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Best Relationship Podcasts: 15 Examples [2022]

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Many are familiar with the infamous statistic: over 50% of relationships end in divorce.

But few know that partnerships have become even more complex over the last decade: between 67% and 75% of men and women are dissatisfied with their dating lives.

Thankfully, relationship podcasts offer a solution: accessible and actionable ways to make your relationship stronger.

Use this guide to the best podcasts around to find a lasting solution to your intimacy woes.

What Is a Relationship Podcast?

A relationship podcast consists of a series of audio episodes focusing on intimate and platonic relationships.

These podcasts have substantial affective value on individuals and couples alike.

Many people find answers and resolutions through this free and accessible resource.

Relationship podcasts are a common type of podcast because they are often engaging, actionable, and impactful for both individual and mutual growth.

What Does a Relationship Podcaster Talk About?

Researchers view relationship podcasts as a modern form of therapy and self-help, providing information on developing qualities such as trust, compassion, honesty, and love.

Relationship podcasters focus on a particular issue, combining tips, hacks, stories, and behavioral lessons to help people mend their social bonds.

These subjects may include:

  • Types of relationships (friend, parent, partner, etc.)
  • Individual issues within relationships (infidelity, physical intimacy, etc.)
  • Typical milestones for relationships (marriage, children, etc.)
  • Conflicts and conflict resolution
  • Strengthening bonds

What Is Included in a Relationship Podcast?

Relationship podcasts typically offer a blend of stories, discussions, interviews, audio episodes, action guides, tips and hacks, and exercises to help listeners improve the quality of their relationships.

Other podcasts may also include meditations, guided visualizations, and any additional information you would receive from a couples’ therapist or coach.

Other Things That You Can Find on a Relationship Podcast

There are several other essential features of a relationship podcast, including:

  • Curated Information: Most people cannot make good choices when inundated with information. Relationship podcasters hone in on one issue and provide targeted information to their listeners.
  • Entertainment: Many people turn to relationship podcasts for entertaining stories and facts.
  • Free Relationship Tips: Podcasts are an excellent alternative to more expensive modalities because they offer low-cost therapeutic information.
  • A Bonding Experience: Listening to a relationship podcast that addresses your particular issues can bring you and your partner or friend closer.
  • Validation: Hearing others discuss a personal issue can help individuals in relationships feel less alone in their suffering, facilitating more profound connections.

Types of Relationship Podcasts

There are several different types of relationship podcasts.

While some focus on particular issues, others tend to specialize in specific sub-groups of people.

  • Relationship Podcasts for Women: This podcast category specializes in issues that statistically affect women, such as emotional bonds, intimacy, infidelity, raising children, navigating dating and friendships, and more.
  • Relationship Podcasts for Men: Podcasts for men can focus on deepening intimacy, reconciling differences, commitment issues, and more.
  • Relationship Podcasts for Teens: Relationship podcasts for teens tend to focus on the issues that affect teens most, such as co-dependency, sexuality, cliques, and sexual health.

Best Relationship Podcasts: 15 Examples

Once you have decided on the type of podcast you want to listen to, it’s time to narrow down your choices.

The podcasts below focus on various issues and sub-groups, such as teens navigating co-dependency and shifting male beliefs around love and intimacy.

How Many Relationship Podcasts Are There?

In 2021, Apple Podcast’s relationship category had over 13000 results.

As this category grows in popularity and more podcast platforms arise, we can expect to see this number increase.

Relationship Podcasts for Women

Podcasts for women consist of audio episodes that cater specifically to women.

On a relationship podcast for women, you can access accessible and digestible information on improving your relationships.

Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel

esther perel homepage screenshot 1

This famed podcast, the brainchild of famous therapist Esther Perel, focuses on couples’ conflicts in intimate partnerships.

Perel interviews and counsels individual couples on the air, allowing others to listen and relate the situation to their issues.

Perel’s podcast offers access to high-quality therapy (without the tall price) on Audible, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Sex with Emily

sexwithemily homepage screenshot 1

Dr. Emily Morse is a sex expert who shares her invaluable advice on her podcast, Sex with Emily.

Dr. Morse is the leading female-focused expert on intimacy and relationships.

In addition to her podcast, you can read one of her best-selling books or take her masterclass on sexual intimacy.

Dyking Out

dyking out homepage screenshot 1

Dyking Out is a podcast for lesbians and LGBTQ+ listeners.

On this podcast, Carolyn Bergier and Melody Kamali interview leading experts, artists, and writers to discuss issues relevant to queer women, from centering joy to lesbian TikTok drama.

This show offers an intimate look into same-sex relationships among women, replete with tips, facts, stories, and exercises to try out with your partner.

Paired by the People

pairedbythepeople homepage screenshot 1

Former Match.com director Lakshmi Rengarajan advocates traditional methods of dating and forging friendships—and she explains how to meet people and develop meaningful connections on her podcast, Paired by the People.

Rengarajan pairs insights from online dating with her experiences with real-world encounters to bring you a podcast that explains intimacy in detail.

Talking it Out with Mike and Bryan

talking it out homepage screenshot 1

Bachelor Nation’s Mike Johnson and Dr. Bryan Abasolo have created a groundbreaking podcast to bridge the gap between men and women.

On this show, you will hear men discuss commonly misunderstood issues—from the male perspective.

