Unless you were living under a rock, you would be aware that Google recently penalized MyBlogGuest.com – one of the most popular guest blogging communities on the web. Founded by Ann Smarty, the guest blogging community had been a great source of content for the last couple of years.

But, on 18 March 2014, the axe fell and Google removed all evidence of its existence from the search engine radar.

Here’s what Matt Cutts tweeted:

Repercussions of MyBlogGuest Penalty

After hours of speculation, Ann Smarty confirmed that it’s true, MyBlogGuest.com got penalized.

Repercussions of MyBlogGuest.com Penalty

The update has shaken the whole blogging community.

Bloggers know that Google is against paid links and MyBlogGuest.com never got involved in link selling but still, they were penalized.

Some blogs that I know have changed their guest blogging rules. Either they have stopped accepting guest posts or made the author bio links NoFollow. Making author bio and other in-content outbound links nofollow doesn’t solve the problem either. If you nofollow every external link, it’s akin to “gaming” the system.

Some other blogs received manual penalty too.

With this update, Google not only penalized MyBlogGuest.com but also most of the publishers who published content received from the guest blogging site. As of now, it seems that this is a queer case of misjudgment on the part of Google because surely, not every guest post received through MyBlogGuest.com were spammy or thin content. In 2012, I published two guest posts received from MyBlogGuest.com and they were of high optimum quality.

The penalty on content publishers has come in the form of mass PageRank (PR) removal. Those who got hit received a ‘manual penalty’ notification in Google Webmaster Tools (GWT).

If you got a manual penalty notification, do either of these things:

  • remove the posts received from MyBlogGuest.com altogether and do a 301 redirect;
  • make the external links nofollow (recommended!).

Once they are done, file a Google reconsideration request and hope for the best!

Is Google against Guest Blogging?

No, Google isn’t against guest blogging. It is against guest blogging for SEO and using networks. It seems Google categorized MyBlogGuest.com as a link building network and hence, the penalty.

Don’t stop guest blogging or accepting guest posts. Just make sure the content is superb and second, if the guest post is an advertorial or sponsored, the link should be nofollow.