Make your blog posts dynamic, thought provoking, and unforgettable.

When it comes right down to it, there isn’t a lot of difference between speaking and writing. One uses the voice, the other uses written words. It boils down to basic communication.

Whether you speak in public or not, the same strategies can be applied to the written word in your blog.

One key point to blogging (and public speaking) is to maximize the audience’s attention and retain their attention.

Tips from the realm of public speaking that you can apply to writing and getting your message across.

1. Establish a pattern- In blogging, this means to have a schedule for updating your blog. People are creatures of habit. They like patterns.

Use associations in your writing. People have better memory retention if they can associate what you’re saying (or writing) to something else.

2. KISS- This is an acronym meaning, “Keep it Simple, Stupid” or “Keep it Simple, Silly.” This isn’t saying you can’t use technical language, just make sure your readers understand it. Clarify and reinforce the information.

3. Add variety- Break out of the shell once in awhile and have fun. Entertain your audience.

4. Motivate your audience- The material you’re presenting to them must be important or they wouldn’t be reading it. If it’s not important to every reader, then give them reasons why it should be important to them.

5. Use a strong opening- A reader usually decides if they want to read the material by the end of the first sentence. You’ve grabbed their attention with the headline or title–keep their attention with a killer intro.

6. Use vivid words and descriptions- If it’s possible with the material you’re presenting, bring the reader’s senses into play. Give them something more than words on the screen. Help them visualize it, feel it, smell it–whatever sense you can invoke with the reader.

7. End with a firm statement- Leave the readers with a clear message. Make sure that message is stated again in the end to reinforce its importance.

Open strong. Finish strong. Have a good time and give great information in between.

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