You might already have a good knowledge on SEO but what I’m going to tell you in this post is the single method that most of the affiliate bloggers use to get their blog posts to rank in the front page of search engines, get hundreds of visitors and make huge profits.

Search engine visitors are the best quality visitors you can get according to most people. I believe in that too when it comes to affiliate blogging. You can get search engine traffic by using PPC (Pay Per Click). But if you know or have the time to work on ranking well with your blog posts in the search engine, you are going to save money.

There are many other sources for traffic like social media, blog commenting etc. But the visitors that come from these sources don’t buy in most cases. As an affiliate blogger, you want to sell (recommend, as I call it) to your visitors. For selling your products or affiliate products, search engine traffic is the best.

So what is the method I’m talking about?
You are right (are you?). It is Article Marketing.

I have written previously about article marketing as a source for getting traffic to your blog. Article marketing has one more advantage. The posts or pages that you link to, using the author bio will improve its ranking in search engines. Let me tell you how you can get the best out of article marketing.

Firstly, article marketing is a method in which you write articles and submit to article directories. By doing so, you are giving rights to other publishers and mailing list owners to use your article. At the end of the article, you will have an author bio. In this space, you will enter information about you or the product and give a link to the blog post using your main keyword as the anchor text. When they publish it, they will be sending traffic to your blog posts.

How this will help SEO?
When they publish it, they are linking to your blog post using the keyword you want to rank. As a result, you will get a lot of backlinks to the blog post for your main keyword. When you publish it in the article directory, it will count as a back link too. Some article directories like Ezine Articles will boost the blog post’s ranking by many times in search.

There is one another reason to use article directories. The articles that you submit will also tend to rank in the search engines. Articles in article directories like Ezine Articles rank well in search engines. See the picture above. For ‘blogging to the bank 2 review” search in google, there are 2 (3 and 4) results from Ezine Articles.This means you get traffic from the article you write, from other publishers and from search engines directly.

Have you used article marketing before? Did you get good results? Please share your views in the comments.