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Quick Tips to Improve Your Website, Blog, and Social Media Efforts



How you will make your website work for you? Often this question strikes every blogger in the blogosphere.

make your website work for you

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs design and spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on their website a year, yet the website is not effective. It is not enough to have a nice-looking website. It is not enough to have a functional website. Your website needs to work for you.

Here are some ways to make your website work for you.

Your domain name matters

Keep it simple, sensible and not too long. If your domain name is too long who will remember it? Here are some tips to choose a domain name.

Make sure your website corresponds to your Brand

To properly brand your business, it’s not wise to have one look at your business card and another look on the website. When your visitors visit your website, how will they recognize and realize that it is the same company?

Add a Frequently Asked Questions Page

Website visitors love FAQ pages when they want to learn about your company. It’s one of the first places they will want to go. Give them one.

The benefit of creating your FAQ page allows you to answer the most common questions you are asked about your company. Another benefit is you get to answer the questions you wish people would ask you about your company.

Take Advantage of What Social Media has to Offer

A website is going to be extremely important to have. If you can add a blog to your site to create content on a daily or weekly basis, that’s even better. This will also help with the SEO and search ranking process.

However, it would be a mistake to neglect the opportunity that lies within the world of social media as well. For example, nearly a decade ago, MySpace and Facebook were the hot social networks to be on. Facebook is still great today, but Instagram and Snapchat are what new audiences and the younger generation are using most.

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure you are focusing efforts on how to increase Instagram likes and also bring in new social followers on a daily basis.

It’s one thing to make sure your website and blog are creating content, but it’s another to make sure it’s being seen by the right audiences. Uses social media to syndicate your content to different platforms and audiences whenever a new article goes live on your site.

Make your site Affable

A user-friendly and beautiful website can make you earn millions and more. You can make your website alluring by using insane themes provided by WordPress and other theme providers. A sizzling theme and a well-designed website can make you successful in just a few days.

The good news is that most WordPress themes will now be completely responsive and make your site viewable across all devices. Even if you are using an outdated or custom WordPress theme that doesn’t have these options in place, there are still plenty of WordPress themes that can help out with this process.

Make Your Website Responsive

Did you know that more audiences are accessing your site content through mobile and tablet devices than ever before? It’s true — and these numbers are just going to continue growing on a daily basis.

You can actually take a look at these latest numbers from SmartInsights and see how much time is being spent on individual device usages, such as desktop, tablet, and mobile phones.

Benefit — Since there is a 50% chance of someone looking at your site is on a mobile device vs. a desktop computer, this has become important. With that being said, you must have a responsive WordPress site design in place.

Understand your customer

When designing your website, it’s important to know that it’s not actually about you, but how you can help your customer.

Design your site to communicate how you can address their problem.

Until you understand your customers and their single biggest reason for visiting your site, you will very likely stumble through the rest of this piece.

When you pinpoint what drives visitors to seek out your site, you can create a homepage that will not only welcome your consumer but convert them into a sale.

Content is KING to make your website work for you

Content is vital to the success of your website working for you.

Remember you only have about 5 seconds to get & keep their attention or they are off to the next shiny object. One of the ways to get and keep their attention is to make sure you are speaking their language.

Make sure that you make it obvious why you’ve invited them to your website. Make sure that you include a call to action.

Content also helps you rank higher in Google organic search. If you are not familiar with search engine optimization, consider getting help. Websites like StartOfService can help you find a search engine optimization professional in your local area.

Walk according to keywords

Take the time to see what your keywords should be on your website. It is a basic function that every website should have and is needed to ensure that your website works for you.

You can use google keyword planner to find keywords that have low competition and high volume. Don’t forget to set-up Google analytics so that you can track your metrics.


These are just some of the ways to make your website work for you. Internet marketers also recommend getting a lead capture form on your website that captures leads. It’s one way to get the contact details of a visitor who visits your page.


Blogging for a Living: Mindset Considerations



Blogging for a living seems fun and freeing. I agree.

I blogged for a bit as a pro. Living this lifestyle of working when, how and where you want to work feels awesome. But mindset plays a chief role in becoming a professional blogger. Few aspiring bloggers know this. I believe successful blogging is between the ears. How you choose to think, feel and act determines your blogging success or failure. Before you decide to blog for a living keep these considerations in mind.

