How To Make It Stupidly Easy For Readers To Subscribe To Your Email List

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One of the most important things you can do as a blogger is to grow your email list. The fastest way to grow your list is to create a lead magnet your readers want, get lots of traffic, and make it really easy for readers to subscribe to your list.
The more places you give them to subscribe, the easier it is for your readers to opt-in to get your emails. Here are some of the best places to put your opt-in forms to exponentially grow your email list.

1. Above The Fold/In The Header Of Your Blog

If you want to make sure your readers see your opt-in box, place it right below the header of your blog. When you put your opt-in box above the fold of your blog, it’s the first things your readers will see. As soon as they get to your blog, they’ll already be thinking about subscribing!
Derek Halpern calls this a Feature Box. For a higher converting Feature Box, choose a great headline and put a very noticeable button with it. (See mine above.) You want your headline to describe exactly what your readers will get when they download your lead magnet.
Bonus Tip: Use LeadPages (Affiliate link) to easily create your opt-in button and deliver your lead magnet to your subscribers. I use LeadPages for all of my Feature Boxes and I’ve grown my blog by thousands of subscribers as a result.[spacer height=”15px”]

2. After The Introduction And At The End Of Your Blog Post

So many bloggers make the mistake of creating a content upgrade and then putting their opt-in box for it at the far bottom of their blog post. Content upgrades are great list builders, but only if your readers actually see them! Many of your readers won’t read to the end of your post, so when you put your opt-in box there, you lose out on a lot of potential subscribers.
That’s why I suggest putting your opt-in box in two places in your blog post: after the introduction and at the end. That way, if a reader wants to grab your content upgrade, they don’t have to read your entire post to get it. And if they do take the time to read your whole post, it will be waiting for them at the bottom.

3. A Floating Bar Across The Top Or Bottom Of Your Blog

Another place to put your opt-in box is in a bar at the top or bottom of your blog. OptinMonster calls this a floating bar. When you put your lead magnet in a floating bar, your readers will continuously be reminded about it as they read your blog.
Even if they don’t think they want your lead magnet when they read, by the time they’ve read some of your great content, they’ll be ready to subscribe and your floating bar will be there to make it really easy for them. With OptinMonster, you can also show different floating bars to people who have already subscribed so that you can showcase new lead magnets or convert them into customers.

4. Landing Page

I see so many new bloggers make the mistake of not creating landing pages for their lead magnets. Landing pages are important because their sole purpose is to get your readers to sign up for your list. Because it focuses the entire page on your lead magnet, a reader is much more likely to subscribe to your list on a landing page than anywhere else on your blog.
You can also use landing pages to see which of your social media platforms are performing the best. For example, you can create an Instagram-specific landing page so that you can track how many Instagram followers are subscribing to your list there.
LeadPages makes it really easy for you to create conversion optimized landing pages. You can also duplicate your landing pages so you can customize them depending on where your readers are coming from. Click here to check it out.

5. Welcome Gate

SumoMe has an amazing feature called a Welcome Mat. When a visitor first comes to your website, instead of seeing your homepage or blog post, they will land on your Welcome Mat.
It’s like a very simple landing page that invites readers to subscribe before enjoying your content. Then, as soon as they scroll down, your Welcome Mat disappears and they can see the rest of your blog. A Welcome Mat guarantees that your readers will see your lead magnet and have the opportunity to subscribe to your email list without forcing them to go to a separate landing page. Put your most enticing lead magnet in it and watch your email list grow.

6. Scroll Box

Unlike the full-screen lightbox pop-ups that many bloggers use, scroll boxes are unobtrusive. They politely invite your readers to subscribe instead of filling their screen when they are trying to read your blog posts.
For example, you might have noticed the scroll box at the bottom right of my blog. It is definitely noticeable for people who want to subscribe, but if they want to wait until they’re done reading your post before subscribing, they can do that, too.
Most lead generation apps, including SumoMe and OptinMonster, have polite scroll boxes as a part of their package. You can also decide how far down your reader scrolls before seeing your scroll box, and you can specify which scroll boxes appear on which blog posts.

Over To You…

After reading this post, do you think you’ve made it easy enough for your readers to subscribe to your email list? Where are you going to add another opt-in box to your blog?[spacer height=”15px”]

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