Finding a tweet containing an image, photo or video that someone you’re following has tweeted in the past can be a pain, but PostPost now makes it easier than ever. “PostPost search results are filled with super-relevant information from the people you follow on Twitter – links, photos, news, reviews, insights.” Not only that, but you can also use PostPost to view recent tweets containing links, photos and videos and filter them by user. You can also subscribe to “highlights” via email so that you never miss any important tweets.

Before PostPost, a good tweet was hard to find.


As you can see from the image above, PostPost has a nice clean interface and it’s very easy to sort by content type and user. In the timeline (and also search results) you’re able to retweet and reply; both actions will open up in popup. One of the best features of the timeline is ability to hide users that you never want to see tweets from again. There aren’t any other features, but what else do you really need? PostPost is meant to be a personal search tool and less of a way to read your public timeline.

Search Results

As mentioned above, the search feature will only show results for the people that you’re following. Since these are obviously people that you feel are pretty reliable (since you decided to follow them), it’s a great way to get opinions and insights from Twitter uses that you trust. For instance, if you want to see what users are certain about a new movie that came out or your favorite TV show, you can do a quick search and even sort tweets by user.

Search results on PostPost.

There is also a convenient Tweet button above the timeline so that you can share and tweet any of your results. PostPost even displays recent search queries in case you want to do a repeat search.

While PostPost is no replacement for Twitter Search, it is a nice way of keeping up with the users you’re following and finding tweets from the past. This is one you definitely may want to keep in your bookmarks.