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Real Estate Blogs: Definition, Types, Income & 25 Examples [2023]

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Real estate blogs are a way to stay up-to-date on the latest happenings in the real estate industry.

They can also be a valuable source of information for people interested in buying or selling a home.

In this article, we will define what real estate blogs are, and discuss the different types of content to include.

We will also provide examples of successful real estate blogs, and outline how these bloggers make money from their websites.

The Best Real Estate Blogs (Examples)

We’ve included an overview of our top picks below. For detailed information on each pick, scroll down.

Real Estate Blogs for Sellers

What Is a Real Estate Blog?

A real estate blog is a website that focuses on the real estate industry.

Real estate blogs typically include content about buying or selling a home, industry news, tips for homeowners or homebuyers, and more.

What Does a Real Estate Blogger Blog About?

People who have experience in the industry, such as real estate agents, mortgage brokers, or home inspectors usually write real estate blogs.

However, anyone with an interest in real estate can start a blog.

You can do research and then report on your findings.

Or, maybe you will invest in your first property and then allow your readers to follow along on your journey.

What Is Included on a Real Estate Blog?

As you’re learning how to start a blog in the real estate niche, you’ll want to consider what to include in a real estate blog.

Similar to real estate podcasts, real estate bloggers include topics like the following.

  • The process of buying or selling a home
  • Home improvement tips
  • Decorating ideas for homes
  • News affecting the real estate industry

Other Things You Can Find on a Real Estate Blog

In addition to the traditional blog posts with detailed information on the topics listed above, you will also find the following types of content on real estate blogs.

  • Guest Posts: Many bloggers accept guest posts from other writers in the industry. It is a way to get fresh perspectives added to your blog’s content.
  • Resource Lists: Real estate blogs often use resource lists, such as links to helpful websites, books about real estate, or articles from other bloggers.  
  • Product Reviews: If you are an experienced real estate agent, you might review products related to your business, such as software or books.
  • Q&A Sections: Some bloggers host a regular Q&A session on their blogs, where readers can submit questions about real estate.

Best Real Estate Blogs: 25 Examples

You can find different types of blogs that make money in the real estate niche.

Below, you will find five categories to select from as you work on creating your blog.

How Many Real Estate Blogs Are There?

A quick Google search will reveal that thousands of real estate blogs are online.

However, they aren’t all equal in quality.

Some real estate blogs are better than others, and some make more money than others.

Your blog must provide value to readers.

Whether you’re sharing your own experiences in the real estate industry or giving advice to others, your blog should remain informative and helpful.

Real Estate Blogs for New Agents

If you want to develop a blog that caters to real estate, look at these next five blog examples.

You will get ideas that you can use for your blog.

1. Housing Wire

a screenshot of the housing wire homepage

On Housing Wire, you’ll find real estate news, analysis, and commentary.

The website covers everything from mortgage rates to housing market predictions.

Consider the way it looks more like a news site before expanding its homepage into the blog posts further down the page.

2. Inman

screenshot of the Inman homepage

Inman is the leading destination for industry news, real estate insights, and interviews with top business professionals.

It offers help to real estate professionals who want help with developing their Internet marketing strategies.

Articles revolve around specific real estate marketing tips.

3. National Association of Realtors

a screenshot of the national association of realtors homepage

New realtors can find plenty of information and resources on the National Association of Realtors’ website.

The site includes a blog with articles on a variety of topics, such as real estate technology, business management tips, and industry news.

4. Realty Times

a screenshot of the realty times homepage

Realty Times provides advice for real estate agents and brokers.

Its founders create content that helps readers succeed in their real estate businesses.

You’ll find articles on subjects such as time management, business marketing, and social media.

5. Realty Biz News

a screenshot of the realty biz news homepage

Realty Biz News is a website dedicated to updated business news in the real estate industry.

You can find blog posts about tech, marketing, advances in the industry, social media tips, and information about housing markets.

The blog updates daily. Its readers expect to see fresh information each time they visit the website.

Real Estate Blogs for Buyers

The following five blog examples are for buyers in the real estate market.

These blogs provide tips, advice, and resources to help readers make informed decisions about buying a residential property.

1. Zillow Porchlight Blog 

acreenshot of the zillow porchlight blog homepage

On the Zillow Porchlight blog, home buyers will find tips and advice on everything from the home-buying process to remodeling ideas.

The blog also discusses topics like mortgages, real estate news, and celebrity homes.

