience.

1. Maximize the power of social media

You can always tell who knows what they’re doing on social media and who doesn’t, just by looking at a blogger’s profile and posts. When it comes to succeeding on social media, you must do these 3 things:

Know where your audience hangs out.

If your audience is on Facebook, focus on growing your Facebook page and maximizing your reach there. If they are hanging out on Twitter, spend most of your time writing great tweets and learning about hashtags. First and foremost, you want to be where your audience is. Don’t waste your time promoting yourself where you won’t be seen by the right people.

Write engaging posts that are optimized for specific platforms.

Learn what goes into a great Facebook post, a viral tweet, a shareable pin, etc, and then optimize your posts for each social media platform.
If you share the same post across all of your social media platforms, you won’t get the traction you want, so take the time to learn the different platforms and how to use them effectively.

Include beautiful photos that are sized for that platforms where they’re being shared.

For every blog post I publish, I have images for Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Social media posts with images get noticed and shared a lot more than those without, so take the time to make your promotion visual.

2. Join blogging communities

There are lots of communities that are designed to help you get more eyes on your blog. Each of them works a little differently, but if you take the time to not only share your own posts but give back to the community as well, you will get great results.

Get started on Triberr

Triberr is a community where you join tribes, share other people’s blog posts, and connect your RSS feed so that they can share yours, as well.Pinterest group boards
Join relevant Pinterest group boards and pin your posts to them regularly. It’s best not to pin to all of them at once, but to space your pins out throughout the week. If you’re looking for a board to join for posts about blogging, request to join my group board, Blogging Pros Group Board.

Facebook groups

Many bloggers use Facebook groups to not only promote their blog post but to build relationships with their audience members as well. Join Facebook groups in your niche to get information about what your readers are interested in, and participate in sharing threads to get your posts seen. For more on how to use Facebook groups to grow your blog, read this post.

3. Build relationships with influencers

The best way to get your content seen is to build relationships with influencers who have audiences larger than yours. You can do that by commenting on their blogs, creating roundup posts, and guest posting.

Blog commenting

Write down 20 influencers you want to connect with, and comment on 2–4 blogs daily. But don’t just write short generic comments. Write comments that the influencers will notice. The best blog comments not only help you build relationships with influencers – they also get the attention of other potential readers.

Roundup posts

To make a roundup post, choose a question that your audience is very interested in, and ask a group of experts to answer the question in 300 words or less. Then put all of their answers into a post, along with links to the influencers’ blogs.
When you publish the post, email all the experts and let them know it’s live. Many of them will share it with their audiences – getting you in front of lots of people you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Read this for an example of an epic roundup post.

Guest posting

I recommend that beginner bloggers write just 2 blog posts on their own blogs each month. Why? Because they should be spending most of their time guest posting on other blogs. Guest posts get you in front of a larger audience.
Once you’ve commented on an influencer’s blog and included them in a roundup post, you can reach out and ask them if you can guest post on their blog.

4. Promote old posts

Many bloggers make the mistake of promoting their posts right after they are written, and then letting them collect dust in their blog archives without ever promoting them again. Big mistake. You’ve put the work into writing a terrific post – why not turn it into a continuous traffic generator?

Cross-link between blog posts

Have you noticed that almost every tip in this article links to another post from my blog? I’ve published a lot of valuable content over time, and I want you to be able to find it and benefit from it. By linking to old posts, I add value to this post and I get more eyes on my other content as well.

Repurpose your content

If you’ve published a blog post that has gotten a lot of positive attention and feedback, think about repurposing and sharing it on new platforms. Create an infographic to go with it, or make a slide deck that you can share on SlideShare. For example, I turned one of my blog posts into a slide deck and have gotten over 100k views of it. How can you leverage your old content?

Promote your old posts on social media

One of the best ways of getting more value from your old posts is by continuing to promote them on social media. You can use Tailwind to loop your old pins on Pinterest and Edgar to create a content calendar that constantly gets shared and re-shared.
If you want to grow your traffic and your audience quickly, take time to promote your blog every single day. By using these pro tips, you will have a successful blog in no time.
What do you do to promote your blog? Share in the comments below.

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