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24+ Real Estate Affiliate Programs: Payouts & How To Sign Up 

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With an estimated market size of $226.8 billion in the United States, the real estate industry offers a large, lucrative field for niche website owners to get their skin in the game.

With real estate affiliate programs, you can use your website to generate passive income by promoting trusted, reliable products and services from industry leaders.

Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs (Overview)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

  1. Nolo Affiliate Program
  2. Buildium Affiliate Program
  3. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program
  4. BirdDogBot Affiliate Program
  5. DealCheck Affiliate Program
  6. For Sale By Owner Affiliate Program
  7. Architectural Designs Affiliate Program
  8. REIPro Affiliate Program
  9. Lex Levinrad Affiliate Program
  10. LeadsBridge Affiliate Program
  11. Foreclosure.com Affiliate Program
  12. AgentFire Affiliate Program
  13. Showcase IDX
  14. All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program
  15. Property M.O.B. Affiliate Program
  16. RentRedi Affiliate Program
  17. Corporate Housing by Owner Affiliate Program
  18. BoldLeads Affiliate Program
  19. Solutions Software Matrix Affiliate Program
  20. Round Sky Affiliate Program
  21. Avail Affiliate Program
  22. Carrot Affiliate Program
  23. Real Estate IQ Affiliate Program
  24. Land Century Affiliate Program

An Overview of Real Estate Affiliate Programs

The specific partnerships you pursue will depend on the topics you cover on your website, but there is some room for overlapping alliances, so long as they are relevant to your site visitors.

If you find the right mix, you can bring in significant cash through the real estate market without flipping houses or becoming a property manager.

What is an Affiliate Program in the Real Estate Niche?

The real estate industry is a tempting career for many, but the high cost of investing, licensing, and repairs can be a significant barrier to breaking into the industry.

Rather than competing with the existing pool of nearly 3 million real estate agents in the United States, use your online savvy to work your way to the top of your niche.

With affiliate programs in the real estate niche, you forge partnerships with web-based industry leaders willing to pay commissions for promoting their products or services through your site.

What Makes the Real Estate Niche Lucrative?

There is enormous interest in real estate, both casual and professional, and it has omnichannel appeal.

Social media feeds often feature influencers seeking to recruit agents to their team or showcasing their insider tips for making money in the market.

Even classic advertising strategies, like phone books and newspapers, still run classified ads for home listings and agents ready to work with new clients.

However, websites are quickly dominating as the go-to resource for real estate.

According to the National Association of Realtors, a whopping 97% of homebuyers began their search online, which doesn’t even account for the more casual interest in topics like renovating properties, home transformations, or how to get started flipping houses.

Quick Reference: List of Real Estate Affiliate Programs

Ready to monetize your real estate website or blog?

Get started on the right foot by choosing programs that offer the highest earning potential from trusted partners, many of which your audience is already familiar with.

What is the Highest Paying Real Estate Affiliate Program?

The New Silver affiliate program tops the list for most money-earning potential.

They offer partners a generous commission of $50 for every completed loan application and up to $750 for every closed loan.

With 6.1 million home sale transactions in the United States in 2021, the pool of potential candidates looking for financing options is massive.

How to Choose the Best Real Estate Affiliate Program

Signing up for every real estate affiliate program currently accepting partners might be tempting.

Still, not every partnership is a good fit for every website.

Instead, you should choose the programs that best fit your website niche, appeal to your audience, and offer the best chance to make money.

Audience Purchase Probability

First, you should only sign up for programs with products or services most likely appeal to your audiences.

Many real estate affiliate programs base their commissions on sign-ups, subscriptions, and purchases rather than link clicks.

That adds another layer of marketing, in which you are responsible for selling the product’s value rather than the website’s usefulness.

Cookie Duration

The buying journey isn’t always straightforward, and users often compare products before making a purchase.

Longer cookie durations mean that you get commissions even if your site visitors take a while to decide whether to invest in the goods or services you’re advertising.

On the other hand, shorter cookie durations mean that someone returning to your affiliate partner site won’t count towards your program commissions after a short window of time, often as little as 24 hours.

Commission Type

Some affiliate programs offer a base rate commission, regardless of the sale amount.

In contrast, others do a percentage model, in which you receive a particular share of the amount of money your link earns.

Additionally, many subscription plans have recurring percentage payments for every month or year that someone from your site renews their memberships, but that’s not always the case.

Commission Rate

One of the most prominent factors to consider is the commission rate– the higher the percentage, the more earning potential you have.

Stack the deck in your favor by choosing programs that offer high-ticket items with a sizeable commission rate, typically between 30-50%.

You could even partner with some of the highest-paying affiliate programs, which pay upwards of 60-70% commissions.


Despite the ease of electronic money transfers, some real estate affiliate programs still depend on paper checks to pay their partners.

Check payouts can present issues for those who exclusively use online banking or depend on affiliate income for paying bills, as it’s not uncommon for mail to get lost or delayed in transit.

