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Pregnancy Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 15 Examples

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Pregnancy blogs are among some of the most successful blogs on the internet.

Most pregnancy blogs fall into three categories, including teenage pregnancy, week-by-week updates, and pregnancy styles.

Read more to discover what a pregnancy blog is and what content you can find on a pregnancy blog and similar blogs to a pregnancy blog.

What is a Pregnancy Blog?

A pregnancy blog is any blog that details the experience that comes with pregnancy.

These blogs will discuss how the experience impacts the mother, father, and family.

Usually, a pregnancy blog will focus on the mother carrying the child and discuss tips and techniques on how best to handle obstacles in pregnancy.

Additionally, a pregnancy blog will likely come with a lot of birth information, caring for a baby, and how best to ensure your child’s safety.

What Does a Pregnancy Blogger Blog About?

A pregnancy blogger might discuss what foods to eat, the best items to help with common pregnancy ailments, and which yobstacles to be most aware of.

A pregnancy blog might shine light on symptoms that could indicate a significant issue and help you be more aware of things to discuss with your doctor.

What is Included On a Pregnancy Blog?

A pregnancy blog is broad and covers everything from how to raise children to how you should eat to ensure your baby gets all the nutrients they need to be healthy.

A pregnancy blog will usually include tips and techniques for overcoming common ailments like back pain and neck pain that can arise from pregnancy.

You may also notice advertisements, endorsements, and reviews on a pregnancy blog.

Other Things You Can Find on a Pregnancy Blog

A pregnancy blog is full of things to help readers navigate pregnancy with ease. However, this type of blog will also have endorsements and advertisements, along with typical reviews and tutorials.

  • Reviews: Pregnancy blogs will likely review products like bottles or pillows.
  • Tutorials: Pregnancy blogs might show you the best ways to wash or sanitize items.
  • Endorsements: Pregnancy blogs may partner with other brands to offer endorsements for helpful products.
  • Advertisements: Pregnancy blogs are no strangers to advertisements that can offer helpful products to new mothers.

Best Pregnancy Blogs: 15 Examples

Pregnancy blogs are not in short supply, but these 15 examples will help you understand what pregnancy blogs are about, what they discuss, and what categories they fall into.

How Many Pregnancy Blogs Are There?

It’s hard to know how many there are, but suffice to say they are a ton, maybe thousands.

That’s because pregnancy bloggers make money in a variety of ways, including using advertisements and endorsements, meaning there are tons of pregnancy blogs out there.

Pregnancy Style Blogs

Pregnancy style blogs focus on how to best find a style you enjoy while being pregnant – a difficult challenge for many women.


screenshot of the lovemere homepage

Lovemere is a blog all about motherhood and how pregnancy doesn’t mean you have to stick to frumpy, unforgiving clothing.

Instead, this blog focuses on finding the best fashion items for every stage of pregnancy, from the first showing to breastfeeding.

Lovemere is French and denotes the unconditional love a mother has for her child.

Afternoon Espresso

screenshot of the afternoon espresso homepage

The Afternoon Espresso blog gives readers ideas and suggestions on how to best incorporate modern takes on classic styles.

The tips and techniques on this blog can help any expectant mother feel confident while carrying their child.

Additionally, the pieces showcased on this blog are comfortable and versatile, meaning many of them are ideal for postpartum breastfeeding and more.

Dallas Wardrobe Maternity Style

screenshot of the dallas wardrobe homepage

Dallas Wardrobe is a blog from Amy Havins that discusses life and fashion while pregnant.

Havins works hard to showcase how pregnant women don’t need to feel constrained by the swell of their bellies and can adopt many styles and tricks to feel like themselves, even while hitting every stage of pregnancy.

Mom’s The Word

screenshot of the moms the word homepage

Mom’s The Word is a pregnancy blog that focuses on analyzing style to help pregnant women look and feel their best while going through a significant phase of life.

This blog seeks to provide a safe and warm environment where pregnant women can feel safe while getting fashion advice for this temporary phase.

Isabella Oliver

screenshot of the isabella oliver homepage

Isabella Oliver is a blog for maternity clothes to help women feel like they can be modern while pregnant.

The maternity clothes collected and showcased on Isabella Oliver puts women at the forefront of their minds and ensure each article of clothing will make a pregnant woman feel comfortable and unique.

Teenage Pregnancy Blogs

Teenage pregnancy blogs have a wide audience since many readers want to understand how these young parents manage life with a baby.

A Brave Life

screenshot of the a brave life homepage

A Brave Life is a blog spotlighting teenage pregnancy by helping young mothers understand their life is not over when they have a child in their teenage years.

This blog seeks to offer support and love to young mothers going through a challenging time in their lives.

Most blog posts discuss how young mothers have options and don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do.