This show will help you develop a nuanced perspective of what men think and feel—and why.

Relationship Podcasts for Men

Podcasts for men typically focus on issues of primary interest to male listeners—from infidelity to commenting on your partner’s appearance.

Relationship podcasts can empower men with the words—and tools—they need to communicate and forge healthy relationships with their partners, families, and friends.

Consider one of the following podcasts to get started.

Dating Women

dating women homepage screenshot 1

Dating Women has a self-explanatory title, but this podcast offers much more than insight into dating the fairer sex.

Relationship Doc Love has interviewed thousands of women to identify the criteria that matter to them in intimate encounters and long-term relationships.

Choose this podcast for fun, engaging content to help you snag your dream partnership.

How To Talk to Girls

how to talk to girls homepage screenshot 1

How To Talk to Girls is another podcast with a simple title, but Tripp Kramer is a unique host in that he is willing to explore taboo subjects and speak with unbridled honesty.

Tripp Kramer has helped thousands of men appeal to women, and he offers his expertise for free on his bi-weekly show, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher.

Dear Men Podcast: How to Rock Sex, Dating, and Relationships with Women

This popular podcast boasts over 220 episodes of educating men about what women want.

Melanie Curtin is a sex researcher and men’s coach who offers in-depth how-to guides on issues of importance, such as sexual satisfaction, trust and commitment, and more.

Curtin’s work helps to bridge the gap between the sexes, promoting healthier relationships one episode at a time.

Gay World 2025

gay world 2025 homepage screenshot 1

Paul Angelo is a gay relationship coach and founder of the Big Gay Family Social Program.

Angelo’s podcast, Gay World 2025, offers educational materials and actionable information for single men seeking partners and couples wishing to promote deeper intimacy.

Lovecast with Dan Savage

lovecast homepage screenshot 1

Dan Savage is a popular media pundit, journalist, and activist who writes and speaks about love and politics.

One of his podcasts, Lovecast, addresses common conflicts in relationships, interviewing experts and commenting on hilarious and unbelievable stories from ordinary people.

Savage is famous for his wit, intelligence, and ability to tackle complex issues on air.

Relationship Podcasts for Teens

Adolescence can be a tumultuous time.

But podcasts for teens offer a compelling solution.

From leading experts in adolescence and intimacy, the following podcasts offer an in-depth look at issues that affect teenagers—and those who love them.

Dear Teen Girl

dear teen girl homepage screenshot 1

Dear Teen Girl is a podcast hosted by actress Sequoia Williams, in which she passes the microphone to teenage girls so they can swap insider tips, advice, and stories.

This podcast is excellent for any young woman seeking answers to life’s problems—big and small.

I Hate Talking About Myself

i hate talking about myself homepage screenshot 1

Teens are the most avid consumers of pop culture in our society—and they mostly take relationship advice from their icons.

In this podcast from Netflix, lead actors and actresses interview themselves, frequently addressing issues related to love, intimacy, friendship, and familial ties.

This show appeals to teens and promotes an excellent message: that you are your own best advisor.

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Anything goes with Emma homepage screenshot 1

Emma Chamberlain is a YouTube sensation popular amongst teenage girls.

In this podcast, Chamberlain discusses her views on relationships and dating, empowering young women with the knowledge and experience they need to make wise decisions.

Search Engine Sex

Search engine sex homepage screenshot 1

Search Engine Sex is a podcast for teens and the socially awkward.

In this podcast, hosts discuss the internet’s most widely searched questions about sex and intimacy.

Guests communicate in simple language and accessible terms to ensure that the new and inexperienced obtain reliable, actionable, and verifiable information on their most pressing questions.

She Persisted Podcast

shepersistedpodcast homepage screenshot 1

This podcast is brought to you by Sadie Sutton, a 19-year-old from the Bay Area in Northern California.

Sutton suffers from anxiety and depression and discusses her issues on the show to shed light on adolescent mental health.

She emphasizes the role that mental health plays in relationships.

Similar Podcast Types to Check Out

Many additional types of podcasts can help you navigate diverse issues and experience success in all areas of your life.

Consider checking out the following guides to the best podcast types to learn more.

  • Sexual Podcasts: Like some on this list, sexual podcasts focus on sex and intimacy in adult relationships.
  • Self-Help Podcasts: Self-help podcasts arm listeners with straightforward advice and guided exercises to promote self-improvement and mental and physical wellness.
  • Positive Podcasts: The world of podcasting is full of conflict and negativity, but positive podcasts offer a fresh, optimistic look into diverse issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about relationship podcasts.

vector graphic showing an illustration of two people who are holding hands to illustrate the best relationship podcasts

What is the #1 rated relationship podcast?

The Where Should We Begin with Esther Perel podcast is the best relationship podcast and is available on multiple platforms.

Do podcasts offer good dating advice?

Yes! Relationship podcast hosts often speak from experience or bring experts on their shows to help their audience traverse their relationships.

Wrapping Up

Once you’ve chosen your podcast, you can begin learning all about relationships.

Take notes or simply listen on your way to work.

Listening to podcasts is easy; they are available on most platforms, such as YouTube, Audible, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pocket Casts, and more.

Listening to podcasts requires no hefty investment or long blocks of time, so it’s the best solution for those seeking accessible relationship advice.

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