Having a clean, professional look for your website is very important, whether you are a small business or you are a multi-million dollar international corporation. The same can be true of professional bloggers too.

Rather than use a generic theme that is widely available to anyone else on the Internet, it is usually in your best interest to invest in a custom theme that is unique to your site. For that, you may consider turning to Dizzain.com, a New York-based web design firm.

Who is Dizzain?

Dizzain was formed in 2001 when a programmer, a designer, and a system architect decided to get together to create their own company in New York. Dizzain is full service web design company that can offer turnkey website designs, logo and theme designs, and 24/7 site maintenance, as well as web application programming and implementation.

The core focus, however, is with the creation of a custom WordPress theme for websites of all sizes. The reason why Dizzain focuses on WordPress is that it is “the best blogging solution on the web today.”

Every WordPress theme that Dizzain creates is custom designed, widget-ready, SEO-ready, ads-ready, and W3CXHTML/CSS validated. To date, Dizzain has created over 200 unique themes.

Samples of the Work

The best way to see what Dizzain can do for you is to see what they have done for other people. For that, you can check out the expansive WordPress portfolio on their site.

The portfolio is designed in such a way to display several of the themes they have created over the years in thumbnail form. Clicking on any individual thumbnail will expand it into a larger preview in a higher resolution.

The screenshot above is from the Colorado Hunting Journal. They clearly wanted to recreate the look and feel of a cabin in the middle of the forest and the wood elements really speak to that niche.

How Much Does It Cost?

Ah yes, the issue of price. This can be a sticking point for most companies, both large and small. Dizzain does not offer a standard pricing chart, instead offering price quotes on an individual basis.

You will need to fill out the contact form to get more information. If you do not like forms, you can also call them via telephone or send a message via email.

While the exact prices are not explicitly mentioned on the site, you’ll notice that the “budget” portion of the contact form starts at $1,000. In this way, it’s unlikely that they are interested in projects smaller than this size. The form also provides space for the type of project, timeline, and a personal message.

Dizzain is quite clearly a premium service, but based on the portfolio, they also offer premium performance. The old adage may indeed ring true: you get what you pay for.

Link: Dizzain.com

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