If you have a preference for your payout method, be sure to check that digital options are available.

24+ Best Real Estate Affiliate Programs

You don’t have to invest in properties to make it big in the real estate market.

With real estate affiliate programs, you can avoid the stress of contractors and closing appointments by advertising products and services through your website, then earning commissions based on your audience’s purchases.

These 24 affiliate programs are an excellent place to start.

1. Nolo Affiliate Program

screenshot of the nolo affiliate program

Nolo has half a century of experience offering plain English legal advice and DIY legal forms alongside an extensive network of lawyers.

The database of information is an excellent resource for a range of official, legal real estate documents, from granting power of attorney to transferring property via quitclaim deed.

Users can also find free and premium advice in ebooks, physical books, and frequently updated articles.

Products to Promote From Nolo

Nolo offers three basic categories of products: legal forms, lawyers, and reading materials.

Depending on the niche that you operate in, consider diversifying your blog content and banner ads to specifically market real estate forms based on the topics that you cover.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Nolo opens legal doors for laypeople, allowing them, in many cases, to avoid more expensive court proceedings with empowering information and resources.

They are one of the most widely trusted online depositories of low-cost legal advice, forms, and document preparation. Many of your faithful followers will be familiar with their highly-regarded reputation.  

Program Details

  • Program Host: CJ Affiliate
  • Application Link: https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/?cid=3906677&utm_source=getlasso#/branded
  • Service/Product: Legal forms, articles, and software
  • Brands: Nolo, 3StepDivorce.com, Divorcenet.com, and Willmaker.com
  • Commission Rate: Up to 35%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Check
  • Other Notes: Commission percentage depends on the number of sales – Under $500 earns 25%, $500+ earns 30%, $1000+ earns 32.5%, $2000+ earns 35%.

2. Buildium Affiliate Program

screenshot of the buildium affiliate program homepage

If your blog focuses on property managers’ issues and concerns, the Buildium Affiliate Program is an excellent partnership to look into.

Their all-in-one management platform consolidates several vital features, including business operations, leasing, accounting, and marketing, into one multipurpose platform for more efficient daily operations.

Subscribers can also choose the various services they require from a list of 21 different options.

Products to Promote From Buildium

Buildium offers three subscription levels – Essential, Growth, and Premium – each of which includes invaluable management tools for rental property owners.

To introduce their visitors to the program, affiliates should consider promoting the free trial, which earns $10 per order.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

With subscriptions starting at $150 per month, affiliates earn, at minimum, $37.50 per successful referral.

As your reach grows, attracting the attention of high-earning property managers, you have the potential to earn a substantial income, particularly when multi-unit landlords invest in the $479 per month Premium plan.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Impact
  • Application Link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/Buildium.brand?execution=e1s1
  • Service/Product: Property management software subscription
  • Brands: Buildium
  • Commission Rate: 25%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Markets: The products are available in over 50 countries, including all Canadian provinces and all 50 states.
  • Payment Methods: BACS, PayPal, and direct transfer
  • Other Notes: Buildium prioritizes affiliates who sell via PPC campaigns and on-site advertisements.

3. Real Estate Express Affiliate Program

screenshot of the real estate express affiliate program homepage

Real Estate Express is an online real estate education program for prospective agents and brokers.

They offer everything a person needs to create a career in the real estate industry, including self-paced courses led by industry experts and licensing exam preparation with a “Pass or Don’t Pay” guarantee.

Over the last 25 years, they’ve helped more than 520,000 students across 36 states jumpstart their careers.

Products to Promote From Real Estate Express

There are four different levels of enrollment available through Real Estate Express:

  • The Basics for $352
  • Exam Preparation for $415
  • Exam Preparation Plus for $487
  • Ultimate Learning for $582

Suppose your website focuses on helping prospective agents learn about the industry.

In that case, you can advertise the various packages according to segmented target audiences, including those seeking continued professional development after starting their careers.  

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Unlike many real estate programs, which only allow up to 30 days to convert a visitor, Real Estate Express allows up to 99 days.

For newcomers to affiliate marketing, this additional time gives you a crucial advantage as you learn to navigate the process.

They also offer a comprehensive commissions-tracking dashboard packed with KPIs and other data to fuel your growth.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://www.realestateexpress.com/affiliates/
  • Service/Product: Real estate education courses
  • Brands: Real Estate Express
  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 99 days
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Check
  • Other Notes: Real Estate Express sends out checks 15 days after the end of each month.

4. BirdDogBot Affiliate Program

screenshot of the birddogbot affiliate program homepage

BirdDogBot is a search engine designed for real estate investors.

After signing up, investors can set user-designated features based on location, price ranges, bedrooms, bathrooms, current listing status, and property type.

It also tracks online classified ads and delivers a weekly email round-up of potential investment properties, creating a more efficient, automated process that takes the legwork out of buying real estate.

Products to Promote From BirdDogBot

Like many real estate affiliate programs, BirdDogBot has level subscription tiers.

