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Best Receipt Scanner Software [Ranked For 2023

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You probably have a sweet-sour relationship with receipts, as most people do.

Receipts are a necessary evil in accounting because they provide proof of expenditures and acquisitions.

But they accumulate at a rate comparable to soiled dishes in a university residence hall.

Who has the patience to type all that long receipts data into a spreadsheet or budgeting app?

This is when the lifesaving power of receipt-scanning software comes into play.

We have evaluated the three best receipt scanners currently available to assist you in picking the finest receipt scanner for your needs and budget.

Get to Know Receipt Scanner Apps: The Ultimate Tool for Streamlining Expense Tracking

If your financial accounts were to sink, receipt scanner apps would be your life raft. You can save time, effort, and even physical space by digitally scanning and storing paper receipts.

Just think; you’ll never have to dig through your desk drawers or filing cabinets again just to retrieve a receipt.

These mobile apps allow you to centralize and easily access your financial data as they get turned into digital documents.

Whether you’re tasked to create expense reports, handle receipt management of your company’s finances, or file your taxes, this application can help you keep track and organize outgoing cash to ensure that you don’t miss a thing when it comes time to account for it.

Best Receipt Scanners

Monitoring employees’ spending habits can be difficult. When there are numerous outlays, keeping track of everything can be a real headache.

Receipt scanner apps simplify this task.

We’ll review the top three apps in 2023 to help you pick the one that best meets your demands and budget.

1. Expensify

screenshot of the expensify homepage

Expensify is a popular receipt scanning application that provides several useful functions for managing and keeping track of business outlays.

Although it was made with business owners and independent contractors in mind, anyone who wants to get their financial house in order can benefit from using it.

With one tap, customers can scan their receipts into the app, and the SmartScan feature will instantly record the transaction particulars, such as the date, store, and total.

There are no limits on the number of receipts you can scan, and you can also keep tabs on your mileage and submit them for clearance.


The reviews and ratings on customer experience and feedback are fairly positive. As of the time of writing, the Expensify mobile app is rated 4.4/5.0 stars with over 21,000 reviews on the Google Play Store.

Notable Features

Expensify comes packed with features to keep you interested. Some of which include:

  • Time-Saving: According to the app’s website, submitting expenses via the software saves you 83% of the normal time it takes to complete the process manually.
  • Easy Expense Tracking App: This is due toExpensePoint, which is a feature that allows you to automatically import and transcribe receipts from ridesharing and hotel booking applications like Uber and Lyft. This can allow you and your team to split the cost of meals out using the app’s built-in sharing feature.
  • Digital File Sharing: The receipt scanner app lets you share or print documents/expense reports for review meetings with your managers.


  • You can capture receipts in one tap
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Easy and enjoyable to use
  • Concierge team is very responsive


  • The software doesn’t yet integrate with multiple programs

Pricing & Plans

As long as you don’t exceed 25 SmartScans every month, Expensify is completely free.

After six weeks of free use, the price breaks down as follows for an endless supply of SmartScans and other premium features:

  • $4.99/month for individuals
  • $5/month per user for businesses

Our Take

Keeping track of your business expenses in digital files has never been easier than with the Expensify app, which can also help you get paid back in record time.

The app’s dashboard makes it simple to look over your business expenditures and discuss them with your supervisor if necessary.

To enjoy the most out of this receipt scanner, patronizing the premium feature isn’t a bad idea.

2. Shoeboxed

screenshot of the shoeboxed homepage

Shoeboxed facilitates the process of scanning and organizing scanned receipts for sole proprietors and other small firms.

Not only will this help businesses save money during tax deductions, but it’ll also be useful in the event that your company is audited.

The application lets you upload scanned documents to unlimited cloud storage for easy data extraction whenever and wherever you need it.

It also provides precise GPS-based mileage tracking that can help you keep tabs on expense reports if you run a delivery service.

For example, the software can help you automate notifications for both employees and clients as regards scheduled deliveries.

In addition, the software has a document management system where you may sort receipts and arrange them how you please.


As of the time of writing, the app has garnered many reviews, with ratings on G2 pegged at 4.5/5.0.

