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Reseller Hosting

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Best Reseller Hosting – #1 Top Pick –

The concept of reseller hosting is very unique in the hosting industry.

This kind of hosting actually allows you to earn an income from your hosting account.

Hosting clients have taken advantage of this and are creating and benefiting from the reselling of their own hosting packages.

The process is not an involved one and you will promote or use networking to sell hosting plans to your customers after you has signed-up for reseller hosting with a reseller hosting company.

Best Reseller Hosting – 2016 Top Pick (INMOTION HOSTING #1)

Site Flippers and Website Developers (Reseller Hosting)

Reseller hosting can be purchased for many reasons and one reason would be for the purpose of reselling the hosting to others so that you can earn an income from your reseller account.

Web developers create websites for webmaster and for businesses, but they also purchase websites from other sellers, improve on them and flip them for a profit.

Cheap Reseller hosting is a model used at the basis of many successful businesses.

It is a unique business concept and is fast developing in the industry.

Using a reseller hosting to aid your SEO efforts is yet another reason for the purchase this type of account.

The reseller account can be used to build different websites that can be interlinked in a specific strategy that will generate link juice for the sites and in that way the strategy will assist the site in achieving higher rankings in the SEs (search engines).

What must be born in mind is that you should be careful to populate the site with only unique and valuable content.

For this technique it would be wise to purchase a few additional IP addresses.

These extra IP addresses are needed because the search engines would disapprove of sites with the same IP address interlinking – it would appear to them that they are trying to game the search engines.

Reseller Web Hosting by INMOTIONHOSTING (Top Reseller Hosting)

To us at Daily Hosting, INMOTIONHOSTING reseller plan is a good one for many reasons.

The amount charged for the reseller account with Inmotion Hosting is just $16 each month.

If you choose to you can totally re-brand the look of your Cpanel and change the name of your server.

The whole process will be transparent to your clients and they will not even realize that you are reselling hosting to them.

Most likely they will not even ask if that is what you are doing.

Once you set up with a good and reliable web hosting company, then the use of the reseller account to resell hosting could not be a better niche market for you to be in.

Several Money Making Opportunities with Reseller Hosting (Top Reseller Hosting)

Making money in the huge hosting market is a simple task to achieve.

You will follow a process of advertising and growing your business.

The reseller cloud hosting provides yet another opportunity for webmasters of small websites and site flippers, who are just looking to create additional websites for their businesses.

So a web developer can expand his range of offered services to include reseller hosting services, so that the building and the hosting of created websites will now form a new and complete package offering for his clients.

That is the way to multiply his profits, by adding additional services.

Once a site flipper has completed the job of website creation for his client, he will then give the new owner his access to his own Cpanel, and authorized login.

This is almost a business in a box model that would be much appreciated especially by those new to web hosting.

These new site flippers are so unfamiliar with the terms used in the industry that they would be appreciative of any help they could get.

Offering a package of new website and hosting makes the process easy and simple.

The amount of interest generated for the reseller business model has increased tremendously in this huge lucrative hosting market.

There are so many advantages of having reseller hosting including the opportunity to make money from it, and also because of the flexibility of its offers.

People new to hosting should exercise some caution until they have had a change to educate themselves.

Reseller Web Hosting Questions And Answers!

Inmotion Hosting offers reseller website builders, to start your new adventure .

We use cpanel for all cpanel reseller hosting solutions, and eCommerce reseller hosting tool’s so you can launch your business right from the start without any issues.

Our support is 24/7 , so if you need any assistance with your reseller hosting account, please call us or open a ticket.

We strive to be the most reliable reseller hosting provider , we stand by our product.

With our biggest plan we offer any reseller web host a free whmcs.

It is the greatest web hosting billing system you can use.

Any major web host uses a whmcs to handle all there billing. Also ask us about your free merchant account .

Q. What is Reseller WebHosting ?

A. This allows you the chance to set up your own reseller hosting service business, under your own company and domain name.
When you sign up for a web hosting reseller, you are purchasing an set amount of disk space and bandwidth, which you may then divide up and ‘resell’ to your own clients.

