Cutting through the noise of the ever-expanding Internet is a challenge for any marketer. At the same time, publishers are always on the lookout for new monetization opportunities and innovative ways to reach new audiences. Offering a compelling solution for all parties involved is ReachMobi, allowing you to send time-sensitive messages to users no matter where they are on the web.

How Can ReachMobi Help Me?

When you look at many other promotional and marketing methods, you’re really only reaching out to users when they’re already in your app or on your website. You’re at the mercy of their schedule. Even in the case of email marketing, you can only grab their attention when they are actively checking their messages. ReachMobi reaches users at any time, no matter where they are or what they are doing online.

The foundation of this solution is through the use of web push notifications. You may have noticed dialog boxes popping up on some of your favorite websites, asking for permission to send push messages through your web browser. ReachMobi taps into that paradigm, allowing you to push real-time notifications to users, perfectly targeted at the right time at the right place.

From the publishers point of view, this represents a new opportunity for monetization, as some of the push notifications can be to promote a paid advertiser. For marketers, web push notifications provide a new channel to gain a broader reach.

Leveraging Push Notifications

Chances are that you are already familiar with the push notifications you receive on your smartphone. Even if you don’t have the Facebook app actively open, for instance, you’ll get a push notification when someone replies to your status update. You might receive push notifications from your email app, your weather app, your favorite mobile game and more. Everyone has become comfortable and familiar with this ecosystem.

Web push notifications work in fundamentally the same way, except they are being pushed inside of a web browser. As the user surfs around the web and goes about his day, he may receive a push notification in the corner of his browser, promoting your content or showing an advertiser’s message.

Just like the push notification that appears on the lock screen or notification area on your smartphone, a web push notification can similarly show an image, a title line, a message and a clickable link. That fourth component is critical both for reaching your audience and for providing value to advertisers.

Here are the three things ReachMobi’s web push notification solution does for your business:

  • Grow Your Audience: As an advertiser, it can be difficult to get to the right user at the right time with the right message. Web push notifications overcome these hurdles, giving you the chance to reach out and form meaningful, long-term connections with your prospective audience. ReachMobi already works with such top brands as Car and Driver, Cosmopolitan, and Elle.
  • Re-Engage Your Audience: Loyal users are hard to find, and even harder to keep. If you have a rich media website and someone has been reading your content, ReachMobi allows you to re-engage that audience to keep them coming back. This way, a one-time reader can turn into a lifetime subscriber.
  • Monetize Your Audience: This is the thing that ReachMobi does that nobody else in the industry is doing. ReachMobi enables you to monetize your users by serving advertisers within your specific content vertical. They have strong relationships with direct advertisers as well as premium search partners and use cutting edge technology, big data, and advanced analytics to programmatically match the most relevant advertising with the exact audience most likely to respond.

What’s truly impressive about all of this is the fact that ReachMobi doesn’t just say they can grow an audience. They actually have. ReachMobi has successfully built and is monetizing an audience of over 15 million monthly active unique users simply by using their own web push notification solution. In terms of combining user engagement, relevant advertising, and web push notifications, what ReachMobi has done is nothing short of amazing.

As this can all be new ground for many marketers and publishers alike, ReachMobi maintains a growing library of useful articles to teach you the ins and outs of how to make the most of this system. You can learn about how you can monetize web push notifications as a new revenue channel for your online publication, for example.

It’s important to note that ReachMobi has created the only web push notification solution built for monetization. You can push out notifications about your own content, but you can also intersperse relevant advertiser content as part of your notification feed. These advertising messages are targeted specifically to your content verticals and will be seen by your users regardless of whether or not they’re on your site.

As a publisher, you earn a share of the revenue that is being generated through ReachMobi. These monetized offers come from Google and Yahoo elite, top-tier premium advertisers. You simply have to allow ReachMobi to send one monetization push notification per day, but you can send unlimited notifications for your own content.The revenue share is calculated on a dynamic basis. The team at ReachMobi will also work to optimize not only your push notifications, but also the monetized notifications for maximum impact. Expect top products and leading brands. ReachMobi currently has 15 million monthly unique users.

The revenue share is calculated on a dynamic basis. The team at ReachMobi will also work to optimize not only your push notifications, but also the monetized notifications for maximum impact. Expect top products and leading brands. ReachMobi currently has 15 million monthly unique users.

The Process to Get Started

As a publisher, it is remarkably easy to get started with ReachMobi. It literally only takes about five minutes, as all you need to do is insert one simple snippet of JavaScript. Even then, ReachMobi representatives can help you with implementation if needed and they will definitely follow up with you along the way to ensure everything is optimized. You then work with your rep to set up the messages you want to send and the rep will schedule your messages for you.

Not only is ReachMobi’s web push notification solution a must if you’re wanting to grow your audience, it’s 100% free to use. Plus, as mentioned, you are eligible to monetize your audience by sending brand name advertising to your users, targeted to your specific content vertical.

ReachMobi is open to all publishers and is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari (desktop) and Android.

Get started today by filling out a short form and ReachMobi will get back to you as soon as possible.