Zillow even goes into niche topics like how to carve a pumpkin to wow the neighbors.

2. The Mortgage Reports

a screenshot of the mortgage reports homepage

The Mortgage Reports blog covers everything related to mortgage financing.

You’ll find articles discussing credit scores, down payments, refinancing options, and more.

If you’re a first-time home buyer, this blog is a quality resource.

3. Trulia Buyer’s Guide Blog                   

screenshot of the trulia buyer's guide blog homepage

The Trulia buyer’s guide section is a place where home buyers can get their real estate questions answered.

On the Trulia Voices blog, you’ll find articles that answer common questions about topics like mortgages, the home-buying process, and remodeling.

You’ll find guidance about making an offer and choosing a realtor.

4. Redfin Blog

A screenshot of the Redfin homepage

Redfin caters to buyers, sellers, and agents.

The articles for buyers include how to negotiate, what to do after accepting an offer, and advice for first-time home buyers.

You’ll also find articles discussing the current state of the housing market and what you can expect during the home-buying process.

5. Homes.com Real Estate Blog                  

a screenshot of the homes.com homepage

The Homes.com Real Estate blog focuses on helping buyers find their dream homes.

You’ll find articles discussing the different stages of the home-buying process, from financing to moving in.

The blog also covers topics like remodeling and design ideas.

Real Estate Blogs for Sellers

Using the next five real estate blogs, you can get ideas if you think you want your blog to help sellers.

These blogs provide tips, resources, and information to assist readers who want to sell their homes.

1. ForSaleByOwner

ForSaleByOwner is a website that helps people sell their homes without using a real estate agent.

The company’s blog covers topics like pricing your home, preparing it for sale, and marketing your listing.

You’ll also find articles discussing the pros and cons of selling without an agent.

2. Homecoin

a screenshot of the homecoin homepage

The Homecoin blog provides sellers with affordable multiple listing service (MLS) packages.

Its readers can use the flat fee service to get their hands on the listings.

MLS is a database used by real estate agents.

3. I Sold My House

a screenshot of the I sold my house homepage

At the I Sold My House blog, readers can find articles that discuss the process of selling a home.

You’ll find information about preparing a home for sale, marketing your listing, and negotiating with buyers.

The blog also covers the legal aspects of selling a home and what to expect after the sale is complete.

4. Fizber

Fizber is a website that helps sellers list their homes for sale.

The company helps sellers connect with home insurance companies and mortgage lenders.

Through its services, a seller can access the MLS for a flat fee and also find out what their home should sell for after it goes on the market.

5. Houzeo

a screenshot of the houzeo homepage

The Houzeo blog offers software that visitors can download from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

The platform helps sellers manage their listings, find buyer leads, and get help with showings.

The website’s blog articles teach sellers how to sell their homes quickly, where to find cash buyers, and how to access the best realtors.

Real Estate Blogs for Investors

If you’re going to build a blog that helps real estate investors, the following blogs can give you some ideas about what to write about.

These blogs discuss topics like investment strategies, finding properties, and flipping houses.

1. BiggerPockets

A screenshot of the Biggerpockets Homepage

BiggerPockets is a website that helps people find information about real estate investing.

The site includes a blog that discusses topics like finding deals, financing your investments, and managing properties.

You’ll also find articles on real estate investing strategies, such as fix-and-flips and buy-and-holds.

The owners run a podcast that helps attract more traffic to the blog.

2. The Real Estate Guys

a screenshot of the real estate guys homepage

The Real Estate Guys Radio Show is a podcast that helps people learn how to become real estate investors.

On the blog, the owners discuss topics like building a portfolio, navigating interest rate changes, where to find the best lending options, and how to save on taxes through real estate.

3. Real Estate Investor Goddesses

a screenshot of the rea estate investor goddesses homepage

The Real Estate Investor Goddesses Show is a blog that helps women who want to become professional real estate investors.

It provides strategies for finding deals, analyzing properties, and raising money to finance investments.

The blog also discusses the legal aspects of investing in real estate and how to manage properties.

4. Passive Income MD

a screenshot of the passive income md homepage

The Passive Income MD is a blog that helps physicians learn how to invest in rental properties.

It’s a lesson in how you can niche down within the larger real estate investing niche to find success.

Articles on the blog help physicians understand the process of investing in rental properties, how to find the best properties, and how to manage their investments.

5. Roofstock

a screenshot of the roofstock homepage

Roofstock is a blog that helps people learn about investing in rental properties.