Big Shifts Needed

I made a huge shift from scarcity to abundance to blog full time. You likely need to make the same shift because most folks grow up conditioned with feelings of poverty, scarcity, lack and limitation. Prepare for uncomfortable bumps in the blogging road during early days. Although you desire success and work hard, owning, facing, feeling and releasing fear-pain to develop your abundance consciousness feels highly unpleasant in moments. Be ready to make a huge mindset shift in order to blog full time.

Manage Your Energy Daily

Spend 30 minutes or more managing your energy to vibe from abundance, love, peace, generosity and trust. Pro bloggers vibe stable to become pro bloggers. Manage your energy to maintain a stable, calm vibe. I meditate, do Kriya yoga, do yin yoga and exercise daily. Do whatever vibes with you. Begin meditating with 5 minute sessions to slowly build up your habit. Expand your awareness. Manage your energy daily.

Be Aware of Your Thoughts and Feelings

Hands down, this is the most uncomfortable mental consideration to make because people plow through life on auto pilot. Most bloggers have no idea how they think and feel. Fewer understand how their thinking and feeling affects their blogging campaign or life in general. Blogging seems difficult but discomfort seems to be the culprit. Become hyper aware of your thoughts and feelings. Observe the difference between discomfort and true difficulties. I feel discomfort now because I have 3 hours to get my work done. We meet with friends tonight for dinner. But completing work in 3 hours seems not difficult to me, although finishing the task tests my limits, feeling quite uncomfortable.

Blogging for a living requires intense mental due diligence. Some people seem born with an expanded awareness. Other folks grow up around success conscious people. But the majority needs to practice being aware of their thoughts and feelings to succeed because until you own, feel and release destructive thought and feeling patterns you have a tough time making any headway with your blogging campaign. Being a successful business owner requires complete honesty with self. Example; 2 minutes ago, after enjoying a quick bowl of cereal, I found myself lost in a 5 minute YouTube basketball loop. I scanned a few videos to enjoy. But being honest with myself alerted me to my error; I have less than 3 hours to get my work done, so why do I waste time scanning YouTube basketball videos? Being honest and flat out straight with myself brought me back to here to write this post.

Nobody said this blogging journey guarantees an easy ride, but the fun and freedom of blogging for a living seems worth the mental discomfort.


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1 Often Ignored Factor for Blogging Success



Successful blogging expands on a foundation of trust.

People must trust you before they hire you or buy your stuff. Bloggers must trust you before they give you admin rights to guest post on their blog. Zac Johnson gave me publishing rights 4 years ago. Over 1000 guest posts ago, he trusted me enough to offer me log in credentials and the right to publish posts on his blog. Did earning that trust occur easily for me. No; of course not. Hundreds to thousands of hours of blogging factor in to gaining both skills and exposure enough to land publishing rights on perhaps the top blogging tips blog on earth. But did earning his trust seem worth it? Yes, of course. I circle the globe as a pro blogger, living a life of fun and freedom. Publishing guest posts here factored into my globe trotting lifestyle.

New bloggers often mean well but seem deluded. Newbies believe they can guest post anywhere, land clients any time and attract eBook customers within days or weeks of buying their domain and hosting. Impossible. Why? Newbie bloggers seem highly unskilled and lack massive exposure. Makes perfect sense. If you have 40 hours of blogging practice under your belt, how can you earn any reader’s, customer’s or client’s trust? You cannot because you have no clue what you are doing yet, possessing few skills and virtually no exposure. Do not worry, newbie bloggers; put in the generous effort and time, and you will gain skills and exposure enough to be trusted, and with trust comes increasing traffic and increasing blogging profits.

Trust Example

My friend Eric Cole just bought one of my eBooks along with an eBook from rockstar entrepreneur Chris Brogan:

Eric bought our eBooks because he trusts us. He trusts us because we both put in tens of thousands of hours practicing, creating and connecting, giving much of our lives to serving people and building our businesses. Note; Chris has been at this game far longer than I. We practiced, gain skills and exposure, popped up on the blogging radar screen, and more awesome folks notice us.

