My wife Kelli and I just booked a month long trip to Qatar yesterday.

We will be house sitting in the world’s wealthiest country for the month of February.

Although living in spots rent-free through house sitting rocks it feels good to earn a steady income online while circling the globe.

Paying bills, enjoy travel without worrying about spending money and being able to rent an apartment or home if a house sit to our liking doesn’t pop up are all possibilities because I retired to a life of island hopping through smart blogging.

I have traveled the world for almost 6 years as a full time blogger and want to help you do the same.

If you want to retire to a life of travel through blogging, follow these tips.

1: Go for the F’s

Blog for fun. Blog for freedom.

When you decide to become a full time, traveling blogger your monkey mind may make excuses to keep you in your comfort zone. If you are blogging predominantly to have fun and to free yourself you will maintain the very energy you need to:

  • detach from outcomes
  • blog with love
  • become prolific
  • build friendships with top bloggers

all of which help you build a full time, traveling blogger career.

Blog on a topic you feel passionate about. Following your fun makes the work, the reward, and all else – money, traffic, etc – is the icing on the cake. Said icing will grow nicely when you are obsessed with following your fun, with pursuing your passion.

2: Learn from the Pros Who Have Been there

Natalie Sisson of The Suitcase Entrepreneur is one of the digital nomad pioneers in our niche.

She teaches entrepreneurs how to build a life of freedom so they can travel the world while they prosper.

Follow her blog. Buy her courses. Learn from the pros to create a freeing lifestyle through blogging.

3: Monetize through Manifestation, Not Manipulation

If you want to travel all over the world while running a professional, full time income blog you better monetize based on your creations, not based on manipulation.

Profit by creating helpful content. Not by trying to coerce, force or convince people to buy your products or to hire you for your services.

Totally different energy between manifesting and manipulating because manifesting comes from doing things from a place of love (you’ll make a ton of money through this approach) and manipulating comes from doing things from a place of fear (you’ll either go broke with this one or you’ll make money but will be terrified to lose it).

Create helpful content on your blog by writing blog posts, by creating videos and consider starting a podcast too. People love inspired, entertaining content, complemented by robust products and services. Delightful duo for raking in cheddar as you circle the globe.

Monetize your fun. Meaning, learn and add one income stream every 3-6 months that you love working.

I love writing. So I:

  • write and self publish eBooks
  • freelance write
  • convert my eBooks into audio books

I also love being on camera. I love talking too. So I:

  • create audio courses
  • create video courses
  • create combo audio and video online courses

Monetizing based on your passions – and doing so by creating helpful content on your blog – slowly and steadily boosts your profits while doing the travel bit.

4: Logistics Stuff

OK, on to the logistics side of traveling the world through blogging.

  • pay all bills online to be prompt
  • buy a VPN for establishing a secure connection in public WiFi spots and to log in to sensitive financial sites in flagged nations with a high volume of hackers
  • either have mail sent to a parent’s, friend’s or relative’s house or simply buy a PO Box
  • Have a friend of family member check your mail once a week, at least, to catch any time sensitive correspondence
  • consider house sitting as a way to live rent-free in some sweet spots
  • before you travel call all banks and credit card companies to place a travel flag on your cards
  • consider living in places for a month or longer to really get a feel for the location and to immerse yourself in the culture
  • pack light and do laundry more frequently; doing laundry is inexpensive in most spots but dragging around tons of luggage may cost you more on flights, and in the back pain department


If you need help retiring to a life of travel through blogging read my eBook How to Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging.

Your Turn

Do you want to travel the world through blogging?