Why Rackspace VPS Is A Leader in Hosting

By: | Updated: March 28, 2021

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Why Rackspace VPS Is A Leader in Hosting

Of all of the VPS hosting solutions of current, Rackspace seems to be one of the leaders in the industry. They’re mostly known for their Cloud efforts, which are routinely talked about in many different circles. And while that is definitely seen as their biggest draw, it’s not all they do, they offer a good VPS.

Your Rackspace VPS Review

That in and of itself is actually pretty surprising, as it’s actually pretty rare that you find such a company held in high esteem for their cloud hosting technology offering a VPS. But, of course, Rackspace is not your standard company. They even go as far as to say this when you visit their website.

What’s Different About Rackspace

In a word – the people are different at Rackspace. It’s all too often that you get all wrapped up in the marketing speak of hosting companies, and there sure is enough of that out there. While they definitely have enough marketing speak on their website, they really do a good job of letting a person know that they’re really a big family.

All sorts of smiling people who seem to believe in what they’re doing – and furthermore – what the company as a whole are doing. Sure, a lot of companies really do believe in themselves, but it seems like the Rackspace employees get paid in belief. It’s actually pretty refreshing, and something that we really think sets them apart from a lot of their competitors.

It’s hard to sum up what they call “Racker Culture,” but it’s unlike many companies out there. In short, they do a lot for their employees, and it seems as if they’re as close of a family that one can get.

This doesn’t even touch on the community outreach programs they’re involved with, which is probably one of the most admirable things, especially in an area when companies are much more about their bottom line than giving back to others. Of course, it may seem as if we’re as far from the point as possible – talking about Rackspace VPS – but this is all important to make the biggest point of all.

The Point

When you’re looking for a hosting company, you want to make sure that they’re capable of doing everything that you’d need them to do. Not only do they have to possess the technical aptitude to handle your account, but they also have to really care about what they’re doing.

With this focus on community and culture at Rackspace, it’s safe to assume that most people there really do want to provide a service that no one else does, and will motivate others to keep their eye on the prize. This is an element that some companies don’t have, and it’s definitely something that should be mandatory of companies, not just those that offer virtual private servers.

What They Offer

Now that we’ve touched on the rhetoric of the company, it’s time to get down to the meat. Rackspace VPS are actually good solutions, though it’s handled a bit differently, as it’s in the cloud. Furthermore, they boast a couple of other things that many companies can’t match. For example, they promise instant scalability.

This means that at any given time you can instantaneously add more resources if you ever were to see some spikes in traffic, whether that’s due to a new deploy, product launch, or anything else. Normally, it takes a good amount of time for companies to add these additional features. And while that’s not a bad thing, it’s just better when you can just add stuff quickly.

This feature alone is also good because there’s a time where we all need to scale, as all successful companies do after a while. It’s essential for the small business or blogger to be able to easily grow as they pass milestones, and there’s the need for a company to provide support as needed. Rackspace allows the ability to do it without a lot of hiccup.

They supplement this ability with eliminating the need to gamble. You don’t need to try and figure out exactly what you need when you’re growing. You just pay for what you use, all the way up to 30GB of RAM for just $10.95 a month. You also get 10GB HDD, HyperVisor Virtualization, 256MB RAM, fully managed plans that can be added on, and a public and private IP.

In short, Rackspace is definitely one of the companies that are worth looking for if you’re looking for a awesome VPS. While there definitely are cheaper companies out there to use, as some even offer their services for half of that price, Rackspace isn’t one of those fly-by-night companies that will cause you headache with their frequent downtime and terrible customer service.

There are a plethora of companies out there that can provide you this at a low price, but is it something that’s actually worth saving the few bucks a month?

Because, for many, you’re buying a bit more than space with Rackspace, it actually seems as if you’re buying into a pretty positive culture, too.

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