Quick and Easy Tips for Protecting Your Website

By: | Updated: March 25, 2021

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By using our Quick and Easy Tips you can start Protecting Your Website and Ensuring that your website is secure, is something that you want to keep up to date on. Hackers can attack at any time, and destroy what you worked so hard to build. If your site is not properly protected, you could have to start from ground zero and rebuild your site. They can obtain private material that could interfere with your daily life. Identity theft is something you never want to be the victim of.
There are a number of ways you can vamp up your website security, and ensure you are thoroughly protected.

Protecting Your Website With Updates


Application and coding needs to be updated regularly because outdated material will weaken your site’s defense, and allow hackers to find the information they are seeking. Ensure you are running the latest versions of WordPress or Joomla, as well as the most up to date application. It is so easy for a hacker to enter your site when you are running outdated software. Once they are in, they can do whatever they want to your site.


Yes, we have a million of them, but they do serve a very good purpose. Passwords can be one of the best security measures. This will include following guidelines when creating your passwords. You want to choose a password that is not easy to guess. If for any reason a person obtains one of your passwords, they can usually guess other combinations that you may have used. This could be a free ticket to your control panel, as well as your banking account.



Ensure all your files and folders are masked, and backed up to your server. Some suggest putting an empty index.html file in each folder that is located on your public directory. This will hinder others from seeing your content with ease. CPanel Controls and Index Manager play a key role in this. The admin folder can also be protected with a password. It will be an added step that a hacker has to get through before gaining access to your site.

What if I get Hacked?


We can put all the security measures in place, and still end up with a hacker. When you realize that your website has been hacked into, you need to act immediately. This will help lessen the issues that the hacker can cause. Start by changing all website passwords.
Access your hosting account to begin restoring updates of applications and plugins. All websites have the potential to be hacked, you just have to know how you can quickly gain control of your site once again. Using good security tactics will help lessen your chances of being hacked.
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