The Starter Package, available for $47 per month, has the lowest earning potential at $12.74 for Bronze affiliates, while the Pro Package, at $197 per month, brings in $54.74 per month for the same level.

Focusing on the more expensive Investor and Pro Packages will contribute generously to your passive income stream.

Still, starting with the less expensive options might be easier until your visitors feel more comfortable with the company’s trustworthiness.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

BirdDogBot offers one of the highest commission rates, with recurring monthly 50% payouts.

With their three-tier structure, you have the potential to double your commissions with 6-19 sales and quadruple at 20+ sales.

Trial offers also earn $2.74 per sale, and while that’s a small payout, it can add up as your audience continues to expand.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Clickbank
  • Application Link: https://www.birddogbot.com/affiliates
  • Service/Product: Real estate search engine
  • Brands: BirdDogBot
  • Commission Rate: Up to 50% recurring
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: the United States, with some international exemptions with application approval
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, wire, and checks
  • Other Notes: All sales contribute to the commission tier, with no “demotion” practices.

5. DealCheck Affiliate Program

screenshot of the dealcheck affiliate program homepage

DealCheck is a software and app service that analyzes property deals based on user-defined data points.

It’s designed specifically for investors that want hands-on access to deal parameters and financial projections, as well as access to must-have tools like potential offer calculators and PDF property reports.

Products to Promote From DealCheck

The DealCheck brand offers monthly and annual premium subscriptions for their software, which includes a free Starter level, a $14/month Plus level, and a $29/month Pro level.

Annual subscriptions generate a more significant lump sum of $30 or $60, but ongoing monthly payments add up to $50.40 or $104.40 per year.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

You don’t have to run a website to participate in the DealCheck affiliate program; it works more like a referral program than most other partnerships.

They also offer banner ads and images for promoting their product if you’re interested in using your blog to earn your commissions.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://affiliates.dealcheck.io/
  • Service/Product: Real estate software
  • Brands: DealCheck
  • Commission Rate: 30% recurring plus a $100 bonus for every ten new paying users
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: None
  • Markets: Worldwide
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: DealCheck does not allow paid ads for brand-related keywords but does accept them for generic search phrases.

6. For Sale By Owner Affiliate Program

screenshot of the for sale by owner affiliate program homepage

For Sale By Owner (FSBO) is the industry authority for those who want to handle selling their home without real estate agents.

They work closely with Rocket Mortgage to provide additional resources for mortgage approvals.

The site presents as a property search engine for buyers in the market for a new home, but the owners post all listings with support from FSBO’s quick-close resources and repository of legal documents.

Products to Promote From For Sale By Owner

Affiliates earn a 20% commission for every listing created via your website referrals.

You can also refer to the For Sale By Owner resources on their platform.

By positioning FSBO as an authority in real estate, you are increasing brand trust, leading to a higher chance of your site visitors creating listings.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

While the For Sale By Owner affiliate program is currently on hiatus, it offers an invaluable opportunity for niche real estate blogs to earn passive income by marketing listing services to homeowners and real estate investors.

You have a much higher chance of generating commission earnings by targeting a broad audience of interested parties.

Program Details

  • Program Host: CJ Affiliate
  • Application Link: https://www.forsalebyowner.com/affiliate.html
  • Service/Product: Real Estate Marketplace
  • Brands: For Sale By Owner
  • Commission Rate: 20%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: None
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Check
  • Other Notes: The affiliate link via CJ Affiliate is no longer active, but they may renew their partnership in the future.

7. Architectural Designs Affiliate Program

screenshot of the architectural designs affilite program homepage

With over 40 years in the residential home plan industry, Architectural Designs brings expertise and experience to those on the hunt for property construction plans.

One of the best features is the client-built home portfolio, which showcases a growing collection of houses based on their designs, along with all details and square footage breakdowns.

Products to Promote From Architectural Designs

You’ll focus your affiliate marketing on home design plans and construction drawings, which cost, on average, $1,000.

For bloggers or builders interested in writing about home design trends or the steps for building your dream house, Architectural Designs is worth looking into.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Even if you don’t have a website, you can start with the Architectural Designs affiliate program by promoting their services through your social media accounts.

They’re also an excellent option for eco real estate bloggers, thanks to their partnership with Ecologi.

Program Details

  • Program Host: CJ Affiliate
  • Application Link: https://signup.cj.com/member/signup/publisher/?cid=5258938#/branded
  • Service/Product: Residential construction design
  • Brands: Architectural residential designs
  • Commission Rate: 5%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 120 days
  • Markets: the United States and Canada
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, check, or Payoneer for international partners
  • Other Notes: Applicants receive notification of their approval within 5-7 days.

8. REIPro Affiliate Program

screenshot of the REIPro affiliate program homepage

The REIPro software is for real estate investors and agents looking for leads, customer referral management, professional development, and premium phone search.

They also manage a property database with historical mortgage amounts and tax information, so users can streamline their research process when looking for new homes to invest in.

