I’ve now been back in the UK for a month and in that time I have slowly settled back into normal life, by normal life I mean working regular hours. The bulk of my internet work is now done Monday to Friday.

Of course, being self employed on the internet gives me a lot of freedom with my time and I am able to work the hours I want (as long as the work gets done). The reason I choose to work Monday to Friday is pretty simple, it’s the days my friends work. Nearly all of my friends and the people I socialise with work Monday to Friday, nine to five. Therefore, I am out just about every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Through the week I normally post twice a day but at the weekend I aim to post at least once. You would think that writing an extra two posts during the week would be simple but not me, I find myself fluttering around nearly every Friday afternoon with two posts still to write. This is just bad planning on my part. I have been so busy with things through the week that I have not thought ahead. I’m not sure if my brain is just adjusting to working normal hours after working irregular hours for so long.

My advice to all of you is prepare for the weekend. I believe that it’s important to spend time away from the pc when you can so try and plan ahead for your days off. Don’t wait to the last day to write your posts as it’s around this time you start slipping into ‘holiday mode’. It’s hard to write a post for your blog when all you are thinking about is going out that night or going on holiday the next morning. You’ll enjoy your time off much more if you know you have everything covered.

From next week I am going to prepare posts for the weekend by writing an extra post on set days. So for example, on Tuesday’s I will write Saturday’s post and on Thursday’s I will write Sunday’s post.

So remember,

  • Plan ahead
  • Write your weekend posts in advance
  • Make sure you enjoy your time away from the pc

Enjoy your weekend! :mrgreen: