TubeMogul is a very powerful online tool for video publishing; it’s basically like except for videos, with an added bonus of in-depth analytics. With TubeMogul, you upload a video and send it to multiple sites at one time. A list of support video sites can be found here. It also allows publishers, both large and small, to gain a better understanding of how well their videos are being received by their viewers via charts and graphs.


Some of the benefits of using TubeMogul:

  • It saves you time by eliminating the hassle of having to upload videos to numerous sites individually plus, you can track all your videos in one central location.
  • By taking advantage of the option to upload your videos to multiple sites, you can reach a larger audience and increase your viewership.
  • The in-depth charts, graphs and analytics allow you to better understand your viewers so that your content can be more targeted towards their interests.
  • The ability to share your data with others is a great addition to marketing campaigns and also nice for sending to interested advertisers and sponsors.
  • The marketplace is a great place for potential advertising to find you.


Not only can you track your own videos and content on TubeMogul, but you can also track those from other video producers. Unfortunately, you can only follow up to five producers for free.

To do this, you simply need to choose which site the video or producer is on and then enter either their URL, username, or the video URL. If you choose, you can then put these videos and/or producers into custom groupings for comparing or just viewing all their stats at one glance. Once again, you can only create up to five groups. If you want to follow or create more than five, you will need to upgrade your account – which of course costs money.

The chart above is similar to part of what you will see on your dashboard. This chart can be edited to display any video or publisher that you’d like to track. Also, once your add your own videos, you’ll have the option to add those to the chart as well. From your dashboard, you will also be able to see stats at a glance of each videos and/or producer that you’re following. From there you can choose to view reports for each one individually. This can also be great for marketing purposes because you can see how your competition compares to you.

When uploading your video, you can enter metadata – title, tag, and description. You can also choose which sites you’d like the video to be uploaded to. After doing this, you will be able to keep track of the status of your videos per site. TubeMogul then stores the links and embed codes to all of your videos, making them easily accessible to you. Once your video has successfully been added to each site, you will also receive an email notifying you along with a link to the video on each site.

Once you fill out your profile you’ll need to verify your credentials for each account that you add. Doing this proves that you are who you say you are and ensures that your stats are reported accurately.

In your account settings you’ll also be able to keep track of how many videos you publish each month. You only can only publish 100 videos a month for free. If you are a power video publisher, you’ll need to upgrade to publish more than 100 videos per month.

There’s also the TubeMogul marketplace which, is great for advertising purposes. Your stats are displayed for potential advertisers to see. In the marketplace you can browse and search all users and also see who was recently added.

Lastly there are the email reports that you can choose to receive. It’s nice because you can pick and choose which reports you receive on a daily or weekly basis. As you can see below, not only can you get reports for your own content but also from the producers that you’ve bookmarked. Once again, this allows you to keep up with those competitors on a daily or weekly basis.

So as you can see, TubeMogul is a must use marketing tool for video publishers and those wanting to stay on top of their competition. I definitely feel that it can benefit video bloggers as well. If you are already a TubeMogul user, feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments. If not, is this something you plan on trying and utilizing for your videos?

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