Products to Promote From REIPro

REIPro offers monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions at $97 for a single user and $197 for teams of up to 10 people.

This affiliate program pays out up to $39.40 for a single referral, but you have the potential to net more than $20,000 a month with 500+ referrals.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

With monthly recurring commissions and no limit to your earnings, REIPro is a solid money-earner for real estate websites with a large, engaged audience.

Program Details

  • Program Host: FirstPromoter
  • Application Link: https://affiliates.myreipro.com/
  • Service/Product: Real estate software
  • Brands: REIPro
  • Commission Rate: 20% monthly recurring
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: Payments are processed on the 20th of the month for all referrals from the previous month.

9. Lex Levinrad Affiliate Program

screenshot of the lex levinrad affiliate program homepage

Lex Levinrad, an internationally recognized real estate expert, boasts an impressive portfolio of rehabbed rental properties, and he’s used his experience to build his brand as an author, coach, speaker, and educator.

Future flippers looking for methods to buy, rent, fix, and wholesale homes can start with free training webinars before investing in Bootcamp programs or coaching.

Products to Promote From Lex Levinrad

Lex Levinrad pays a 50% commission on all sales for their webinars, which includes any Bootcamp or Partnership Program Product.

However, partners do not receive payment for coaching sign-ups or recurring Partnership Program subscription fees.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

While this program is particularly picky about its partners, Lex Levingrad treats its affiliates to a wide range of resources and tools to drive their earnings.

The rigid acceptance guidelines also keep competition amongst affiliates low, increasing your chances of a successful sale.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://www.lexlevinrad.com/join-our-affiliate-program/
  • Service/Product: Real estate training programs
  • Brands: Lex Levinrad, Distressed Real Estate Institute
  • Commission Rate: 50%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 180 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: Check, PayPal, or ACH
  • Other Notes: Lex Levinrad only accepts affiliates with more than 1,000 site visitors per day or a 20,000+ subscriber email list.

10. LeadsBridge Affiliate Program

screenshot of the leadsbridge affiliate program homepage

LeadsBridge is another SaaS product for marketing and CRM integrations, including Instagram, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, TikTok, and more.

They work with many industries, including real estate, to help reach qualified leads across most platforms and are compatible with more than 370 different integrations.

Products to Promote From LeadsBridge

LeadsBridge has subscription plans based on the number of leads users want to generate.

The free, self-service package offers 100 leads per month, but single subscribers can increase that to 800 for $29 per month.

Business Managed Service is the most lucrative product, with a price point of $999 per month, billed annually.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

LeadsBridge affiliate partners make money whether or not their visitors subscribe to the service.

While subscriptions offer the best returns at a 30% commission rate, users who sign up for a demo also earn $3.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Tapfiliate
  • Application Link: https://leadsbridge.tapfiliate.com/
  • Service/Product: CRM Software
  • Brands: LeadsBridge
  • Commission Rate: 30%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 90 days
  • Markets: Argentina, Australia, Canada, United States, and more
  • Payment Methods: Not listed
  • Other Notes: Participants lose commissions on fraudulent transactions and chargebacks.

11. Foreclosure.com Affiliate Program

screenshot of the foreclosure.com affiliate program homepage

As one of the most trusted distressed property databases available, Foreclosure.com is an excellent resource for those looking for DIY projects in their area.

They have close to 1.5 million listings available in tax liens, preforeclosures, and bankruptcies and deliver them to searchers before they hit the market.

Perhaps most impressively, they update their database twice daily, so new properties are always available.

Products to Promote From Foreclosure.com

Affiliates earn a cut from every subscription sign-up completed through their referral link, so promote to buyers and sellers who specialize in distressed homes.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Foreclosure.com has a history of creating successful affiliates, paying out $40 million in the last decade.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Post Affiliate Pro
  • Application Link: https://associate.foreclosure.com/affiliates/signup.php#SignupForm
  • Service/Product: Low-cost, foreclosed home search engine
  • Brands: Foreclosure.com
  • Commission Rate: At least 25% recurring, with increasing rates for high-volume affiliates
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 6 months
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: Check
  • Other Notes: Minimum payout of $100.

12. AgentFire Affiliate Program

screenshot of the agentfire affiliate program homepage

AgentFire helps users build custom websites optimized for local SEO with their template library or the help of a hands-on designer.

Once the site launches, its suite of marketing tools makes it easy to convert traffic, promote listings, and create blog content that attracts buyers.

For folks willing to invest a little extra, AgentFire also offers optional add-ons and integration tools to handle any real estate marketing task your visitors face.

Products to Promote From AgentFire

AgentFire affiliates earn commissions from platform subscriptions with a base pay of $25 per referral, regardless of their chosen plan.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Many people find building a website overwhelming, especially when it involves back-end optimization strategies.

