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Finding The Right Project Management Software For Your Content Team

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A project management software is a must-have resource for business.

There are hundreds of options for your project management software — all promising to do what the others can do, but better.

While this may be true, the fact is that some features may not be necessary for your content marketing team.

What works for some may not work for others.

So, how do you choose the right project management software to suit the specific needs of your content management team, while not paying extra for features your team is never going to use?

The key to a good project management software is in the essentials.

You’ll want to make sure that your software has the foundational capabilities to navigate every stage of your content marketing project from beginning to end successfully.

Read below for features to look for, as well as some tips for finding the right project management software for your content marketing team.

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Features of A Good Project Management Software

Features Of Project Management Software


Without a proper way of communication, your team won’t work as a cohesive unit.

Especially for groups working remotely, constant communication with coworkers is among the most vital of components when working as a team.

It is critical that your software has a way for effective communication and maintaining adaptability when problems arise.Trying to run a content marketing campaign without talking about the crafting, writing, and publishing of your conte

nt will be virtually impossible.

Furthermore, how are you supposed to know who is handling what project and how far along they are?

In any aspect of business, communication is vital, and emails will only get you so far.

In many cases, a second form of communication is necessary for instant messaging for the clarification of instructions and problems in real-time.

Another useful tool is Zoho, which can help with many different levels of communication and management in your business.


The foundation of a functional content marketing team is the ability to collaborate.

Creating and publishing content involves the hands and eyes of everyone on your team.

So, it is imperative that your project management software has collaborative functions.

Content creation and marketing relies on the sharing of ideas, and this includes file sharing.

Email cannot provide the pace in which a content marketing team needs to work on files and pass them back and forth between members.

Additionally, email can come with some drawbacks — some people don’t check their email often, files can get lost in inboxes, and other email disasters can happen.

In recognition of these drawbacks, your project management software must have the file-sharing capabilities at speeds that can keep up with your team members’ ideas and processes.

No matter what advertising or marketing methods you are exploring, the important thing is that you have a PR and marketing platform that can measure your results.

This is something that can be approached manually, but without the right connections and moving parts in place, it can end up taking a lot more time than expected.

It is also recommended that you supplement your project management software with a collaborative tool such as Google Docs.

Google Docs is an extremely cost-effective app that allows team members to work on the same document, in real-time.

With these two tools combined, you can work on a document with a coworker on Google Docs, and send it to another employee through your project management software for them to work on or edit.

Project Management Duties

Other than the functions above, you’ll want to make sure that your project management software performs all of the duties that will keep your content marketing campaign running smoothly.

Since there are different project management software, each one puts their flare on the user experience of the functions they provide.

However, you’ll want to make sure that your software provides some crucial elements.

First and foremost, your project management software or tool needs to have a working calendar.

In the process of content creation and marketing, there are deadlines to meet, and you don’t want projects to be constantly up in the air.

The firm tracking of dates to remember is vital in any business operation, and your content marketing campaign is no different.

Marking the priority, and the ability to assign tasks to others is another part of a content marketing team’s processes.

Facilitating effective time management, understanding the priority of upcoming tasks can keep your team members in the loop.

During the creative process of content creation, it is good to know how much time you have to work on a project while acknowledging projects that you have to get started on shortly.

QuickBooks illustrates the importance and convenience of a project management software, saying that…

“with a project management tool, you won’t need to ask your employees for that one email or the status of that one project. All ongoing and completed work—along with all relevant information—will be instantly accessible.”

So, make sure your software can let a team member work on a task, mark it as urgent, and notify the next team member that the project needs to be at the top of their list.

This function will elevate time management and productivity levels while avoiding confusion.

Tips For Finding The Right Project Management Software

Tips For Finding The Right Project Management Software

Calculating Cost

Deciding how much you want to spend on your project management software is tricky.

Of course, you want to provide the best tools for your content management team, but you’d also like to be cost-efficient.

Things to consider when calculating the cost of your software are how well it performs necessary duties, alternative software, and your team’s feedback on the software you’re considering to go with.

You don’t want to be paying for extra features that are going to be seldom used or little understood by your teammates.

So, make sure you try out and  do your research on other project management software and listen to your team’s feedback.

Trying Alternatives

How else are you going to find out exactly what you need in a project management software than to try out all of your options?

You wouldn’t blindly buy a car without doing your research first, would you?

While a project management software is not as expensive as a car, it will save you time, money, and frustration to take the time to make sure you are going with the right one.

There are many options for a project management software, and all come with different ways to perform the same tasks or offer different functions entirely.

Your object here is to see how well the user experience and services offered corresponds with your content marketing objectives and team member preferences.

Get Feedback From Your Team

Your team’s input on the project management software you are considering could ultimately make your decision for you.

If your team doesn’t like or understand the software you are thinking of choosing, it is in everyone’s best interest to go with another software — rather than spending the time and money trying to learn and deal with software that no one likes or understands.

User experience is subjective to the people using the software, as well as the tasks you will be performing.

If the software you are considering doesn’t fit your content marketing team’s goals or preferences, don’t waste the money on buying it.

Additionally, listening to your team’s opinion will illuminate some function of a project management software that you will lean on heavily and some that you may not use at all.

Why pay the extra money for things you won’t use, or waste the money on software that doesn’t carry out the functions you need it to?

Your team’s feedback will be valuable during your decision to choose a project management software.

Wrapping Up

Finding the right project management software is a decision that can make or break your content marketing campaign.

Instead of wasting time and money, your team could be on its way to creating some very compelling content and marketing strategies.

The information above will help you get started on your way to finding the perfect project management software for you and your team.