There are plenty of webmaster forums and blogging communities online for everyone to connect with each other.

It’s not just about getting to connect with other bloggers, it’s about getting your content spread among the social networks and getting real readers on your site.

To point one of these networks specifically, we are going to highlight what’s going on over at BlogEngage.

Last year I actually signed up as premium member ($100 a month) to the site and thought it was pretty cool. At the time I had too many projects going on and wasn’t able to dedicate as much time to Blogging Tips as I would have liked… so I ended up cancelling my membership.

Earlier this month I checked out the site again and I was happy to see it’s grown a lot in size since I last signed up. In addition to the growth since I last signed up (now PR4 and 10k Alexa), the first thing I did was send over an email to Brian (who runs the site) and told him I had signed up again and this time went with the $29.99 a month package. After talking with him for a bit, I decided I would benefit much more from the $100/m package that I previously had a few months back.

So what the heck is BlogEngage and how can you benefit from it?

BlogEngage is exactly what it sounds like… it’s a site where bloggers can have their content posted, vote on other community blog posts and have social sharing and advertising done to help increase readership to their sites.

In the screenshot below you will see a few spots where content is currently being featured on their site.

BlogEngage Features

Users of the site can view the latest posts that are going live from other members and comment/vote for their favorites. The more votes, the higher the exposure your content gets.

If you have a blog with an RSS feed, then you can easily benefit from the services that come along with every BlogEngage account. This includes content syndication (up to 8 feeds), social media marketing, contest giveaways, featured listings on their site, front page feature, justretweet bonuses and much more. Basically a ton of benefits and promotions that will help build backlinks and traffic to your site, but stuff that you don’t necessarily want to spend time on for yourself.

The best way to show you what BlogEngage has to offer, is by looking at their different membership plans below.

BlogEngage Packages

I’m sure $100 a month seems like a lot to many of you, but when you think about it… it’s less than $3.33 per day.

I only signed up a few days ago and I’ve already received 81 clicks through their site, in addition to having every post that goes live on sent out to the @BlogEngage Twitter feed as well. This in itself is worth the $3 daily cost for being a premium member.

BlogEngage Traffic

Over the course of an average month I’d expect to receive several hundred clicks from the BlogEngage community.

It’s not going to make the hugest difference in the world, but I see it as an extra source of traffic to the site, which can result in more readers, incoming links and social sharing.

Connecting with Other Bloggers

Top BlogEngage UsersThe real value in BlogEngage (outside of their social sharing and promotion) comes in the form of being able to connect with other top bloggers. These connections can result in more guest blogging, content ideas and much more.

There is also an affiliate program that allows you to promote BlogEngage on your site and earn a commission on any referred leads.

Check Out BlogEngage & Join the Community

At the end of the day, blogging is all about getting your content in as many places as possible and connecting with the right people.

This is exactly what BlogEngage can do for you and your blog.

Whether you have a brand new site or established, check out their site and see what type of membership package might be right for you.