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Printful Discount: Promotions Offered, Current Promo Codes & How To Claim

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For those looking to build up their own clothing line, create merchandise for online followers, or perhaps get a personalized and custom creation made for yourself or a friend, Printful is an excellent option with many unique features.

Printing on demand comes at a price, however.

And when you are trying to also profit from your creations, you want to try to find what you can at a reduced cost.

Finding a Printful discount for the purchase of items or in obtaining their premium plan is not only easy to do but extremely helpful.

Does Printful Ever Offer Discounts?

As a company, Printful offers several different styles of discounts for customers.

You can find these through monthly promotions or coupon codes.

You’ll also find ongoing deals tailored to specific professions.

How Do You Get a Printful Promo Code?

There are a few different ways that you can find a promo code for Printful.

The simplest way is to sign up for any email communications the company offers, as this will give you a heads-up for any new sales or promotions.

You can also peruse the Printful website or check out third-party coupon code databases.

Quick Reference: Current Printful Promo Codes

If you have something you are looking to print now, you don’t have to stress about waiting for the perfect promo code.

Below we list a few of the coupons that are currently available for use.

  • 10BF: The use of this promo code gives you 10% off of your purchase when shopping at Printful.
  • FREE175: This promo code provides free shipping for your purchase for those who are spending over $175 at Printful.
  • SAVE10: When checking out at Printful, this promo code will allow you to save 10% off your purchase.

How Do Printful Discounts Work?

When you find a Printful discount that you want to use, it’s simple to add it to your purchase.

Printful will sometimes provide a lower price through a current sale, and you won’t need to do anything else to receive the reduced rate.

However, if you use a promo code, there are a few things to complete to obtain the correct price.

Can You Use More Than One Discount on Printful?

Currently, Printful only allows customers to use one form of discount at a time.

Therefore, if you want to use a current discount price with a promo code, you will have to choose between one or the other.

How To Use a Printful Promo Code

As is the case with most promo codes, the process of adding one to your Printful purchase is straightforward and streamlined.

We outline the correct steps below for your reference.

  1. Add desired items to your cart
  2. Click the cart icon to view its contents
  3. Review items to ensure everything is correct
  4. Scroll down to the promo field
  5. Enter the code, paying attention to capital letters and symbols
  6. Select Apply to activate the code
  7. Continue the purchase process

Types of Discounts Offered by Printful

As a print-on-demand service, Printful offers various discounts for its customers. As seen below, these promotions encompass various orders and needs.

These can include anything from volume discounts to free shipping and everything in between.

Printful Discounts for Education

It’s typical for organizations to offer educational discounts to help curb any expenses associated with either holding it as a profession or actively pursuing it as a student.

Does Printful Offer a Discount for Teachers?

While Printful offers various discounts, there isn’t one specific to teachers.

However, it is possible to enjoy a reduction in cost if ordering in bulk, which is often valuable to educators.

Does Printful Have a Student Discount?

Printful offers an assortment of student discounts.

While these will vary throughout the year, once a student signs up for the program, they will receive frequent email correspondence on any new promotions available.

At a minimum, each student will receive a custom code for free shipping until graduation.

Printful Discounts for Volume

Many companies will provide a percentage off of a bulk purchase.

Often, the promotional amount will become more significant with the higher amount of items purchased.

Does Printful offer a volume discount?

Does Printful Offer a Volume Discount?

As a print-on-demand company, it’s more beneficial for them to print a more considerable amount of merchandise than a smaller order.

This preference is even more so when it comes to custom designs.

While Printful offers volume discounts, the exact amount will be determined by the products purchased and the amount.

In addition, the company offers a bulk discount calculator where you can factor in what products you are interested in and see how significant the promotion is for those items.

Does Printful Offer Discounts on Yearly Pricing?

If you choose to enroll in Printful Pro, which gives you access to premium features regarding creating apparel and custom items, and marketing assistance, you can pay your program fee monthly or yearly.

When paying annually, you will receive a slight discount of $60 per year.

Does Printful Offer Renewal Discounts?

