Promote Your Website Free: Not-so-Obvious Tips

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Are you trying to get creative on different ways to promote your website free? Once you’ve got the SEO figured out, you’ve done online directories and you’ve worked on interesting blogs and hilarious social media posts, it’s time to start thinking outside the box.

What are some ways to promote your site at no cost that I’m not thinking of? Don’t start spending money on billboards and advertisements; instead try these not so obvious techniques for promoting your website that won’t cost you any money.

Promote Your Website Free-Sometimes it’s all in the signature

At the end of every email, you sign off with something like “Sincerely, Matt Smith,” right? When you’re emailing dozens of people each day, it doesn’t hurt to tweak this part of your emails knowing that hundreds of people could see it daily right?

Take advantage of this knowledge so that when you start sending and receiving so many emails, you can create a signature that will provide a link to your website. Business owners already include their name and company name in their signature, so why not go one step further in adding your website and company’s motto? Aren’t these some excellent ways to promote your website free?

Add a bit of color to make it pop in the email so that someone at some point will notice and check it out. You could add your social media pages and a sentence describing what you do or a business-related, inspiring quote.


Did you even realize that every time you meet someone or hit up a networking event that you could be promoting your business? Every interaction is a chance to tell more people about what you do, which could lead to business relationships.

You don’t have to spend money on conferences to meet potential clients and customers but just figure out who your target audience is and start hanging out where they do. This might mean attending meet-ups, going to trade shows or going to social events related to your field. If you’re looking online, simply start using sites like LinkedIn, join groups related to your industry and when you connect with someone, offer a discount to your ebook or a link to your blog.

Tell all of your friends and family about your website too so that they can spread the word. Don’t be shy about talking to a stranger on a bus or person at the bank about what you do because you never know who might be looking for your services.

Don’t be afraid to get involved in the community too. Some of the most successful people are those that do more than just go to work. They attend events, go to town meetings, show up at community events and volunteer. Take this example and get involved in the community yourself. You are bound to meet people and discuss business which could lead to you gaining more clients.

Cold calls

Another free solution is to start making cold calls. This would be an unsolicited call to attempt to sell someone a product or service. It’s a hit or miss solution because it can be uncomfortable and scary but it could also be the way you find that customer that’s been looking for a solution like yours.

Look for people to call by narrowing down to the types of people and businesses that more likely to become a customer. You’ll have to research a bit but it’s possible. Learn as much as you can about them on the phone to make sure their needs are something you can provide them before they make a visit to you for the product or service.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to write press releases. When you launch a new business, product or service or simply make a big change that is worth telling people about, it’s worth writing a press release to inform the public about it. This written announcement is geared toward the media and can be sent to press release sites like so that your information can hit radio stations, news outlets and search engines.

Use these tips to promote your website for no cost in simple ways that were under your nose all along. If you choose hosting from FatCow, you will gain added benefits to help you promote your website with hundreds of dollars in advertising credits.

by Brett Helling
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