Running into the same blogging obstacles repeatedly wears you down.

No traffic.

No profits.

Your list grows at a snail’s pace.

No comments, no social shares and even though you have been blogging for the past 6 months you appear to have nothing to show for it.

If you follow a few steps you can dissolve these obstacles and build a successful blog.

The first step is to embrace fears you cling to regarding your blogging obstacles.

Feel Your Fears in that Area

Feel your fears in whatever area you happen to be struggling.

Most bloggers struggle to make money through their blogs.

Naturally, most human beings suffer financially because their parents, friends and siblings imprinted false ideas about money and success onto their minds when these folks were children.

Do NOT try to get over a fear.

Do NOT try to fight through a fear.

What you resist, persists.

Face, feel and release fears related to your blogging struggles. I guarantee you need to feel and release some deep fear of loss. So grab a pillow and sob into it or give it a few good wacks, in a quiet room, of course.

Example; if you are having a tough time making money through your blog consider why you are struggling. Explore your fears around losing money. Did your parents experience money problems during your childhood? Did you ever go broke?

How would it feel to have $5 in your bank account?

I personally know exactly what it feels like to have 4 cents and to be $70,000 in debt from my experiences as a newbie blogger. By feeling that terror in real life, then, by repeating the experience by embracing those feelings a few years later, when I ran into dire financial straits again, I took the unpleasant but necessary step to purge these deep money-related fears from my life.

When I purged the fears I was free to blog mainly for fun, to blog with love, to learn skills, to practice, to create, to connect and to succeed.

Follow Successful Bloggers

Follow successful bloggers in your niche.

As you are clearing the fears around certain blogging obstacles it helps to get proven, practical advice from rocking bloggers.

Example; maybe you felt terrified to write and self-publish your first eBook, even though you know doing so would increase your authority and open a passive income stream.

Feeling and releasing fears concerning self-publishing can open you up to the possibilities in this area.

Then you see how I wrote and self-published 126 eBooks and gain inspiration from my story.

I share tips for writing and self-publishing an eBook, you follow my advice and in a few weeks you will have authored your own eBook.

See how that works?

Follow pros. Soak up good advice. Feast on their inspiration. Dissolve blogging blocks for good.

Maintain a Different Energy (and in Many Cases Do Something Different)

If you are struggling the problem is energy-based.

Stop doing things backed by fear. Start doing things backed by love.

Raising your vibe aligns you with successful actions, successful ideas, successful people and successful results.

In most cases, you will take different actions at this point.

Example; you likely only published posts to your blog when you struggled but the new you will begin guest posting, blog commenting and doing interviews to create helpful content offsite.

Each new blogging strategy will feel uncomfortable in the beginning.

Welcome to being a successful blogger.

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is the tuition you need to pay to both make these activities feel routine and to succeed with your blog.

Develop Patience

Be patient.

Rome was not built in a day. Nor was a successful blog built in a day.

Develop the habit of being patient. See your practice through. Develop your skills. Create and connect persistently. In time, and with patience, your obstacles will dissolve into success.

Your Turn

Are you running into the same blogging blocks again and again?

How are you dissolving these obstacles?

What tips can you add to this post?