reinvigorate-home-pageIt had been so long since I’d signed up for the Reinvigorate beta that I’d practically forgotten what it was. – and the name didn’t give it away. As it turned out, Reinvigorate is a web-based analytics program (it also has a desktop reporting program) so I promptly accepted my invitation to test it and downloaded and installed the WordPress plugin, entering my site ID to enable it to start tracking.  (If you’re not on WordPress, don’t worry, as you can simply use the tracking code.) I’ve been down this route before, trying out many analytics programs before settling on one I liked. Would Reinvigorate be the program that could seduce me away from my beloved Clicky?

Getting Started

The first page you see on Reinvigorate is the overview page, which features two large boxes showing the number of active visitors and active pages. This is similar to the Spy view in Clicky (but without the map). Click on the small report link on each button and you can see more detail, such as the page title and when it was last accessed. Reinvigorate has a ‘name tags’ function that is supposed to tag visitors and commenters by name to make your reports more reader friendly, but this does not seem to work very well, though it did tag me once. Also on the home page is an indication of how long visitors have spent on your site that day, how many visitors there have been, how much of that is referral traffic and what the bounce rate is.

What’s On The Tabs

A number of other options appear next to the summary tab, but these are setup options (name tags, snoop, tracking code and preferences). If you want more stats, move to the top row of tabs and click on one of the options, each of which has further sub-tabs:

  • Traffic (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, referred, visit length, bounce rate, entry pages, page summary)
  • Visitor Detail (browsers, platforms, screen, regions, languages, time zones)
  • Session (visitors, activity, detailed activity, active pages, heat map)
  • Search and Referrer (referrers, referred visitors, referred searches, top referrers, keywords)

In-Depth Analysis

Click on any option or sub-option and you get a couple of graphs and a table for varying periods. You can change these via a drop down menu. Most of tabs give the information you expect, so I won’t outline those in detail, but here are the functions I thought were pretty cool:reinvigorate-timezones

  • the pie chart showing top pages on your site
  • the heat map showing the areas of a page or post that attracted most attention from visitors
  • the detailed activity listing showing you how long a particular visitor spent on a certain page
  • the table showing when your top referrers last sent you traffic
  • the map showing which time zones your visitors are in (trust me, this is cooler than it sounds!)

A Promising Start

My first impressions of Reinvigorate are that it’s promising, offering some of the same real time functionality as programs like Clicky and Woopra. However, there are still a few things to be improved, such as the ability to exclude your own visits to your site. Its visitor figures also differ from those recorded in Clicky (so one of them has to be wrong). I’ll look forward to seeing what else Reinvigorate has to offer.

Note: I’ve decided to cut back on posting here at Blogging Tips for a while, though you will find me in lots of other places on the web. Thanks to everyone for reading and commenting over the past year.