Becoming an AgentFire affiliate can tap into an audience trying to make their agency more relevant online while providing insider tips and trade secrets for increasing their reach and content authority.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://agentfire.com/affiliates/
  • Service/Product: Localized real estate website builder
  • Brands: AgentFire
  • Commission Rate: $25-45 per month for every active referral for the lifetime of their membership.
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: Not listed
  • Markets: Not listed
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: AgentFire offers affiliate marketing materials to use on your website.

13. Showcase IDX

screenshot of the showcase IDX homepage

Showcase IDX is a WordPress plugin that unlocks limitless lead potential for multiple listing services.

Not only does it allow you to segment your visitors by demographics from age group to commute time, but it also offers on-site SEO tools, a range of map styles, and many more features.

Products to Promote From Showcase IDX

You earn commissions from plugin subscriptions, so it’s worth doing your research to walk users through installation, settings, and best-use practices.

Try creating tutorial videos for an easy way to get your referral link in front of a large audience.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

By offering two levels of earning potential and 12 months of recurring commission payments, Showcase IDX helps you quickly establish a sustainable passive income stream with a highly-trusted product.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://affiliate.showcaseidx.com/
  • Service/Product: Demographics and SEO tools
  • Brands: Showcase IDX
  • Commission Rate: 10% on direct recommendation revenue, 15% on all income from your referrals’ referrals.
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: PayPal
  • Other Notes: Recurring commission for the first 12 months of the user’s subscription.

14. All Things Real Estate Affiliate Program

Make an impact with All Things Real Estate custom branded props, client gifts, apparel, and signage.

These charming and cleverly designed products help customers market their agency with various goods that look amazing in social media photos or keep your brand top-of-mind at open houses.

They also offer international shipping and discount codes for newsletter subscribers.

Products to Promote From All Things Real Estate

With so many product options, picking just a few to promote on your websites can be overwhelming.

Try starting with their customer favorites for insights into frequently purchased goods.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

All Things Real Estate has a specific niche, but it has mass appeal in the real estate industry.

Agents often search for closing photo props, unique business card holders, and other branded designs that promote their services but struggle to find affordable options.

Affiliates have the opportunity to scour hundreds of different product options, then share their favorites with their blog readers.

Program Details

15. Property M.O.B. Affiliate Program

screenshot of the property MOB affiliate program homepage

Property M.O.B. is a wholesale real estate training site for beginners who want to get started on the right foot.

Their tongue-in-cheek personality and simple explanations are highly engaging and make the industry more accessible to those who are hesitant to start.

Products to Promote From Property M.O.B.

Property M.O.B has fifteen single course offerings at $27 each, but the real moneymaker is their Training Academy, which is listed at $298.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

If you’re struggling to develop real estate content, get inspiration from the courses to spark deep-dive, high-quality posts.

Program Details

16. RentRedi Affiliate Program

screenshot of the rentredi affiliate program homepage

RentRedi makes property management, rental applications, and tenant screening easier with an all-in-one app that handles all your paperwork digitally.

There is a built-in, tenant-paid screening system that unlocks background, credit, and eviction checks for a fee of $35 and the option to create landlord-defined screening questions so you can find tenants you can trust.

Products to Promote From RentRedi

Because the only way to earn commissions is with accepted subscription applications, create content centered on landlords’ common issues and how moving to a digital platform offers efficiency and convenience.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

RentRedi has an easy-to-promote product that will have broad appeal for multi-property owners.

They also offer one of the most generous compensation structures for real estate affiliate bloggers.  

Program Details

  • Program Host: Impact
  • Application Link: https://app.impact.com/campaign-promo-signup/RentRedi.brand?execution=e1s1
  • Service/Product: Landlord management app
  • Brands: RentRedi
  • Commission Rate: 40% of order sales
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: Not listed
  • Payment Methods: Direct transfer, PayPal, or BACs
  • Other Notes: Commissions are not recurring for monthly subscriptions.

17. Corporate Housing by Owner Affiliate Program

screenshot of the corporate housing by owner affiliate program homepage

Unlike other short-term rental services like Airbnb and VRBO, Corporate Housing by Owner (CHBO) is a search engine that connects property owners offering furnished, 30+ day rentals to business travelers.

For renters, they also provide a set-it-and-forget-it model for finding properties via their Housing Request System.

It allows users to connect directly with landlords with qualified rentals available rather than actively scouring the database for listings.

Products to Promote From Corporate Housing by Owner

You’ll want to focus on advertising CHBO’s listing services, as this is the only commission-earning opportunity for affiliates.

Plans start at $339 per year for a single 12-month listing and go up to $975 for a single 12-month listing with priority search ranking, six months of sponsored listing result placement, and more.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

CHBO is unique in the industry, which means that niche real estate bloggers focused on corporate housing can capitalize on the low competition to rake in significant commissions.

While it certainly doesn’t tip the scales with the highest commission rate available, the average $40 payout per referral is worth your attention, especially if your audience primarily consists of short-term rental property owners.

