The Basics of Reseller Hosting

By: | Updated: July 22, 2021

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Basically reseller hosting gives you the capability of purchasing server resources at a reduced price. This enables you to rebrand them and then resell them at a substantial monthly profit. Here is the Reseller Hosting Basics that you will need to know to be a success in this business.

Resellers typically are system integrators, web design firms and web developers. They usually offer the hosting services as an add-on to their current business. Entrepreneurs see reseller hosting as a good way to start a business since it is fairly inexpensive.

Reseller Hosting Basics

Large companies generally have massive databanks of hardware connected servers that service all their customers. New users can buy a partition of these servers to start their own website; this is known as shared web hosting.

With reseller hosting you can buy a piece of the hosting provider’s servers, which provides you with an expanded amount of bandwidth, disc space and processing power. You can then turn around and divide this chunk into as many sections as you like in order to resell it to someone else.

Building and designing a site

It is important to maintain a web site in order to increase your visibility and professionalism. Doing this enables you to link prospective clients to the web site when they are curious about what you have to offer.

Make sure you promote the personal quality offered through the web hosting experience. Resellers have a hard time establishing themselves due to competition with large hosting companies because of pricing.


You will do better with your reseller account if you are aware of how many people are in need of web hosting. You can draw in more people by placing graphic banners and text on sites with heavy traffic.

Consider joining a web hosting forum to acquire new clients. Use the forum to advertise your services as a new hosting provider. Offer discounts to other members and broker other services in order to expand your client base into other internet centered industries.

Reseller hosting advantages

The maintenance of the servers is done by the hosting company. The reseller doesn’t have to worry about upgrades, hardware and general infrastructure, downtime issues or recovery centers.
Resellers can work from home and never really have to meet with clients.
Possessing a good sense of business is all that is necessary to be a reseller. You don’t have to have an extensive background in the technical knowledge of web hosting.

Reseller drawbacks

In order to make a profit in reselling a large advertising budget is essential.
Time and energy needed to provide technical support for your new customers. This is your responsibility since reseller plans don’t provide this area of support.

Reselling options

An affiliate reseller offers a form of hosting where they act as an agent for the hosting company. They advertise the services provided by the hosting company, but the clients buy directly from the host. A small commission is made by the reseller for their advertising efforts.

Another form of reseller is known as a marketing reseller. Customers initially buy the service from the marketing reseller, but any transactions there after are with the hosting company. Since this type of reseller is basically a middleman, only selling the service, they don’t have to deal with technical issues, complaints or follow-ups.

A portioning reseller buys a large chunk of storage space and bandwidth and divides it up into smaller portions and sells it to consumers. Any customer issues are dealt with by the reseller.

Most hosting companies allow resellers

Resellers can generate great profit within the web hosting industry without having to invest much capital upfront. It is a wonderful way to start a business and at the same time procure inexpensive web hosting.

Hosting companies allow resellers to customize their hosting plans as well as the price agreement. This enables resellers to produce branding of their services based on the unique plans that are established.

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