I did not kill myself by working myself to death, to gain trust and to earn credibility, but I had to follow my fun – blogging passionately – and nudge into fears to do enough creating and connecting to the point where I became skilled and known enough to earn credibility. This is the eBook of mine Eric bought:

How to Find Your Writing Voice

At one point, this was the highest rated eBook in its category, with 59 reviews, almost all 5 star reviews. Why did Eric buy it? Why did it become the highest rated eBook in its category on all of Amazon? I spent thousands of hours writing, gained skills and exposure, earned trust and success flowed to me. No way could I write this eBook 2 weeks into my blogging career. No skills! No exposure! No trust! How could I teach people how to find your writing voice? I could only write 300 words back then before crying in frustration, LOL 🙂 If I could only write 300 unclear, not too confident, words, nobody trusted my writing or blogging skills. Every single blogger you meet struggles through a similar journey as a newbie.

Never overlook the trust factor. Practice your butt off. Create and connect for thousands of hours. Trust will come. Credibility will knock on your cyber door. Steadily earning the trust of more folks accelerates your blogging success and oh yeah, it’s definitely worth it.


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How to Deal with the Overwhelm of Blogging Success



I am no blogging billionaire. Currently.

But some days, as success builds, I feel overwhelmed. How do you devote time and energy to blogging and live a rich life offline too? Do you feel overwhelmed by slow, steadily increasing blogging success? Even though experiencing success feels good, the increased responsibility may feel daunting. I love my gig. But in moments, I fear being up until 1 AM to complete my work day.

Follow these tips to deal with the overwhelm of blogging success.

1: Address the Overwhelmed Feeling as Being Fear

Feeling overwhelmed is fear, plain and simple. Feel the fear. Fear passes. Overwhelm vanishes.

All successful business owners need face, feel and release fears to accelerate their growth. Every successful blogger faces, feels and releases overwhelmed emotions to proceed from a calm, abundant energy. Face your fears. Feel and release overwhelm to proceed from a calm, peaceful energy.

2: Trade Overwhelm for Gratitude

Change your perspective. Trade the overwhelmed feeling for a feeling of genuine gratitude for money flowing freely to you. Even if you love your gig, taking on increased responsibility feels uncomfortable sometimes. But receiving more and more money for your increased responsibility frees you from financial stresses like worrying about paying bills. Dwell on gratitude. Overwhelm dies quickly in an appreciative environment. Making more money and largely enjoying the ride feels fun, good and freeing. Remember this any time overwhelmed, swamped emotions flood your mind.

3: Ask for Help

Hire someone to help with specific blogging tasks. Outsource. Hand off certain tasks to free up your schedule. Reduce overwhelm by hiring someone to help you or by coming to a mutually beneficial agreement which lessens your blogging load. Hire experts to help you in your business. Outsource intelligently to relax, to leverage and to let go the feeling of being completely burned out with your blogging business duties.

 4: Simplify Your Interactions

A few folks pitched me sponsored post opportunities today. I responded with 2 sentences. I used approximately 9 words and 8 seconds to respond to each email. Release overwhelm by simplifying interactions. Seven figure bloggers sometimes respond only to 1 or 2 sentence emails. Pros often respond with 1-2 words. Otherwise, pros become completely overwhelmed with the sheer volume of business opportunities flowing to their inbox daily. Use a few words to make your point and to dissolve the swamped feeling plaguing successful bloggers.

5: Reduce Interactions

Iconic, fictitious trader Gordon Gekko said in the movie Wall Street: “100 deals cross my desk every day. I choose one.”

As the sponsored post pitches, partnership pitches and overall work volume builds, you need to physically respond to only a small handful of engagements daily to leverage, to keep increasing your traffic and to keep increasing your blogging profits. No highly successful bloggers responds to 1000 plus interactions daily through email, Twitter and Facebook because you need to give most of your time, attention and energy to creating content and building bonds versus desperately trying to respond to every retweet, at least if you want your blogging business to keep growing.

Surrender. After responding to a handful of emails and retweets, let everything else go, to focus your attention and energy on what brings the greatest scale, what benefits the most people and what benefits your blogging business. Tony Robbins gives most of his attention and energy to inspiring millions through live seminars, through doing TV interviews and by writing books; he ain’t responding individually to 5000 emails daily. Be 100% committed to your blog and business growth by giving your time and energy to what matters most.


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