You can choose the account limits, disk space, and the price you want to charge your clients – in other words, you’re 100% in control!

The best hosting reseller company will offer you a number of big benefits.

If you are a webdeveloper or webdesigner, you can host all of your own websites and your customer’s under one reseller host account.

You can sell your hosting services to your own client base and to anyone you want.

You can even give web hosting accounts away to family and friends and business associates.

A reseller hosting account works in numerous ways.

With reseller hosting, you really can operate your own hosting business without the expensive infrastructure, webservers, bandwidth and web host staff.

It’s a easy way to make a good money with relatively little risk or financial risk and expense!

Q. Do I have to be An Expert to own my own reseller web hosting services Company?

A. You don’t need to be an expert, but having some basic experience of the procedures will definitely help you achieve your goals.

Most reseller web hosting service providers are webhosting customers first, and that experience always provides enough knowledge and power to get started.

Inmotion Hosting does provide excellent support to  reseller web host resellers, and they help you get set up and answer and questions you might have on everything from getting domains to being a reseller web ecommerce host solution.

As a web host reseller, you will be the person they contact for all there questions, and you will provide all support to them.

If there is something you don’t know or understand you can ask us.

Make sure your 100% comfortable with running your own business and learning as you go.

(keep reading to learn all your responsibility’s of being a reseller web host.

Q. How do I set up a reseller hosting company?
A. Right after you purchase your reseller web account, you will have total access to our Web Host Manager (WHM), the reseller web interface.

Through this reseller interface, you will be able to easily create and manage packages for all of your customers. This is also referred to the reseller website creation service center.

Your customers will have access to a cPanel reseller hosting control panel, through which they can create and maintain all of there websites.

Hostoople provides all reseller hosting customers with an excellent web hosting reseller startup guide, which will walk you through the steps involved in setting up your reseller web host account.

Hostoople has customer support available 24/7 by tickets, phone and chat.

Q. How do we Make Our Own Reseller Web Design For Our New Business?
A. This is very simple, once you sign up , you log into your cpanel for the main domain and use the reseller website builder at the bottom of the page.

It is trendy tools, it has an amazing
website builder that you can upload your own pictures or images and choose your fonts, text style and colors.

Of course you can design your own and use wordpress or joomla and even have a webdesigner make your website as well.

Q. How Do I Manage My Linux Reseller Hosting Account?
A. All of our reseller webhosting accounts come with 2 control panels:

Reseller Web Hosting Manager (WHM) allows you creation and management your customer accounts;

Your customers’ cPanel will allow them to create and manage all their websites.

With WHM, it is quite simple to manage and create all sub accounts.

You Can:

Set up all new accounts

Control all disk space, bandwidth usage by creating packages

Email all your customers

Change sub account passwords, packages themes etc

Check server status, they can open support tickets

Access your webhosting billing software ( provided by you)

And so much more

All Your customers will be 100% responsible for setting up and maintaining their own websites and managing their own web hosting accounts, which they may do through their personal cPanel control panel.

Our cPanel will let them create and manage their websites and email accounts without needing your assistance.

We have so many tools in cpanel that allow them total control over website templates, email, stats, cron jobs.

There is so much control its insane.

Q. Are you not sure which reseller hosting plan to choose.
Or Can I upgrade later?
A. Of course, most start with the smaller package but we also want you to do a reseller hosting comparison on all our plans to see which one fits you best.

Once you do a full web hosting reseller comparison, you can see which plan will fit with your current business needs Do you currently have customers?

Are you starting a new reseller hosting business?

All of this will matter as you choose your first plan by comparing the reseller web hosting comparison chart.

You can always upgrade at anytime , its a simple as logging into your hostnine members area and choosing upgrade .

Q. Is this also considered Multi Domain Hosting?
A.Yes , With your WHM you are hosting multiple websites and domains for 1 low price.

Hostnine is considered one of the best multiple domain hosting companies online.

Why would you want to pay for multi site hosting at different places when you can pay one low monthly fee and never have an increase in your monthly spend.

All of the multiple domain hosting comes with cpanel/Whm as well.

See why they are ranked in the top 10 reseller web hosting from over 30 top review sites.

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