There’s money to be made in the seas of the Internet but you need to know the right kinds of bait to use to attract the really big fish. Blogging isn’t just the first choice of people looking to express their thoughts or beat the drums for their particular cause—setting and maintaining even the simplest WordPress blog can be the right way to catch the traffic that converts for business.

Here’s a few techniques that will make you successful.

Be The Person Who Knows Everything About What You’re Selling

No one wants to buy anything from second place in any given industry. You need to be the guru on whatever goods or services blogyou’re selling to get people to buy from you and the blog is the perfect launching point. Now while that’s not news to those of you who have been reading up on the subject, there are some great ideas on how to accomplish that goal and one is by making the most of the news.

Scouring the Internet for industry-relevant items you can rewrite and comment on shows your readers you’re continually on top of all the latest developments. It’s a great technique that makes you what’s been called an industry expert and the first choice for people looking to buy what you’ve got to sell.

You can drill even deeper by creating an open forum where you answer questions, comments and queries from prospects. When you get a reputation for this kind of generosity and compassion, you’ll entice more people that have been sitting on the fence about making a commitment. Remember, solving your reader’s issues is another great way to show the personable side of your company.

Be Persistent

If you’ve been in business long enough to stay afloat, you already know that nothing good happens overnight. Persistence is the key and you’ll need to stay focused on your blog and write for anywhere up to two months before you see any kind of results. In the meantime, it helps when you take advantage of the other mediums that are offered like video. Making a short descriptive video about your product or service that features you as the expert will help jolt that blog traffic and get you to where you need to be.

Finally, you can even promote your blog from without. Offering to speak at a local college or even a local club is another great way to get even more exposure. Once you start to investigate the costs, you’ll find that renting a space to run your own seminar isn’t as expensive as you might have thought.