Shine Blog

screenshot of the shine blog homepage

Shine Blog is a blog that discusses how teenage pregnancy and young parenthood impact a young person.

This blog offers information and resources for young mothers or pregnant teens needing help with their path in life.

Shine Blog urges young women to remain strong and keep pushing forward with their goals and personal achievement although they are having a baby.

Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership

screenshot of the teen pregnanct prevention partnership homepage

The Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership blog discusses everything that sexually active teens or pregnant teens may need to know from birth to STIs.

This blog is designed to prevent teenage pregnancy, but this blog also offers information for teenagers who have gotten pregnant, too.

This blog seeks to reduce the number of pregnant teens annually by providing educational resources and information.

Project Teen Birth

screenshot of the project teen birth homepage

Project Teen Birth is a blog about teenage pregnancy and how teen mothers can embrace their new life with fervor.

This blog seeks to give pregnant teens a safe place to learn about their bodies and their baby’s bodies.

Additionally, this blog has tons of information on how to care for your baby and learn the best methods for things like feeding, burping, and cleaning.

Teen Pregnancy Blog

screenshot of the teen pregnancy blog homepage

The Teen Pregnancy Blog discusses a wide range of topics for teenagers who find themselves pregnant.

This blog touches on difficult topics, including how to be unafraid of adoption and how to help your loved ones through the pregnancy stages.

This blog will help its readers and their friends understand how mood, body, and life will change after the birth of a baby.

Week-by-Week Pregnancy Blogs

Week-by-week pregnancy blogs will discuss how big a baby is every week and what things the reader can do to help their baby grow and develop.


screenshot of the mom 365 homepage

Mom365 is famous for being a part of birth for many mothers across the country.

This blog touches on nearly every topic about motherhood, raising children, and more.

Mom365 is known for its week-by-week calendar detailing how pregnancy will go and what to do when you’re feeling something strange.

In some hospitals, Mom365 offers photo packages and other goodies to show mothers they care and are available to help them learn as they journey through motherhood.

Happiest Baby

screenshot of the happiest blog homepage

The Happiest Baby blog is a resource for mothers and expectant mothers that can show how large their baby is every week.

With this blog, the readers can watch along as their baby gets bigger and bigger and develops.

The Happiest Baby blog is rife with plenty of information that will help every expectant mother know what to do next and ensure they know how to keep their baby safe and healthy.

Alpha Mom

screenshot of the alpha mom homepage

Alpha Mom is a blog all about how to be the best mother and expectant mother possible.

This blog has information on everything from pregnancy to parenting older children.

Alpha Mom is a one-stop blog for all your parenting needs and can help you rest assured that you’re doing everything you can to make parenting easy and smooth – even when there are plenty of hiccups along the way.

Let’s Talk Birth And Baby

screenshot of the lets talk birth and baby homepage

Let’s Talk Birth And Baby is a perfect blog to get information and resources on pregnancy and week-by-week updates on how a baby is growing in the womb.

This blog discusses nearly every topic relating to birth, including how to handle the birth of a child and what to expect when the contractions start to come.

The week-by-week calendars offered on Let’s Talk Birth And Baby are perfect for helping expectant mothers understand where they are in their birth journey and what comes next.

American Pregnancy Association

screenshot of the american pregnancy association homepage

The American Pregnancy Association blog covers a wide range of topics, including a week-by-week overview of how a baby is growing and what pregnant women can do to help their baby develop as healthily as possible.

Similar Blog Types to Check Out

Some of the most popular blogs for women are pregnancy blogs, but the same readers may enjoy other blogs, including those for parenting, wellness, and mothers.

  • Parenting Blogs: Parenting blogs discuss how to parent your child, which disciplines tactics to use, and how to manage behavior.
  • Wellness Blogs: Wellness blogs will help readers best take care of their needs and improve their overall wellness.
  • Mom Blogs: Mom blogs will focus on life as a mother and how to navigate the tribulations and triumphs that come with motherhood.

Frequently Asked Questions

vector graphic showing an illustration of a pregnant person on a computer screen with the big block text

These answers can help you understand pregnancy blogs and their uses for readers.

What is the best pregnancy website?

What To Expect is among the most well-known and most-used pregnancy websites. This website is based on a decades-old book of the same name.

Which month is most difficult in pregnancy?

The ninth month of pregnancy is the most difficult. A woman’s range of motion decreases, discomfort increases, and a woman may feel incapable of doing daily tasks like cleaning, working, or even resting.

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy blogs are among the most popular blogs and some of the most profitable. These blogs detail the journey from conception to birth.

On a pregnancy blog, you can find tutorials, tips, and techniques for the best ways to prepare for your baby.

Pregnancy blogs can be found in many categories, but they usually are about teenage pregnancy, week-by-week updates, or finding a good style while pregnant.

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