Program Details

  • Program Host: ShareASale
  • Application Link: https://www.shareasale.com/shareasale.cfm?merchantID=36706
  • Service/Product: Property listing search engine
  • Brands: Corporate Housing by Owner
  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: None
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Check, direct deposit, and wire transfer
  • Other Notes: None

18. BoldLeads Affiliate Program

screenshot of the boldleads affiliate program homepage

BoldLeads is a real estate lead generator software provider with additional marketing and landing page conversion tools.

Their in-house advertising platform takes the hassle out of ad generation with a dedicated team that brings together photos, copy, links, forms, and CTAs based on your predefined budget.

Subscribers can also use the two-way messaging app to create automated lead funnels that integrate directly with their agency website CRMs.  

Products to Promote From BoldLeads

Because of the base commission rate of $20 per referral, BoldLeads partners don’t have to focus on promoting the more expensive subscription upgrade options.

That’s a definite positive, as the smallest package starts at $499 per month and goes up from there, depending on ad budgets and optional services.  

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

BoldLeads has a clean and easy referral program layout that will appeal to real estate agents new to the affiliate marketing game.

The company also has high brand trust scores, with more than a dozen awards and charity partnerships through Foundation for Blind Children, Paz de Cristo, and Flight33.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://boldleads.com/affiliates/
  • Service/Product: Lead generation software
  • Brands: BoldLeads
  • Commission Rate: $20 per referral, monthly recurring
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: None
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: NA
  • Other Notes: You can use your referral link on your website, social media accounts, and videos.

19. Solutions Software Matrix Affiliate Program

screenshot of the solutions software matrix affiliate program homepage

Solutions Software Matrix is part of the Solution Focused Financials brand.

Their goal is to help homeowners burdened by debt or facing foreclosure find DIY solutions via their suite of financial software and professional consulting services.

Dwight Maxwell, the company’s owner, offers free consultations regarding mortgage audits, title searches, training certification programs, and foreclosure sale reversal.

Products to Promote From Solutions Software Matrix

The Solutions Software Matrix suite includes four programs: 4StepLoanMod, Credit Repair Ace, 4StepDebtMod, Forensic Audit Examiner, and the ModTracker optional add-on.  

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Partners in this affiliate program get monthly recurring commissions when site visitors purchase the software and for the life of their subscription.

They also offer free software downloads for affiliates.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: http://www.solutionssoftwarematrix.com/affiliate/affiliates/signup.php
  • Service/Product: Financial software
  • Brands: 4StepLoanMod, Credit Repair Ace, 4StepDebtMod, Forensic Audit Examiner
  • Commission Rate: 45% for standard affiliates, 70% for high-volume Super Affiliates
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: None
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Check
  • Other Notes: Once your affiliate membership has ended, your software access is revoked.

20. Round Sky Affiliate Program

screenshot of the round sky affiliate program homepage

Round Sky partners with industry leaders in the personal loan field.

They work with over 50 different lenders to provide funds for borrowers, including payday loans (less than $1,000) and personal loans (less than $50,000).

While it’s not specific to real estate, it’s still an excellent real estate affiliate program for those focusing on more minor home renovations, licensing and education programs for agents, and debt refinancing for faster payoffs.

Products to Promote From Round Sky

You’ll focus on marketing small, personal loans to your visitors, then earn for every successful application.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Round Sky makes it incredibly easy to embed loan offers with iframe widgets, CPA offers, and links.

Affiliates can also track their earnings in real time with the commission dashboard.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://www.roundsky.com/stats/accountSignUp.php
  • Service/Product: Personal loans
  • Brands: Round Sky
  • Commission Rate: Up to $250 per lead
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: Not listed
  • Markets: Global
  • Payment Methods: ACH, PayPal, check, or wire
  • Other Notes: Affiliates can choose from a weekly or monthly payment schedule.

21. Avail Affiliate Program

screenshot of the avail affiliate program homepage

Avail is a comprehensive property management program for both landlords and tenants.

There is an impressive gallery of features to make the entire rental process more straightforward, with the benefit of maintaining digital records at the touch of a button.

The program handles listings, applications, screening, credit reports, criminal background checks, eviction reports, leases, rent collection, maintenance, and accounts from a single dashboard for free with the Unlimited Account.

Unlimited Plus is competitively priced at $5 per unit and unlocks next-day rent payments, fee-free ACH payments, custom applications and leases, and a property website.

Products to Promote From Avail

Avail prides itself on its low-cost, accessible software, which might spark concern about whether you’ll make any money by promoting its product.

Fortunately, your commission is a consistent $20 per lead, regardless of whether they sign up for an Unlimited or Unlimited Plus account.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

This affiliate program centers on making partner marketing more efficient.

The personal analytics dashboard helps you track conversion data, a dedicated support team is available, and there is a library of exclusive content to help you advertise on your site.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Tapfiliate
  • Application Link: https://helloavail.tapfiliate.com/
  • Service/Product: Rental management software
  • Brands: Avail
  • Commission Rate: $20 per lead
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 60 days
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: ACH, Bitcoin, Check, Paypal, and Venmo
  • Other Notes: Affiliates access exclusive, insider information on industry news and upcoming products.

