Everyone wants to get more traffic, social media exposure and email subscribers to their blogs. Driving traffic to the blog is number one issue that most of the bloggers are facing these days.

If you have spent a few months in blogosphere, chances are you are familiar with the standard techniques to drive traffic and email subscribers.

Here are few common techniques that most bloggers are using these days

  1. Guest Posting – Doing a lot of guest posting on big blogs and building relationship with the author of the blog. Two great bloggers that did the guest blogging the perfect way are – Onibalusi Bamidele and Danny Inny.
  2. Blog Commenting – Leaving insightful comments on the big blogs in your niche.
  3. Social Media – Spend dozens of hours on the site like Google+, Twitter and facebook to get more followers / friends.
  4. Social Blogmarking – Submit links on social bookmarking sites like Blokube & My SEO Community, to drive traffic.

All these techniques require a lot of time and hard work.

What if you could able to get traffic, social media exposure and subscribers without following the above techniques? Yes, you heard it right. I am talking about a very powerful technique – hosting a contest on your blog.

When I first started WP Kube (a WordPress Marketing Blog), I did a very simple contest without using any plugin or app and got good traffic & social media exposure for a blog that’s barely a month old. That’s when I came to know about the power of giveaways.

Now I use apps like Rafflecopter and Contest domination for holding the contests or giveaways.


My favorite app when it comes to running a contest or giveaway. It has all the functions that one would need to host a successful contest. It is ridiculously fantastic app to run a contest.

It takes less than 10 minutes to set up and run the contest. With Rafflecopter, you can host as many contests as you can for free.

  • Easily create a giveaway or contest and embed it anywhere.
  • Works perfectly on all the smartphones.
  • Create unlimited giveaways without paying a single cent.
  • Automatically pick a winner without any hassle.
  • Verify the winners and squash cheaters with a click.

When & why you should use the Rafflcopter app

It’s a go to app for creating and running Giveaways. Use the app whenever you want to host a simple giveaway. With this little app you can get more followers, likes and email subscribers.

Bloggers are using it to giving away business products, tools, services, etc. This app has been trusted and used by some of the A-List bloggers.

You should use this app, because it’s going to save a lot of your time that you otherwise would have to spend on checking the entries, confirming and picking winner(s).

It’s not your usual app for hosting a guest blogging or referral based contest.

How to use this app

I know most of the BloggingTips readers aren’t familiar with this app, so I’m going to write a short tutorial on how to configure and use it.

The first step is customizing the general settings. You need to set up the social media accounts & what you’re exactly looking to achieve with the contest.

After you’re done, click on “Get the Widget” button and copy the app code.

Next, paste that code in your blog posts or pages or where ever you want to embed the little app.

>> Rafflecopter

Contest Domination

Contest Domination is a new WordPress plugin designed by Travis Ketchum.  It is a fantastic plugin to do a giveaway / contest on a separate page.

Contest Domination is a simple plugin that you can easily install on your blog and within few minutes your contest page should be up. However, it requires a onetime fee of $37 to run unlimited contests. It can be one of your essential plugins for WordPress, if you host giveaways/contests on regular basis.

  • Reward your users for sharing; they get additional entries when their referrals register. Something that Rafflecopter doesn’t have.
  • Comes with a built in option to pick a winner!
  • Hooks into the major networks for frictionless sharing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Drive new Twitter followers and Facebook Likes or Subscriptions with ease.
  • Easily Integrate with the top email services like Aweber & mailchimp
  • Works perfectly with the top WordPress Frameworks.

>> Contest Domination

When & why you should use the Contest Domination app

No, Rafflecopter and Contest Domination aren’t same. Both are very different apps. Contest Domination is WordPress only tool, while Rafflecopter can work with any type of site.

You should use this when your ultimate goal is to collect email subscribers.

The plugin creates a separate page on your WordPress blog, like big brands / companies are doing. One of the most amazing features of this plugin is it has a referral system, which means participants can invite their friends & earn more entries / points. Something that Rafflecopter doesn’t have.

How to use the Contest Domaination

Install the Contest Domination plugin in your WordPress, like you install any other plugin.

Next step, is to customize the general settings of the plugin, adding social media accounts and connecting the plugin with your email provider (for ex – aweber or mailchimp).  

Once you’re done with the general settings, create a new post with a title & copy for your contest page.

Last step is to set the parameters – contest starting & ending date, entries per referral and number of winners..!!

What are your thoughts on doing a contest / giveaway? Please let us know in the comments below.