For each year you re-enroll in Printful Pro, you can receive the annual plan discount if you choose that billing method.

This rate provides you with savings of $60 per year.

Other Printful Discounts

In addition to the above, Printful offers various discounts that cater to sales and short-term promotions.

These opportunities can help reduce your out-of-pocket expense when looking to purchase desired items or enroll in Printful Pro.

Does Printful Offer a Military Discount?

Currently, Printful does not offer a military discount. However, all customers can utilize the company’s monthly promotions and bulk discounts that provide significant savings.

Does Printful Offer a Nonprofit Discount?

While Printful partners with many nonprofit organizations to help them bring attention to a cause or create a product to benefit their work, they do not offer a discount specific to nonprofits.

However, many in this industry benefit greatly from the monthly incentive program.

The more a user sells through auto-fulfillment each month will influence the discount amount they receive on their product order the following month.

Does Printful Offer Discounts on Black Friday & Cyber Monday?

When it comes to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Printful offers ample opportunities to save and discounts to their product fulfillment customers to ensure that they possess adequate stock to offer sales on their particular products.

Does Printful Have a Free Trial?

If you are interested in Printful Pro but want to get the lay of the land before purchasing the plan, you have the opportunity to do so.

To try out the program, you receive a 14-day free trial.

Following that period, Printful will automatically charge your card unless you cancel the plan ahead of time.

Troubleshooting: My Printful Discount Isn’t Working

Customers will sometimes enter their coupon code information, and upon applying the offer, it doesn’t successfully register.

There are several reasons why this can occur, which we list below.

  • Coupon stacking: As referenced above, Printful doesn’t allow you to use more than one discount or promotion at a time. Therefore, if you are trying to attach a promo code when you are already getting a discounted cost, your coupon won’t work.
  • Incorrect code: The best way to ensure you input the correct promo code is to copy and paste it directly from the source. Individuals often try to manually type the code and forget a letter or symbol, causing it not to attach.
  • Expiration: As much as we wish it weren’t true, promo codes do not last forever. Sometimes you may use a discount, only to realize that it won’t work because it has expired. To avoid this, pay attention to the terms and conditions associated with the promotion.

Companies With Similar Discounts

The industry for selling printed designs is a popular one, so there are many competitor companies for Printful that are available.

If you are considering Printful but want to explore your options, you will find various companies that offer similar products and discounts.

1. Canva

If you are looking for a platform that offers the same design possibilities as what you can receive from Printful Pro, Canva is an excellent option that is very easy to use.

Additionally, you can find great Canva discounts to take advantage of for their plans.

2. Wix

If your primary need is to create an online store, but you aren’t keen on what Printful offers on that end, you can always look into using Wix.

As a website builder that includes e-commerce, you can take advantage of one of the many Wix discounts to get started.

3. WooCommerce

When it comes to finding an efficient e-commerce home on the internet, you can’t go wrong with WooCommerce.

The company has everything you need to make a professional store for your custom products.

You can find various WooCommerce discounts to make the transition even smoother.

Frequently Asked Questions

With all the solutions that Printful helps with, including storefronts, designs, selling, and printing, it leaves a lot to think about for prospective customers and store owners.

So, with all the questions surrounding their services, we have compiled the top inquiries to share with you below.

Can I upgrade my Printful account at any time?

If you decide later on that you want to enroll in the Printful Pro plan instead of their free version, you are free to upgrade your account.

There is no stipulation on timelines for taking advantage of the premium features available.

Does Printful offer customer support?

There are multiple avenues to access Printful’s customer support.

Many opt to reach a service representative through live chat.

However, customer support is also available through a contact form, online resource guide, email, and phone.

Wrapping Up

If you want to create an online platform for selling various custom products, Printful is an excellent company to utilize.

With their many premium features, you can quickly and easily get your online storefront up and going in no time.

However, the price behind these high-end features can be challenging to manage on an ongoing basis.

Thankfully, there are many ways to use a Printful discount that will reduce your expenses and help you succeed in your endeavors.

Are you a Printful member?

If so, have you used any of the promotions listed above or know of any we missed?

Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.

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