22. Carrot Affiliate Program

screenshot of the carrot affiliate program homepage

Carrot is a newer entry in the field of lead generation tools, focusing specifically on creating evergreen marketing assets with a long-term appeal to prospective buyers and sellers.

Rather than doing every step of the website building, marketing, and lead management process for their members, Carrot works to empower users to build their online marketing presence with training and support.

Products to Promote From Carrot

Whether your audience consists of investors or agents, Carrot offers two customized lead hub models and site builders to fit their needs.

Webinars are also a viable source of commissions and an excellent product offer for real estate who want to take ownership of their digital marketing success, though the payouts aren’t recurring.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

Carrot is a small but growing company that has generated more than 1 million seller leads despite only serving a group of about 7,000 members.

Throwing your support behind the program now means you have the space to establish yourself as an authority on Carrot before other real estate bloggers get the chance.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Affilimate
  • Application Link: https://go.carrot.com/affiliate/
  • Service/Product: Real estate website builder
  • Brands: Carrot
  • Commission Rate: 25% on a recurring monthly subscription for the life of the customer, 50% on Evergreen Webinars
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: The cookie does not expire unless a user clears their browser data.
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Direct deposit, check
  • Other Notes: None

23. Real Estate IQ Affiliate Program

screenshot of the real estate IQ affiliate program homepage

Real Estate IQ specializes in off-market leads in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Utah.

They use public databases in those states to generate reports for real estate agents and deliver the results directly to subscribers’ inboxes, along with emails and phone numbers for interested buyers.

The site also offers demos for its upcoming CRM release, including a 90-day lead guarantee and customized data tracking dashboards.

Products to Promote From Real Estate IQ

The only product you can use your referral links for is the off-market email subscriptions.

However, you can get your audience excited about the upcoming software release and see a significant commission uptick once the launch is complete.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

This program is invaluable for bloggers who use localized targeting to get in front of their audience.

Despite the small target pool of only four states, you can offer them a genuinely customized experience with a high probability of showing up for long-tail keyword searches in those areas.

Program Details

  • Program Host: Internal
  • Application Link: https://realestateiq.co/affiliate/
  • Service/Product: Off-market lead generation
  • Brands: Real Estate IQ
  • Commission Rate: 30% for every new subscription, 25% monthly recurring
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: Not listed
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Not listed
  • Other Notes: Premium Off-Market Lead commissions are only available to subscribers in Florida, Georgia, Texas, and Utah.

24. Land Century Affiliate Program

screenshot of the land century affiliate program homepage

Land Century is unique in that it exclusively provides listings for vacant lots and homes in desperate need of repairs.

They also specialize in cheap houses under $50,000, land deals under $1,000, and mobile homes for buyers interested in alternative housing.

It’s an excellent starting point for people looking for a low-cost entry into property flipping.

Products to Promote From Land Century Affiliate

This affiliate program’s payouts are based on subscription purchases ranging from $15 for a single listing to $145 for up to 100 listings.

That means your potential earnings clock in at up to $21.75 per lead, a paltry sum unless your blog has a lot of visitors interested in selling undeveloped plots.

Why This Affiliate Program Made Our List

There’s a lot of earning potential for bloggers in a real estate niche focused on selling, developing, or buying vacant land.

However, its viability outside of those particular parameters is minimal.

Program Details

  • Program Host: ActiveSkill
  • Application Link: https://app.activeskill.com/secured/signup?reaid=FF9GUB
  • Service/Product: Vacant land search engine
  • Brands: Land Century
  • Commission Rate: 15%
  • EPC: None
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Markets: United States
  • Payment Methods: Paypal
  • Other Notes: There are custom subscriptions available for corporate accounts.

Similar Affiliate Programs to Check Out

If real estate affiliate programs don’t fit your niche, there are plenty of other topics to look into, including hotel, home decor, and solar advertisement.

Hotel Affiliate Programs

For travel blogs, hotel affiliate programs are one of the most popular and lucrative partnership options.

Sites like TripAdvisor, Hotels.com, and Expedia are a few popular options.

You can easily include links to their sites when reviewing your favorite accommodations from around the globe.

You should also consider using hotel-specific referral links in your blog or social media posts to boost your reach.

Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Creating incredible interiors is an art, and you can earn money for your insights with home decor affiliate programs.

Whether your website focuses on DIY decor or the hottest trends in furnishing styles, sites like Wayfair, Joybird, and Houzz have opportunities for you to monetize your site by recommending their products.

Solar Affiliate Programs

Sustainable living is a hot topic, with many homeowners interested in solar panels as a low-cost alternative for powering their homes.

With solar affiliate programs, you can get your piece of the $4 trillion green economy pie via industry leaders like Tesla, LuminAID Solar, and Goal Zero.

They provide commissions for sales and are also excellent resources for inspiring the content you write to attract visitors to your site.