It provides articles about how to invest in specific cities, how property taxes break down by state, what happens to real estate during inflationary times, and how to price a rental property.

Real Estate Blogs for Clients

If you’re going to build a blog that helps your real estate clients, the following blogs can give you some ideas about what to write about.

These blogs discuss topics like buying a home, selling a home, and remodeling a home.

1. IKEA Hackers

a screenshot of the ikea hackers homepage

IKEA Hackers is a blog that provides instructions for hacking IKEA furniture.

It also gives tips about remodeling a home on a budget and how to use IKEA products in new and creative ways.

2. Hometalk

a screenshot of the hometalk homepage

Hometalk is a blog that helps people with home improvement projects.

It provides articles about how to remodel a kitchen, how to refinish furniture, and how to paint walls.

3. Vintage Revivals

a screenshot of the vintage revivals homepage

Vintage Revivals also helps clients when they need ideas for home projects.

Readers will find information about using skylights, repainting doors, and how to buy plants for the home.


a screenshot of the remax homepage

On its blog, REMAX helps homeowners understand what they need to know about buying and selling their next home.

Articles include topics like market conditions, taxes, and selecting the best real estate agent.

5. Young House Love

a screenshot of the young house love homepage

Young House Love is a blog about renovating and decorating a home.

It includes articles about budgeting for a renovation, how to select the best paint colors, and where to find the best deals on furniture.

Do Real Estate Blogs Make Money?

Real estate bloggers can make good money.

They might use advertising and affiliations with brands.

Or, they might sell products/services.

Use the following information to start making decisions about how you might monetize your real estate blog.

How Do Real Estate Blogs Make Money?

Since income is one of the biggest motivations for starting a blog, you need to know that real estate blogs make money in different ways.

The most common way is through affiliate marketing.

Real estate bloggers can select products or services related to the real estate industry found on real estate affiliate programs.

Another way that real estate blogs make money is through advertising.

Real estate bloggers can sell ad space on their websites or they can participate in ad networks.

Ad networks are companies that connect advertisers with websites that are willing to host their ads.

How Much Do Real Estate Blogs Make?

Real estate blogs can make a lot of money.

The amount of money that a real estate blog makes depends on a few factors, such as the traffic to the site and the number of leads generated.

Real estate blogs that generate a lot of traffic can make several thousand dollars per month from advertising and affiliate marketing.

Real estate blogs that generate a lot of leads can make even more money by selling products and services.

Products To Promote and Sell on a Real Estate Blog

Real estate bloggers can promote and sell products related to almost anything inside the real estate industry.

These products might be digital products, such as eBooks or online courses.

You can sell physical products, such as home inspection kits or furniture.

Real estate bloggers can also sell services, such as home staging or home appraisals.

Let’s say you’re experienced with home staging.

You could create an online course that teaches homeowners how to stage their homes for sale or write an eBook about home inspections and sell it on your blog.

You could also create a physical product, such as a home inspection kit with all the tools used by a home inspector, such as a moisture meter and an infrared camera.

Similar Blog Types To Check Out

If you’re still stuck on what kind of blog to start in the real estate niche, here are some related ideas to help you brainstorm.

  • Home Decor Blogs: Home decor blogs are similar to real estate blogs because they focus on the home. However, home decor bloggers typically write about topics like design trends, DIY projects, and home organization.
  • Interior Design Blogs: Similar to home decor blogs, interior designers write about topics like color schemes, furniture selection, and space planning.
  • Investor Blogs: Real estate investing is a popular topic in the real estate niche. Investor blogs typically write about finding good deals on properties, fixing and flipping houses, and becoming a landlord.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about real estate blogging, here are answers to two frequently asked questions.

vector graphic showing an illustration of a hand holding keys and giving them to another person - next to which are the words

What should I post on my real estate blog?

Real estate bloggers typically write about topics like home buying, selling, and remodeling.

However, you can write about any topic related to the real estate industry.

How long should a real estate blog be?

You can choose any length.

However, it’s generally recommended that you aim for blog posts that are at least 750 to 1,000 words.

It will give you enough space to cover the topic thoroughly and include keywords for SEO purposes.

Wrapping Up

Real estate blogging can turn into a lot of fun.

It’s a way to build relationships with clients and colleagues while generating another income for your family.

Whatever you decide to blog about, make sure that it’s relevant and interesting to your audience.

Plus, don’t forget to include plenty of images.

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