Notable features

  • Receipt Management: This function incorporates scanning accuracy, which is an optical scanner recognition tech that can convert receipt images into machine-encoded text. The process of digitizing and storing receipts in a single, secure location is improved as a result.
  • Tax Filing: Shoeboxed simplifies tax filing by providing advice on minimizing the financial impact. Both the IRS and the CRA have stated that they’ll accept digital receipts in the event of an audit.
  • Gmail Plugin: Shoebox offers a Gmail plugin that’ll import all of your receipts from Gmail so that you never have to worry about losing them again.


  • Easy to use
  • A+ service to the customer
  • Live chat support is a click away
  • Features an envelope system to keep your receipts organized
  • Easily export data for use in accounting software


  • A bit expensive

Pricing & Plans

Shoeboxed doesn’t offer free trials, but here’s a breakdown of the pricing:

  • Individual and freelancer plans begin at $22 per month
  • Professional and enterprise plans range from $47 to $71 per month

Our Take

We like the fact that you may place any document in an envelope or transmit it online, and it’ll be correctly cataloged.

Shoeboxed is also popular for GPS-tracking to help keep tabs on clients and customers. This, for us, is emerald!

3. QuickBooks Online

screenshot of the quickbooks online homepage

Small business ownerscan take advantage of a wide variety of resources within the QuickBooks Online software.

It provides a centralized location for business owners to access all of their financial data.

As a cloud-based accounting software featuring expense reporting and receipt tracking capabilities, this app enables you to manage invoices, upload receipts, add them to a financial report, and submit them for approval.

This accounting software is extremely configurable and interoperable with numerous third-party applications, helping customers to link their company management software with other accounting software.


It’s always reassuring to see a product with such high ratings and so much customer feedback. With over 44,000 reviews on Google Play Store, QuickBooks has a 4.3/5.0-star rating.

Notable features

  • Easy Access: Quickbooks allows you to photograph receipts, which it then uses to categorize and pay for the appropriate expenses. The convenience of having all of your receipts in one place will greatly simplify tax season preparation.
  • Bank Compatible: Connecting your bank accounts to QuickBooks is as simple as using the bank feed connection tool, which allows you to keep tabs on all types of transactions.
  • Customize Reports: Use the Create Custom Reports feature to instantly produce financial statements, inventory reports, tax reports, and cash flow statements.


  • Reliable, routine, and automated updates and backups
  • Allows multiple users
  • Customizable sheets for accounting
  • Compatible with bank account integrations


  • Requires technical know-how
  • Partial integration for non-US versions

Pricing & plans

You can try out QuickBooks Online without paying anything for 30 days. After that, prices range from $12.50 per month up to $75 per month, depending on the package you select.

These receipt scanner packages are described in detail below:

  • Simple Start allows you to track money, sales, and expenditures, organize receipts, make invoices, and file taxes for $12.50 a month.
  • The Essentials subscription, for $20 per month, offers all of the essentials stated earlier and more for up to three user logins. The additions include bill payment help and employee time and billing tracking.
  • Plus costs $35 per month and includes everything above. Up to five individuals can monitor projects and supply levels.
  • Advanced costs $75 a month and includes the above features. Business data and insights are offered for up to 25 users.

Our Take

QuickBooks Online can scan documents and return great image quality owing largely to its high-end optical character recognition model.

This is why a lot of businesses are turning to it, as it helps automate the arduous process of data entry and text recognition while being time-efficient and error-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Any Free Receipt Scanning Apps?

Yes, programs like CamScanner, Microsoft Office Lens, and Genius Scan (all of which are free) can scan your receipts.

How Can You Scan a Receipt?

Depending on your system, there are different ways to scan receipts. Taking a picture of the receipt with a smartphone app is a simple and fast way to get your money back.

Alternatively, you can utilize a physical document scanner to scan documents quickly.

Wrapping Up

In sum, we must admit that receipts are often a nuisance. They’re essential for bookkeeping and substantiation of spending, yet they accumulate at a rate comparable to that of dirty dorm dishes.

You’ll find that keeping track of your finances is simple with the help of the top receipt scanners on the market today, all of which are included on our list.

We think you’ll find Expensify to be a fantastic choice because it’s both widely used and packed with interesting features. Let’s make the office fun again.

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