How To Promote Products in the Real Estate Niche

With commissions-based affiliate models, your earnings depend on your efforts.

Promoting high-ticket products can help you see major gains in your passive income streams, but you have to be tactful in your methods for getting your recommendations out there.

Write High-Quality Content and Reviews

One of the best ways to break into the industry is to create well-written, evergreen content that your site visitors want to see.

Not only does this operate pragmatically by increasing your search rankings, but it also helps establish your website as a trusted source of information, insights, and recommendations in real estate.

Just be sure to strategically include links to your affiliate partners, even if you’re not explicitly reviewing their product in your post.

Share Links on Social Media

There are billions of active users across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Don’t let this audience go to waste – share links to your website or referral partnerships, along with candid insights into why you recommend their product or service.

You should also use relevant hashtags so that your posts appear in searches.

Create Round-Up Lists

If you’re struggling to think of ways to include affiliate links without coming off as overly “salesy,” try writing a few round-up lists of your favorite resources or products.

In the post, cover everything your readers might be curious about in a concise, easy-to-read way, complete with outbound links to the website.

You should also consider turning these posts into video marketing assets for an easy way to increase your social media engagement.

Examples From the Top: Leaders in the Real Estate Niche

Real estate was once an industry with a high-cost, high-effort barrier to entry.

However, with the rise of social media, blogging, and video marketing, there are countless examples of savvy real estate experts who used digital means to propel their growth.

Who is the Number One Affiliate In the Real Estate Niche?

Graham Stephan is the number one affiliate in the real estate niche.

In 2021, he earned $6 million, with $3 million coming from YouTube ads alone.

The additional income stems from affiliate programs, sponsorships, and his online courses.

Stephan’s growth is awe-inspiring because it has happened in such a short timeframe.

He increased his annual income from $1 million in 2020 to $5.1 million in 2021, with no signs of slowing down his success.

Other Examples of Websites Dominating the Real Estate Niche

Many top earners in the real estate niche focus on presenting particular topics with a clear writer’s voice and plenty of personality.

These blogs are excellent examples of engaging your audience through interesting, quirky, and highly authoritative blogs:

  • Lab Coat Agents: If you’re looking for quick insights on trending real estate topics and tutorials for leveraging online tools, Lab Coat Agents is a must-read.
  • Notorious R.O.B.: Notorious R.O.B. covers real estate topics with a masterful finesse that opens the industry to newcomers while still meeting the needs of old pros.
  • Geek Estate: By combining technology and real estate into one, Geek Estate has established itself as an authority in two different niches with enormous audiences.

Tips for Promoting Real Estate Affiliate Programs

To succeed as a real estate blogger, you must start with the basics.

With time and patience, you can master the process and diversify your income for long-term financial success in the real estate niche.

Use the Tools Available to You

Once you sign up with a real estate affiliate program, you’ll often gain access to affiliate marketing tools like digital assets and earning dashboards to help you make the most of the opportunity.

Get familiar with your partner’s affiliate resources, plan your content around their banner ads, videos, or images, and use any platform KPI trackers to create a full-scale passive income strategy.

Work Within a Specific Niche

It pays to specialize in a niche.

The more specific topics and content you cover, the less competition you face in search engine results.

Additionally, you’re more likely to attract people willing to follow through on purchasing your affiliate products if they directly address customer pain points that your audience experiences.

Don’t Ignore the Rules and Guidelines

Once you’ve gained access to an affiliate program, you must follow all of its rules to avoid losing your passive income sources.

For example, many programs include rules dictating the key phrases you can and cannot use in PPC campaigns or the specific language you have to use for your anchor text.

There are also Federal Trade Commission guidelines that you should research before signing up for a program, which includes posting your affiliate disclosure on any pieces of content that have your referral links.

Don’t Ignore SEO

By and large, most of your audience will find your website by searching for the key terms you write about.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the best way to target the words your future visitors are searching for and puts you in a position to dominate search engine results pages.

You can get started by investing time into Google’s SEO Starter Guide, where you’ll find quick-start resources and essential tools.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Still wondering if real estate affiliate programs are the right fit for you?

We cover two of our readers’ most common questions about breaking into the industry.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a person working on the best real estate affiliate programs

Does Airbnb have an affiliate program?

As of March 31, 2021, the Airbnb Associates program is closed to both active and new partners.

The popular service has not released a statement on why it chose to end the Associates program, nor have they expressed any intention to reinstate it.

What is the most popular real estate affiliate program?

All Things Real Estate is the most popular real estate affiliate program, despite its relatively small 10% commission rate.

They compensate for the low cut by providing an eCommerce platform for purchasing customized or DIY props, apparel, signage, and more for real estate agents needing marketing materials.

Wrapping Up

Real estate affiliate programs are an excellent way to generate income for bloggers and website owners who want to make money through their passion for real estate.

By strategically thinking about your audience and marketing products you love, you can earn money in the industry without taking the traditional investment route.

Just be sure to research and only sign up for sustainable programs worth your efforts.

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