Quora Marketing: How to Promote Your Business on the Popular Q&A Website

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An effective promotional strategy requires more than just advertising your business’s products or services.
You must show prospective customers than your business is knowledgable and credible in its respective field. Otherwise, they won’t trust your business, nor will they buy its products or services.
With Quora, you can achieve these promotional goals by establishing your business as a thought leader on one of the internet’s most popular websites.

What Is Quora?

Available at quora.com, Quora is an online community where users can ask and respond to questions.
It was founded in June 2009 by Adam D’Angelo, former Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Facebook, and Charlie Cheever, former Facebook engineer who helped develop Facebook Connect.
D’Angelo and Cheever acknowledged the need for an online community based around questions and answers (Q&A).
While there were other Q&A websites at the time, including Yahoo Answers, they were filled mostly with junk answers. Using their collective experience in the social media industry, D’Angelo and Cheever built Quora.
Quora is now the internet’s leading Q&A website, with users posting an average of 3,000 to 6,000 questions on it each day.

The Basics of Quora Promotion: What You Should Know

You can promote your business on Quora by responding to relevant questions.
The same consumers who buy your business’s products or services may visit the Q&A website for answers to their questions.
By responding to these questions with a helpful and valuable answer, prospective customers will perceive your business as a thought leader. They’ll see your business is knowledgable and credible, so they’ll have more confidence in its products or services.
When you respond to a question on Quora, your answer will likely be viewed by other users besides the original poster.
Quora has a search feature that allows users to search for existing Q&A threads. Rather than creating a new thread, a user may search for an existing thread containing his or her question.
Quora threads also tend to rank high in Google’s search results since Google can tell which Quora threads containing a helpful and valuable answer to a question.
Google will look at both the content of a Quora thread — the text and media of the thread’s question and its answer or answers — as well as its engagement signals.
Content-rich threads with lots of followers, comments, shares and upvoted answers will often rank high for the questions they answer.

Complete Your Quora Profile

You’ll need to complete your profile to effectively promote your business on Quora.
To join the Q&A website, you can either create a new account from the homepage, or you can log in using your Google or Facebook account.
Regardless of the method you use, your profile will only contain your name by default. You’ll have to complete it by logging in to your account and adding more information about yourself and your business.
To complete your Quora profile, log in and click the placeholder profile icon in the upper-right corner, followed by your name. You should then see several editable sections.
Clicking the profile icon will allow you to upload a photo to use as your profile icon. You can add a description that includes your business’s name and operations, as well as a link to its website, by clicking “Write a description about yourself” directly below the profile icon.
In the “Credentials and Highlights” section, you can add information about your employment, education and location.
Since this information is displayed alongside your name for every answer you post, be sure to mention your business as your place of employment.
Even if your business has no other employees, you can still list it on your profile’s credentials.

Create Unique Answers

Don’t copy and paste the same answer for multiple questions. Instead, take the time to create a unique answer for each of them. Quora doesn’t prohibit users from posting duplicate answers, but it’s a waste of time nonetheless.
When multiple threads contain the same content, users may request a merge. Quora will then consolidate them into a single thread.
Since the original threads contain the same answer, it will only show one instance of the answer in the new thread.
You can respond to questions on the same topic; just create unique answers so that they won’t get removed during a merge.

Go Into Detail

When responding to questions, go into as much detail as possible. Long and detailed answers typically generate more upvotes than their short and broad counterparts. With more upvotes, Quora will display your answers higher on threads, where they are seen by more users.
Quora limits the length of questions to no more than 300 characters. It doesn’t, however, limit the length of answers. SEMRush recommends using up to 1,000 words when writing most answers.
If you’re responding to a complex or technical question, you may need to elaborate in even more words to create a valuable answer.

Format Answers for Readability

A common mistake marketers and business owners make on Quora is overlooking the readability of their answers. You can write a long and detailed answer that’s valuable to users, but if they can’t easily read it, your business won’t benefit from it.
Fortunately, Quora supports multiple formatting options for answers. You can create subheadings in multipart answers by making the words bold. If you’re quoting someone, there’s a button to include a proper pair of quotation marks.
To add a link, highlight the text that you want to use as the anchor text and click the link button.
Quora also supports images and videos.
To include an image in an answer, click the image icon and choose the image on your computer’s storage drive.
To include a video in an answer, you must first upload it to YouTube or Vimeo.
You can then copy and paste the video’s URL anywhere in your answer to automatically embed it.

Wrapping Up

Quora isn’t a substitution for traditional advertising methods, nor should you use it as such. As a Q&A website, it allows you to showcase your expertise in a particular field while improving your business’s reputation in the process.

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